Friday, April 9, 2010

Superbad's Marriage All for the Nookie Part 7

"I DO"

even if a married guy bangs his wife for an hour, 104 hours of sex a year is no reason to invest the other 8662 hours. women are ALWAYS terrible long-term investments. yet guys jump at the chance to MARRY. "i better hurry! this could be my last chance to pour chum all over myself and jump into that shark tank."

any man who wants a family should date a single mother (um, don't f**k her) or take care of a child in the family for a month. nobody ever talks about the TREMENDOUS stress it is to have a family. i don't care how hot or sweet or "special" a woman is now, in a decade the same thought goes through EVERY man's mind...


married men hate to admit they were duped. same with men who are dating. i used to love going to parties. it's fun to witness all the women on the verge of meltdowns that would make Chernobyl look like a good day. seeing some evil bitch storming off after being forced to act like a human being for an hour or two.

SAFE |||||||||||||..... MELTDOWN