Friday, April 9, 2010

Bachelor Codes

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum

These are the Bachelor Codes which can be found in the book “The Professional Bachelor” by Brett Tate.

Bachelor Code #1
Men want a nice beautiful girl who loves sex, and can make pretty babies.

Women want a Life of Luxury without any responsibility with a wealthy man they can control.

Bachelor Code #2
When a woman is on her back, the meter is running.

Bachelor Code #3
A woman is entitled to the same amount of respect she gives you, and not one ounce more.

Bachelor Code #4
Women want to be treated equal to men. When they can’t compete, they demand preferential treatment.

Bachelor Code #5
The amount of money you spend on first dates is inversely proportionate to the level of respect you receive in return.

Bachelor Code #6
Never get pinned down in a relationship too soon. Hold onto your independence like it’s your virginity.

Bachelor Code #6 (author listed two codes under the same number)
Higher a Girl’s Income, the lower her Sex Drive

Bachelor Code #7
Men think. Women Emote. It’s genetic, and women will never admit

Bachelor Code #8
In the game of Life, Men Appreciate and Women depreciate.
Plan Accordingly

Bachelor Code #9
Strength and self-confidence generates attraction. Add a subtle weakness, and the attraction explodes.

Bachelor Code #10
Women want what they don’t have, And when they have it, they don’t want it.

Bachelor Code #11
The most important tool in seduction is knowing WHO not to date.

Bachelor Code #12
No matter how hot a chick is, you have to be willing to walk.

Could not Find Bachelor Code # 13 but there two 6’s so this is a small typo on the author's part.

Bachelor Code #14
Never surrender your Honor or Lifestyle for a piece of ass

Bachelor Code #15
The marriage institution is falling because women have a financial incentive to destroy it.

Bachelor Code #16
When you see a happy man, somewhere nearby is a pissed off woman.

Bachelor Code #17
Woman’s power is derived from Limitation of the Sex Supply.

Bachelor Code #18
Paid Sex is always cheaper than Free Sex