Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simple Steps to Ghosting

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Here is a post made by hhb

1. Do not fight the system. You will lose and the system is totally fucked up.

2. Never disclosed the essence of your personal beliefs and values to anyone, especially to women. Live in stealth mode. Tell people what they want to hear.

3. Never trust a woman that is nice to you. Remember, that all women want something.

4. Never discuss politics, MRA, economics, religion with anyone. Remember, the public is full of non-thinking idiots that parrots sound bites.

5. Be the best you can be at all times. Learn new skills. Show people that you are the best.

6. Never lose control or patience with women. View all women as you would with the same disgust as you would of homosexual males. Remember, most women are mediocre people at best.

7. Never be afraid to get rid of old friends.

8. Stay in shape with exercise.

9. Keep a positive outlook no matter what happens. Never get mad or have rage against anyone or anything it is not worth it. Most people do not have an impact on your life.

10. Avoid television and pop culture at all costs.

11. Avoid single mothers with kids like the plague.

12. Never do any harm. Let others live in their own misery.

13. Never have sex with women. A woman’s vagina is a cesspool of disease and filth. Today’s independent women have the same amount of STD’s and HIV as the average prostitute.

14. Never get married. The little sex you will receive does not outweigh the aggravation and financial ruin that will eventually happen.

15. Learn to be happy living by yourself. Stay busy.

16. Develop a mission in life.