Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marriage Strike (Boycott) Part 3

Sjenner writes

Men can be happy and at peace by engaging in hobbies, business pursuits and education. I plan to get back into martial arts and even scuba diving and my pilot license by training as well as finish writing books and complete my MS/MBA degrees. This frees me from the trap of dealing with American skanks.

Superbad writes

sjenner... WONDERFUL ideas! i LOVE hobbies. i sometimes sit with pen and paper and define what i want in life. girls, even decent ones (rare here) will complicate your life 1000 fold. i know men who married "perfect" women. in time the gals change some and the men are stuck paying bills, running errands, disciplining kids, etc... it's a MASSIVE CHI DRAIN. most will say they are "happy" but to me it rings more of "i am happy compared to the raw deal i could have got and BTW, I'M STUCK." it is also easy to ASSUME that guys walking around with hot babes are having loads of fun with them in the sack... this is usually NOT the case. i knew guys in college with EXTREMELY pretty gfs who said they had all kinds of sex hangups. at our age the PINNACLE that most men have "achieved" socially is a life of guilt-inspired servatude... thrown in with the occasional "been there, done that" sex. you and i can hop on a plane and get a nude massage from a SEXY 20 year old. the few men who have not been DESTROYED by a bad marriage may be "happy" but rest assured most of them would "KILL" to be... a HAPPY BACHELOR.

irlandes writes

There are several forms of true freedom. I cannot imagine anyone being in hock for $100,000; $250,000; $1,000,000 for a stupid house to live in. Not even if you are going to live there alone.

Two hundred years ago, it took a real carpenter to build a house. They used a complex system of drilling holes and fitting pieces and driving in pins to hold a building together through almost anything but fire, I guess.

They developed the modern system of nails and boards so anyone with no special training could build a house. Today, once again, it takes a master carpenter to build the house by a design invented so it did not take a carpenter.

In my younger years, I did a lot of study on different kinds of housing. One of my favorites still is taking a nice cave, and lining it with foam insulation as needed. Tornado proof. Bomb proof. And somewhat impervious to the weather extremes. There is a shortage of livable caves, I guess.

Another minimal design is to build a hog farrowing shed such as my dad had for his sows. Take a couple boards, I forget, probably 8 X 8 inches by maybe 12 feet. Lay maybe 10 foot planks across them, nailed securely. Even lag screws if you prefer.

Lay 2 x 4's around the edge, then run up studs, remembering the walls on the side should slope so the roof will have an angle. On top of the studs (this is not actually how it is done, the walls are laid out on the ground then stood up as a wall assembly, but I am not going to give all the details here) put 2 X 4s parallel to the ground. then run rafters across this for one side. Put plywood or boards, based on prices, around for walls, remembering to leave some doors and windows.

Cover the roof with roll roofing, pop in cheap windows, and if you prefer purchased door, though you can make one yourself.

You may want to put insulation in the walls, if you need it in the floor, you might need to build up a floor above the planks to allow for insulation.

With a small fuel oil heater, and chimney, or even a small lp burner, you are set for bad weather.

If you want a modern life, get electricity, and running water, and pop in a stool and shower, or not. If you enjoy the primitive life, burn wood from the forest, which requires access to a forest.

My dad raised hundreds of hogs in buildings like this. Even today, only a few hundreds of dollars. For several thousand, a really nice little house.

So, why can't you do it? Because almost everywhere the people the founders worried about have taken over and decreed that not only must all men marry and become slaves to women, but they cannot possibly survive in a house that costs less than hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No matter the first time the wind blows, the electricity goes out for days, and the house blows down. We gotta' live in cadence Hut Too Tree Fore!

In the 70's I worked with a moron who was on our county zoning commission. He once told me that his right to float down a river and see nothing but trees was more important than my right to build a house of my own design, even on my own private property. He was not joking. I never ceased to be amazed at how brilliant our founders were, and how well they understood these people who tend to move into government authority, and how anti-liberty they always are.

Mrreality writes

I detest western society. The land is beautiful. However, the people and their social customs feed on drama. That's why reality shows are so popular. Freedom is being criminalized. If you refuse to work for the system society starves you until you break. Its not some mystery government that is doing this to us. Its the very people you call friends and associates. The government is the people. And governments can only do what the people ALLOW it to do. What's sad is that when you try to work for yourself rather than the system. Hundreds of people (and problems) come out of the woodwork to stop you from succeeding. That's because this country doesn't want freedom it wants slaves.

Its the people. The people are the true government. The people allow this to happen and you see it everytime you mention men being free of supporting women and the system. The average man or woman will become very angry, claim you are shirking your "responsibility", and start using shaming language. Its the people that enforce slavery on one another. They oppress one another through their actions and deeds.

If at one time a person is on your side it is almost inevitable that they will betray you and support your enemies. This is because we have seen the enemy time and time again. WE are the enemy. You want to stop misandry and oppression? Start building your own communities. Control your spending and keep it in the community. Ostracize ANYONE that does not support this goal. There will be snakes that will attempt to "side with you" hoping that years down the road they can wreck what you have built. Don't fall for it. When they reveal what they truly are; take care of them.

This is serious...there is no invisible bad guy. All great men of the past understood that the government was composed of the people and thus not autonomous. Ever notice how when you mention the struggles you face as a man others will automatically counter with something they are supposedly going through? We cross paths with the enemy and friends of the international bankers everyday. They are your so called friends, wives, fathers, mothers, cousins, etc.

The average American oppressor lies daily and frequently. They also claim to be oppressed themselves while helping to kick you down or lying to you constantly. Its no different than when the Nazis claimed the Jews were "oppressing" them. There is nothing new under the sun. People are barbaric. They don't change. They just tell you whatever they feel will make you think differently of them then continue to be the same screwed up people they have always been. Be aware of these things men.

Take care..