Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How would you like to date a 10?

Before I became a MGTOW Forum member, I was a MGTOW Lurker last year. When lurking on the Forums last year, I remembered one of the more entertaining threads there. MGTOW Member Matt Foley was browsing on the Chateau Heartiste blog last year and in one of his posts he paid special attention to one of the comments a commenter made. It was a great find by Matt Foley, and he started a thread at the MGTOW Forums called How Would You Like to Date a 10?

I would love to rent a smoking hot 10 for an hour of playtime, for a few hundred dollars. When it comes to the attractive 18-24 year old babes I have made a deal with them. I won’t be judgmental with their sexual past as long as I am not tied down to a relationship, marriage and kids are off the table. Meaning my financial liability would get reduced to where I’m not financially liable other than the agreed price for that 1 hour of playtime. As long as that 18-24 year old babe puts on a good show for me for that one particular hour, I’m happy and what she does before that hour together and after that hour together is none of my business because she agreed to waive my long term financial liabilities in exchange for just a couple hundred buck for that particular hour.

For those who wish to engage in a real relationship with a smoking hot 10 rather than renting a smoking hot 10 for an hour here is what you get to look forward to. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Here was the comment made by YaReally wrote which Matt Foley spotted and copied over to the MGTOW Forums

 The constant angry glares coming your way from guys wherever you go because they’re thinking “why is she with HIM? That’s bullshit, she should be with a guy like me…”

-Your friends awkwardly hitting on her whenever you bring her out, because she’s social and friendly and they’ve never talked to a girl that hot before so they’re all constantly vying for her attention, bro code goes way out the window

-Every single male you guys encounter together blatantly trying to flirt with her (not necessarily WELL, but TRYING). From store clerks trying to hit on her while they bag your groceries to cops letting her get off from tickets to bouncers saying “She can come in, but you have to wait in line” etc. Guys giving her free shit left and right. Most of them are all trying to get in “under the radar” and get on her Facebook or whatever just to “be friends”, and as a social girl she’ll often take their offers of friendship because that’s why she’s a 10 with a million friends in the first place. But we all know every single one of those guys is hoping they can sneak her out to hang out with them and fuck her.

-At bars you get huge drunk AMOG guys (groups of them, at times) physically intimidating you and hitting on her and groping her and shit to try to get her away from you, which is fine if you’re a huge dude who wants to get into fights multiple times a night, but if you’re a normal guy you have to learn to deal with these guys allllll night long. Even if you CAN kick their ass, this’ll happen multiple times in a night every single night you go out, so it’s a fool’s errand to go that route unless you want to eventually end up in jail or with serious injuries when after you beat up the first 9 guys the 10th finally lands a hit on you.

-The irony is that she’ll WANT to go out to bars with you. She’ll want to go out with her girlfriends and dance and shit because she’s a 10 so she’s probably in the 20-25 age range and that’s what they do. She’s willfully oblivious to all of this stuff and convinces herself “they’re just being nice” so any jealousy you show will make you look insecure and help throw her into their arms.

-A lot of guys will actually be super nice to you, but again it’s with an ulterior motive of figuring out their competition and sneaking in under the radar, and you can pick up on that vibe pretty quick (ie – that bartender wouldn’t be giving you those shots on the house if you weren’t with this chick, oh and look he poured her an extra one)

-In bars especially but also in daytime, you’ll run into the rich guys who will literally tell the girl they want to fly her to Paris and they’ll pay for it and everything. Like retarded offers that sound made up, but these guys have the money to do that. That’s part of why the value competition of “who has the tightest 6-pack abs and who has the most money” is silly, you will NEVER EVER WIN THAT. Even if you’re better looking and richer than everyone in your city, you’ll go on vacation to LA with your girl and a celebrity will mack on her. This is also why the really hot girls don’t care about that stuff, they’re surrounded by it so they’re looking for a guy with internal value since most of those guys don’t have it since they base their worth externally. This is why you’ll see smokin hot girls with ugly scrubby loser guys and go “wtf is that shit???” Meanwhile now you’re that guy from my first point staring daggers at that scrubby guy, which is what he has to put up with alllll day every day when he’s with her

-In bars guys will SHOWER her with free drinks, shots, etc. because to them if they get her shit-faced they might have a chance to feel her up and get in her pants or rape her

-Super hot girls are used to being able to get away with more drama because no one EVER calls them out on their bullshit, so they’ll test you way more frequently than other girls. They also tend to like drama more because it’s so rare for their world to be unpredictable and scary since everything is handed to them on a silver platter by the world being extremely cautious about daring to offend the princess. So they’ll try to start drama with you just in hopes that they’ll get to feel something other than “being perfect”

-Girls and female friends will constantly insult your girlfriend when she’s not around and behind your guys’ backs and call you shallow and imply that she’s a dumb bimbo etc. etc. just out of jealousy so you have negativity on that side too. God forbid if she’s much younger than you and then you get the pedophile jokes on top of it and the implications that you’re taking advantage of this poor naive innocent girl (doesn’t matter if she’s smart as fuck and has degrees and shit)

-She’ll have male orbiters, hundreds of them, from all walks of life, and a ton of them will be better looking, richer, etc. than you but she’ll consider them all her “friends”. They’re alllllll friend-zoned, but they’ll alllllll still TRY to get in her pants. So she’ll go out on what anyone else would call a “date” with them, but she’ll say they’re just “hanging out”, because hell, she gets a free steak dinner and to drive around in a lambourghini, why wouldn’t she want to go “hang out”? You would too if a girl was offering you that shit. She won’t fuck them, but the pangs of jealousy will eat away at your soul every minute she’s not around you. You could cut her off from all her male friends but then you’ll look insecure and controlling and they’ll all make sure to let her know that about you and try to poison her against you so that she’ll break up with you and they can fuck her

-You have way less bargaining posture over her than you do with an average girl because an average girl has maybe a handful of orbiters and they’re all kind of lame compared to you so you have “hand” in the relationship since you can walk and get another girl. But with this girl, you probably can’t get another one as hot as her very easily since they’re rare to begin with especially if you live in a small town, and she has hundreds of amazing guys all lined up if she wants to pull “hand” and you both know this. As long as you have a solid frame and she sees you as higher value than all those guys, you’re fine, but she’s finely tuned to sniffing out low value in men so if you drop the ball at all, she can move on and not give a single fuck

-On top of it, when you’re NOT around her, you don’t know what she’s up to except that every guy around her is hitting on her constantly and trying to fuck her. So she goes on a “girls night out” with her ladies, where you know they’ll be dressed up hot and get all the attention of the room and she’ll be drinking at a nightclub while you’re sitting at home paranoid that she’s going to get fucked by some other guy…and then she legit falls asleep or something when she gets home and forgets to txt you and your last txt from her was at midnight and said “baby im soooo drnk lol!!” and your mind fills in a million disaster scenarios till you hear from her the next afternoon at which point you worry because you have no idea if she was banging a guy all night and kicked him out or what and you know women lie about that shit…remember, all those guys at the bar are showering her with free drinks to try to fuck her

-Also, all of the guy’s hitting on her stuff still happens even if you’re claiming your space and have your arm around her, holding her hand, she’s holding onto your arm, etc., this will all still happen…especially when guys are drinking. Guys will have entire conversations just with her as if you don’t exist at all, so you have to either barge your way into the conversation and risk looking insecure or ignore her and walk off and hope that she doesn’t run off with that guy

-God forbid if you end up in something really long-term with her and get married and then all of this is compounded by the fact that if she divorces you she gets half your money, kids, etc.

So ya, there’s a lot of bullshit to deal with. Average girls don’t even understand that hot girls have this sort of lifestyle because they get way less attention and perks. And guys who haven’t dated 10s don’t understand what this is like, they just think “naw I’d keep her at home and she’d just be super hot and I’d be in heaven”.

It’s possible to handle these girls, but you have to have absolutely no insecurity (which is where jealousy stems from) and KNOW, 100%, that you are the highest value male she can get…even if that’s not true objectively or based on external things like looks, money, etc. This is very difficult for most guys to do, so most guys who get 10s will fuck it up within a few months because they can’t keep up with the barrage of tests that’ll come their way from her and the rest of the world and as soon as you cave once she knows there’s chinks in your armor and you’re not as high value as you pretended to be.

This is why ultimately game is to help you learn to BE high value, after you fake it for a while. You eventually become it and it’s internalized and you’re no longer faking it, and that’s where you can handle dating a legit 10.

(side note, a girl who’s super hot isn’t necessarily a 10…girls who are super hot but still insecure or low self-esteem (usually these are the super bratty bitchy girls in clubs) aren’t 10s because they only have the looks not the personality. A legit 10 will be smokin hot and cool as fuck and friendly to everyone around her, which is part of what causes all the trouble I listed lol every guy thinks he’s getting Approach Invites and iois lol)