Thursday, May 30, 2013

Men On Strike Book Review Part 2 of 3

Part 1

In this part I will discuss chapter 5 and chapter 6 and part 3 will be a continuation of chapter 6.

Chapter 5: Why it matters

What I liked: Overall the chapter was very engaging meaning not boring at all to read. Dr. Helen Smith nicely stated that the surprise isn’t that men are heading for the exits but it took men this long to head for the exits.

I especially enjoyed reading the comment by Vic which Dr. Helen Smith put in this chapter

“Men are doing the math. When you see your friends vilified in family court by their “Christian” wives, you have to take a step back and ask yourself a question. If that admired pastor with 30 years of ministry, community service and business is going to lose his kids, income and ministry because his wife isn’t happy anymore, what chance do I have?”

This is very well stated.

This chapter also discusses why men opting out as a negative effect on women, children and society as a whole.

I only rated this chapter as 7 out of 10, in a sense I have gone beyond the point of caring of what happens to society as a whole.

When I have read books such as From Courtship to Courtroom, Taken into Custody, have been exposed to many Divorce Stories through the internet. I can’t help but think that any society, which allows women to make false domestic abuse claims against decent husbands in order to gain an upper hand in divorce settlements, a decent husband can have his kids ripped away from him at any given moment, wives can commit adultery and are not accountable for their actions, decent men having to pay child support (some cases on inputted income), alimony, have ex-wives brainwash the kids to hate their dads through no fault of their own, I come to the point where I believe these types of societies deserve to collapse.

To conclude this chapter, I’m not knocking Dr. Helen Smith for anything specially she wrote in this chapter but the lower rating has to do with me being at the point of beyond caring what happens to women and society as a whole due to their horrible treatment of decent men.

Chapter 6 Fighting Back, Going Galt, or Both

In this chapter Dr. Helen discussed Tips to change the system, Men Going Galt, and her suggestions on how to deal with White Knights and Uncle Tim’s (Mangina).

For a general reader, would probably give this chapter a higher rating than me. I only gave it a 6 because all though Dr. Helen Smith gave tips and while I believe she means well, I’m very skeptical about massive reforms happening in our corrupt system. I’m of the belief that the system is beyond repair so, unfortunately I tuned out a good part of this chapter, also I tuned out White Knights and Manginas as a result I only ended up skimming through when she talked about White Knights and Manginas. This was my least favorite chapter of the 6 chapters. Someone who is just getting exposed to what is going on may find this chapter to be more valuable.

Now below I listed Dr. Helen’s 6 tips but you will need to buy her book if you want to read how she describes these tips in further detail. Directly, indirectly, or not at all I will address some of these tips one would be the two options a typical guy haves and when I do part 3 why I think Men Rights in general are a complete failure.

Here are Dr. Helen Smith’s 6 tips

Tip 1 Stop Letting women run the agenda by controlling the agenda by controlling the dialogue on sex, gender, relationships and reproduction

Tip 2 Fight for better treatment of men in marriage and relationships

Tip 3 Fight for better laws, including those on paternity and forced fatherhood

Tip 4 Fight back in education

Tip 5 Fight back against negative portrayals of men in the media and culture

Tip 6 Reclaim male space.

Back in Chapter 1 Dr. Helen Smith address the issue of Hypergamy, and revealed a survey which confirmed 20% of the guys were having sex with 75% of women (assuming it’s their prime years).

For this exercise, let’s remove those 20% of the guys, now we are down to 80%. Also for this exercise let’s assume another 25% of the guys got married young to the other 25% of the younger women who weren’t having sex with the top 20% of the guys. Basically society has provided the other 55% of the guys (being conservative here, good chance it’s much higher) two options in life.

The first option is what society has to offer these 55% of the guys’ once they are in their late 20’s and 30’s.

The terms are bail out an ex carousel cock rider who only has at best 10% of her sexual currency value left while the other 20% of the guys got to enjoy the other 90% of her sexual currency value at bargain rates. In terms of marriage, she can get fat eating bon bons all day on the couch watching TV, can nag you to no end, can freely tell you how fail to measure up compared to the other guys she got to have fun with in the past, cut off the sex supply, have little or no money and free time for hobbies. Are you then going to divorce her, well she gets half the assets, alimony, half the 401K, if children are involved get to pay child support (possibly on inputed income), if children are involved lose the home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

If you decide to be a good husband, she may very cheat on you because you are too nice and boring. Once she gets bored of you, she can make a false abuse allegation claim to get you kicked out of your house, you get pay yours and her attorney fees, lose your home but still get to make the mortgage payments, while paying monthly rent for a new place, lose half of your 401K, alimony, child support, and this ex wife may very well brain wash the kids against you.

Guess what you don’t like these terms, society will blast you by running tons of “Man Up Articles”

The other option for these 55% of the guys who many will come to the conclusion and say fuck it and bail out. Therefore remove themselves from the dating and marriage market all together. By doing so means these guys will only have to financially support themselves and no one else. Now these guys will have more free time and money on their hands to engage in hobbies they enjoy doing. Of course this means less stress, no nagging wife no fear of divorce etc.

As women get older their attractiveness goes down, as men get older, their sexual hormone levels decrease as well. These guys’ sex drives become more manageable when they get into their 30’s as opposed to when they were 20. Should the sex drive still be there, rampant internet porn is free, virtual sex technology should get better as the years goes on. What if these guys want to enjoy a sexual experience, there are plenty college age escort babes these guys could sample for $200-300 an hour which is a bargain compared to what married and divorced men have to pay for a rapidly aging wife/ex wife. As these guys get more income, they will be perfectly capable of taking themselves on overseas sex vacations should they decide to do so.

While I believe Dr. Helen Smith means well with her tips, I just fail see how some changes, even modest changes as nearly impossible that would be, is going to change these dynamics which I mentioned above anytime soon!