Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My response to GawainsGhost

I tried to publish this comment in Dr.Helen blog in order to respond to GawainsGhost's comment but when I tried to publish the comment. I was unable publish the comment and I got this response in my failed attempt.

Your comment currently includes words that are not allowed.

I have no idea what words were not allowed because I didn't find any swear words or any words which would consider to be hate speech.

So I'm posting my response here and will drop a link in that blog comment section for my response.

Hi Gawain’s Ghost,

Thanks for taking the time to read my 3 part review. I will address the prostitution issue in a minute but first I want to address the other minor issues first.

First off, I’m not in the military and therefore have never been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

“The real and only reason for men not to marry is the problems with the marriage contract and the court system.”

We are in strong agreement here that the divorce court system plays a HUGE issue in guys NOT wanting to marry.

In fact in part 2 of the three part review I went off big time on Divorce industry corruption

Here is one of my paragraphs I wrote from part 2 of the review on “Men On Strike”

When I have read books such as From Courtship to Courtroom, Taken into Custody, have been exposed to many Divorce Stories through the internet. I can’t help but think that any society, which allows women to make false domestic abuse claims against decent husbands in order to gain an upper hand in divorce settlements, a decent husband can have his kids ripped away from him at any given moment, wives can commit adultery and are not accountable for their actions, decent men having to pay child support (some cases on inputted income), alimony, have ex-wives brainwash the kids to hate their dads through no fault of their own, I come to the point where I believe these types of societies deserve to collapse.

Thridly, I glad to see we eye to eye about there can be no successful Men’s Rights Movement until Men’s issues become Women’s issues.

Now we are not going to see eye to eye on the issue of prostitution. I’m in no way associated with any MRA or MRM groups, I’m simply one man who is going his own way and calling it the way he sees it and those who read my blog can take it or leave it. I’m perfectly fine not seeing eye to eye with anyone. If my blog just helped persuade a small handful of guys to NOT get married, then I would consider my blog to be a huge success.

Being a man who is going my own way I could care less whether you or anyone else in society calls guys who go visit prostitutes losers.

I am responding to present the other side to the lurkers reading Dr. Smith’s blog to why visiting prostitutes for some guys is a very rational option. 

For the lurkers who aren’t quite satisfied with my response, I highly recommend reading this article.

First it’s very rare that an honest paying client will ever get threatened or charged with a false rape accusation which is especially a danger to college age men which Dr. Smith addressed in her college strike chapter.

Sex workers very rarely will lie about being on the pill, poke holes in condoms, or grab a tossed out condom out of a trash can insert that sperm inside of her.

Also, they are much easier to get rid of, don’t have to worry about being nailed with a false abuse accusation or have to have some crazy woman going off on you verbally or physically.

Most importantly honest sex workers gives guys more options which means having more leverage. If a guy who doesn’t care about what society thinks about him and knows for $200 he can go to nice Asian Massage parlor and have an hour of playtime with a cute Asian lady in her 20’s or get a nice hour of playtime with a attractive college age escort babe for an hour for $200-$250, he has something call leverage.

This means the pressure will be put on the average American Women to present a better deal to this guy in the equation of time, value, and money that beats $200-$250. If they can’t they will be left in the dust at least by these guys.

You also, have 20% of the guys sleeping with 75% of the ladies in their sexual prime. Which means a high majority of guys didn’t get the benefits of having women in their prime.

Let’s take a look at Silicon Valley! There are many techies which you just called losers in your post who are now their 30’s making 6 figure digits. When they were in their 20’s they weren’t successful with women.

Now let’s say they are making $100K a year. Let’s say once a week for $250 for 50 weeks = $12,500 and takes one nice overseas sex vacation for $3,500. In essence these guys would have spent $16K on having sex with very attractive college age ladies. In other words 16% of his income. On top of this these guys will have more free time on their hands to engage in hobbies they enjoy doing. Even better since they get have sex with hot college age babes, this means they don’t have to fork out big bucks on an expensive car or designer clothing which otherwise they would have had no interest in acquiring if they were NOT trying to impress women.

No compare this to 27 year old plus old women who have had her fun and are now ready to settle for Mr. Nice responsible guy

The terms are bail out an ex carousel cock rider who only has at best 10% of her sexual currency value left while the other 20% of the guys got to enjoy the other 90% of her sexual currency value at bargain rates. In terms of marriage, she can get fat eating bon bons all day on the couch watching TV, can nag you to no end, can freely tell you how fail to measure up compared to the other guys she got to have fun with in the past, cut off the sex supply, have little or no money and free time for hobbies. Are you then going to divorce her, well she gets half the assets, alimony, half the 401K, if children are involved get to pay child support (possibly on inputed income), if children are involved lose the home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

If you decide to be a good husband, she may very cheat on you because you are too nice and boring. Once she gets bored of you, she can make a false abuse allegation claim to get you kicked out of your house, you get pay yours and her attorney fees, lose your home but still get to make the mortgage payments, while paying monthly rent for a new place, lose half of your 401K, alimony, child support, and this ex wife may very well brain wash the kids against you.

Now the techies have leverage with these women. Now they can say look ladies you better give me your prime years and see to it that the divorce industry gets reformed or you are getting to be an old age unmarried spinster or a poor single Mom with no man’s resources looking after you in old age.

Having prostitution as an option for guys gives them more leverage with women and I don’t see these guys being losers in any way even if you and rest of society labels these guys as losers.