Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Joys of MGTOW and Ghosting

Here is a kick ass writing by Womanhater on the MGTOW Forums

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a few threads that have a depressed feel and theme to them. These are usually posted up by men who've realized the inescapable truth about the nature of the world and especially the station of men in it.

While it is certain that there is an initial shock when you come to understand that EVERYTHING you've been taught from birth is abject bullshit, this does not need to cripple you or depress you. You were born into an insane asylum which all the inmates insisted was in fact a five star beach resort. You tried for decades to believe it, but you finally just had to exclaim that the emperor has no fucking clothes - even if only to yourself in the solitude of your own mind.

But, this should not sadden or depress you brothers. Rather than being forced to live the life of a slave - giving endlessly, sacrificing your hopes and dreams on the altar of what some fucking duplicitous gash wants or to 'society' or 'the greater good' or 'your country' or whatever the fuck everyone else demands of you, you are instead liberated in a way that no generation of men has been since likely the times of the Vikings.

Embrace this knowledge. It has been hard fought and came at a terrible price by your brothers who gather here to share it with you. Those of us who've been through the family court ass raping, or have been the victims of false allegations, or who've had our children stolen away from us never to return give you these pearls of great price so that you might live as we ought to have.

There is no cause for sadness in learning that Santa is not real! For you've been given the Rosetta Stone in deciphering life on this planet. Instead, see that the scales ripped from your eyes allow you to see things as they truly are, and rather than hoping for fulfillment in the ways that all the miserable people around you advocate, instead strike out and pursue YOUR happiness. Follow YOUR dreams and hopes and aspirations! Let 100% of your labor benefit YOU.

Leave the parasites to themselves. You've no obligation to anyone who would lay claim on your life or your efforts or your wealth. You've no obligation to die on a foreign battlefield for a state that is your enemy. You've no obligation to fulfill the nesting instincts of a twat or to satiate some miserable fucking cunt's advanced case of baby rabies. You've no obligation or duty to prevent some carousel hopping womyn's studies major HR cunt from becoming a lonely barren spinster listening to her ovaries turn to dust.

Your only obligation is to the men who've enlightened you! Those men who've borne their pain and their suffering so that YOU may be saved have a claim on you - and because we are your brothers, all we demand in payment is that YOU live for YOURSELF! We demand that you live the lives we would have lived had this body of wisdom been available to us before we'd been ensnared in this evil system and toxic order.

Be joyous my brothers! You truly have been delivered from evil, and there is NO cause for anything but exceeding joy.