Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rough Guide to Single Moms Part 4

Mobrules writes

With the talk of children I'd also like to add another point to the list. If you're a single man with no children, and a goal of yours is to one day have children, if you're like me and are very "selfish" as women say, you want to share the experience of your first born with the mother of your child. I felt so robbed while I was in a relationship with my ex. No need to be raising someone else’s children. She won't go through what it's like to have a first born because she already went through it without you.

Analyzing writes

You’re right mobrules

Superbad writes

thank you analyzing, migs, and uncommonsense! true migs, i need one because here in my mid-40's i still do not want kids. i have nieces and nephews. i agree mobrules: if i wanted kids they would be with a woman like the type found in the Philippines... not some washed-up American with kids. the world is FULL of women who want you, me, and every other guy on this board... they just don't happen to live here.

Sjenner writes

true- just work like mad, save, avoid American skanks and IF you want a wife or family, move to Phillipines or non-feminist country!

Superbad writes

thanks irlandes

society pushes morals to stop young people from engaging in sex. young women are often idealistic and seek a life partner. curiosity and love then leads to a sexually active phase. strong women may get dumped but remain in this phase. most do not and enter a wild immoral phase wherein sex is their goal and it is dispensed freely. eventually they burnout and feel used. some revert back but most enter a power phase, viewing their p*ssy as a lotto ticket. women who prided their looks often suffer an emotional blow as they age. some see "cougars" as predators; often they are just old ladies with demolished self esteem... back to giving it away for free to boost their egos.

our society lives in a coma. everything we were taught about marriage is now a lie, a fallacy, a brainwashing. DO NOT marry or procreate. imagine explaining to an alien why us men, the stronger sex, would tie ourselves MENTALLY and LEGALLY to a woman. when our drive is to bed several. when they become controlling, nagging, demanding as their looks deteriorate and our power GROWS. try explaining the cost of sex in terms of wild girls or willing cougars as opposed to the endless money pit of fine dining, gifts, beach vacations, engagement ring, wedding, mortgage, SUV, kids, college tuition, YOUR TIME. our fate was to WAKE UP; unfortunately we have woken to much insanity.

Sjenner writes

superbad- you nailed it right on the head. After 20 years of lies by people (especially women!)
constantly telling me not to worry and that I would find the one, I gave up and became a bachelor for life. At least until I expat outside of the Anglosphere. I am actually glad after witnessing the destruction of many men's lives by marriage and divorce.

Irlandes writes

I married a single mom, over 34 years ago. To date, her daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. I said the daughter, I didn't say her. Sorry, but I pride truth over chivalry.

Also, over those 34+ years, I have encountered exactly ZERO other men who could say the same thing, and this included the 1600+ estimated divorced men to whom I supplied free counseling services.

Almost everything DM says happened to these poor wretches. Men would support their step-kids, and when the child support check came, Cupcake viewed that as her personal money. False sex abuse charges. Kids who hate their step-dad. Kids who go to jail.

(Note my best friend in the US married a widowed mom with multi-racial kids. Yep, jail.)

Oh, the big one. I noted that every case where the step-dad adopted his step-kid(s) Cupcake filed for divorce and he had to pay child support. I theorize this may not be nation-wide, or may have been a statistical quirk, but among the ones I noted it was 100%.

So, as much as I love(d) my daughter, I declined the honor of adopting her as actually I wanted to do because I didn't want to lose her. We had a discussion and she agreed we didn't need no stinkin' judge to make us father and daughter. I remember the day we decreed we were father and daughter, a very good day for me. And, for her.

Once, my wife commented that I really wasn't her father, and she, the girl, looked like she had been hit in the stomach.

I told her husband last year that some years ago she said she'd have run away from home if it weren't for me. He said she had told him the same thing. I laughed, and told him she may not realize that if it hadn't been for her, I also would have run away from home.

Amazingly, my wife has turned into super Mother-in-law. Seriously. Totally amazing. Never criticizes them, never interferes, supportive, always ready to take care of the child. Unbelievable. I expected her to be the MIL from Hell.

Now, if you are thinking of hanging with single moms, do some heavy thinking. Do you think the experience is going to be like mine, the best thing that ever happened to you? Or, like every other man I know? Good luck, man. Don't blame me when your life is in ruins, just as DM shows in his videos, if you think it will be like my experience.

Junior writes

This is a great post and it really helped me with recent events.

I went to Dallas a few weeks back and the women just seemed really friendly and in really good shape and feminine (I live in Los Angeles where they are very bitchy to say the least).

Anyway, I met a couple of women there. One of them was smokin’ so I stopped her at a club and we spoke for about 10-15 minutes (of course she's a stripper with a 2 yr old). She was doing a promotion and I was heading to another club so we missed each other that night… We tried hooking up over the rest of the weekend but I already locked it in with another girl.

She wanted to meet me Sunday, but I told her that I met another girl. Well, the stripper ends up going to the same place where we are at and was trying to get my eye. So, I again told her that I with this girl and we should talk later. She was cool with it, but I could tell she was jealous.

I come back to LA and she's called me almost every day since. So I'm thinking, shit, I just talked to her for 15 minutes at a club....why is she blowing-up my phone all the time? I think to myself "girls are really friendly in TX" and (narcissistically), "maybe I have some sweet game". Alas, after reading this post, I know what's really up. She sooooooo nice and sweet me because I’m her ticket out of her mess….

I head back to TX in a few weeks to play with her, but I will be super cautious thanks to this post. Condom, then flush it down the toilet personally.

This might have been mentioned in another post, but what if you finish in a girl's mouth? Is there a chance of her going to the bathroom and try to get pregnant with it?

Thanks for helpful info. Exaltations.

Mrreality writes

Actually the initial post is not entirely correct. The truth of the matter is that nowadays more than ever "single moms are being told to focus on their 'careers and school' rather than men." So I have to kind of laugh at men denying the facts here. Women put their careers before men in the anglosphere everyday. Women work, go to school, etc. They just treat men badly.

Now here's the clincher: What makes women pathetic is they fail to realize that "working for someone" does not bring the freedom or security they seek. Most people find that out when they get fired. What makes single moms so unattractive is their lack of character , inability to learn from their mistakes (most go from job to job, man to man doing the same stale shit), and "used" status. Most have no morals, which is why they have children out of wedlock (with no father), and most have slept with dozens of men. Their relying on school is also a joke as all that does is train women to go beg for jobs from corporations, etc.

What women are selling themselves as "freedom" is really nothing more than a specific profession on the American plantation. Women love the matrix and put their whole lives into this illusion of happiness. Until they get old and can no longer fake it. At times the men here seem caught up in materialism as well. I kind of feel like I am talking to women at times. Its like you're competing with women over these worthless things. Why?

Why have you ALLOWED women to anger you so much? Why are you stuck on them? Why will you not free your mind as I have told you? Until you do you will be making fallacious statements, getting angry at women, and posting rants here about them.


None of this shit matters. None of it...and soon the USA will be a third world country and the illusion you cherish will be gone.

Zon writes
How right you are, MrReality!

The Band STYX from the 70's had it correct with their tune The Grand Illusion:

Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

Welcome to the Grand illusion
Come on in and see what's happening
Pay the price, get your tickets for the show
The stage is set, the band starts playing
Suddenly your heart is pounding
Wishing secretly you were a star.

But don't be fooled by the radio
The TV or the magazines
They show you photographs of how your life should be
But they're just someone else's fantasy
So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because you never win the game
Just remember that it's a Grand illusion
And deep inside we're all the same.
We're all the same...

So if you think your life is complete confusion
Because your neighbors got it made
Just remember that it's a Grand illusion
And deep inside we're all the same.
We're all the same...

America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition
Get yourself a brand new motor car
Someday soon we'll stop to ponder what on Earth's this spell we're under
We made the grade and still we wonder who the hell we are


People are caught up on depreciating items that they willingly allow to control their lives. As MrReality mentioned: "None of this shit matters".

Now the media is attempting to emboss into the male psyche that FAT Women and Single Mothers are a prize for us males, worthy of our attention and future labor. They are now bold enough to try and go against nature and our hard wiring...WTF?

As Irlande has stated, I too have never seen anything good come out of a man’s relationship with a single mother. The ones I have had the displeasure of being exposed to (through my friends that were involved with them) were absolutely NASTY people. I have never been married, nor ever will, but I have always had the sense to stay away from these trollops, along with the Fatties & Fuglies.

The next time you guys are out and about, observe the interactions between couples. Over 90% of the time the chick is a controlling bitch…Watch her facial expressions. This is particularly true with women in their 30’s - 50’s. Next, notice all the BIG BROADS with the slim guys. The majority of these guys are extremely effeminate...This observation crosses all age groups. Notice how the guy is meek and quit while the chick is boisterous and obnoxious.

Again, I ask myself, what the hell are these guys thinking? Are they that desperate for a pussy that they will tolerate these beasts? The answer is a resounding yes! The poor saps have been indoctrinated by the Matrix, to perpetuate the Matrix, and to relinquish their conscious mind to allow the Matrix to give them nicely packaged truths in order to keep them in the Matrix, where they can Police others within the Matrix with their PC Psycho-Babble.

As MrReality so eloquently states it: “Free Your Mind”!

It is difficult enough to deal with a childless woman, why would any sane man want to complicate his life and take on more baggage than O’Hare Airport? A simple Risk/Reward analysis would quickly dictate the situation as a NO GO!

Migs writes

tremendous wisdom, superbad. Our fate was to wake up and see the insanity. I wouldn't have it any other way though. If you were asked if you would prefer sight, vision and critical thought to the alternative, how would you choose? How many of us who have been in relationships with women have developed selective hearing loss (filtering) because we couldn't stand listening to the nonsensical babble (celebrities, ect., ect.)? We have woken up and are forging a path away, offering only truth to any man who looks for it.