Monday, May 26, 2014

Elliot Rodger was a kissless virgin by choice

I just wanted to state Elliot Roger had every opportunity to get laid if he truly wanted to. From what I read, Elliot Roger blew $700 on either one Powerball or mega million drawing plus three guns and lots of ammunition cost quite a bit of dough. Between these two activities, he must have easily spent $2500-$3000.

Santa Barbara is not too far from Los Angeles, now I’m looking at Since Elliot Roger had a thing for Blondes, I went to the Los Angeles ads and started looking at the blondes, and here are a few ads I found on the first page when I was browsing.

Let’s say the cost here for an hour is $300 since it’s LA and they are blondes. Let’s say a cheap LA motel is $85 and a one month VIP membership is $15. This will allow one to know which ones are for real and weed out the fake one’s better. This would have cost Elliot Roger $400 per session. With all the money Elliot spent on lottery, guns and ammunitions, he could have had seven exciting make out and sex sessions with hot blondes in Los Angeles.

You can also do the same exercise for San Diego to.

Elliot had more than enough money to hire someone say from  
Or offer a member at either or a free hooker session at around $150 and someone would have been more than happy to show Elliot the ropes of Tijuana. Elliot could have had multiple sessions with hot latina’s for the same amount of money that he spent on lottery gambling, guns and ammunition.

Or if Elliot saved up $3000-$4000 he could have taken himself out to the Phillippines 

Could gone on an Germany FKK Tour.

The bottom line is Elliot Rodger had the ability to get laid by hot babes and could done so for the exact same money that he blew off on lottery gambling, guns and ammunition.

Elliot Roger deserves nothing but scorn for what we did. I only hope by putting this info out here it will help prevent another Elliott Roger incident. 

I truly believe if guys like Elliot Rodger, Jared Loughner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza could have had a couple escort sessions or a sex vacation overseas, it would have taken the edge off and these horrific massacres may have not happened.

I only hope all 50 states would legalize prostitution and make it affordable as well. I hope I’m wrong but without it I’m afraid there will be many more angry never been kissed virgins who will explode and commit massive mayhem. 

Legalizing prostitution will do more to prevent massive shootings like this one then gun control will ever do.