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Asian Massage Parlors

I wanted to post a great article I found, regarding Asian Massage Parlors and then I will follow it up with a great writing by the legendary Duncan Idaho from the Eternal Bachelor blog about men paying for sex.

While I certainly believe there are a few isolated cases of human trafficking, most the women there want easy money. Asian Massage parlors and Escort Ladies from sites like myredbook,eroticMP Rub Maps and Spa Hunters are more than happy to sexually take care of the guys that American Women deemed boring or save for later for when they are in their 30's.

However, poindexter, or many of the guys who American Women decide to save for later after they had their fun now have stiff competition. Besides alternatives like overseas sex vacations, free internet porn, and rapidly developing Virtual Sex Technologies, even guys who women don't pay attention to during their youth can have nice sexual experiences with attractive Asian Women at Asian Massage Parlors at $160-$200 an hour or get hot escort babe for $200-300.

So now Poindexter, or the guys that got saved for later found they now can get a better deal simply by opting out of the sham game of dating and marriage, enjoy more sexual encounters with hotter and younger women compared to the costs of dating, marriage and divorce with a 27 plus year old American Woman.

This means Poindexter can successfully put together a time value and money equation and say hey I can get sex from a hot Asian Massage Parlor Babe or an Escort Babe for around $200. So unless hot college age American Women present them with a better deal, poindexter suddenly has better options than settling for 27 plus year old American Women who thought they could save these guys for later after they had their fun.

Obviously the feminists can't flat out condemn prostitution because they were the ones who initiated slogans such as My Body, My Choice. So they are trying to shut down places like Asian Massage Parlors saying they were trafficked against their will and try to fight "human trafficking".

I now found a great write about what really goes on inside Asian Massage Parlors so here it is.


Today, your Correspondents visit North America to report on Apartment Asian Massage Parlors. Also, read the WoWasis post on commonly used AAMP acronyms relating to practices at North American massage parlors).  AAMPs, as they are commonly known, are most typically found in large apartment complexes, although a few “float” in hotels. Part of the service consists of a body massage, typically 20 minutes, generally given during the first part of the hour. The women are all Asian, in ages ranging from roughly 23-50. They either come from Asia or are residents in North American countries. If the latter, they often come from Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, or Vancouver, areas with high local Asian populations. A very small percentage of the women work out of their own apartments, but most often they work in apartments rented or owned by the companies for whom they work. In the latter case, apartments are changed frequently, particularly in areas where adult massage is illegal. How these women creat an instant “home” in a motel room is a story in itself.

Women come into the business in one of two ways, either by answering a newspaper ad in a foreign country or being told about the work opportunity through a friend.

If hired through answering an ad

 If overseas, in China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, it often works like this. Women answer an ad to work in North America, generally for domestic help positions (they are not being “trafficked against their will, see section below on Trafficking). At the interview, they’re frankly told that it’s sex work, and they can chose to do it or not. If they agree, they pay a fee, generally $1000 (all examples in this article are in USD), to arrange transportation, visas, any necessary bribes, and lodging in a North American city. They can either pay their own airfare or the company will buy it for them. If the latter, round trip open-end airfare to North America is charged at $3,000. In Korea, all potential masseuses must take a class in traditional Korean massage before they leave for North America. They will pay for their lodging in North America at the going rate, generally $1500 per month for a clean, modern apartment, the rental of which may be shared by two or three women. They are expected to work off their debt, generally around $4,000, and may not keep any profit until their debts are paid. This is paid off in a surprisingly short amount of time (see “revenue models” below).

If hired through a referral by a girlfriend
In these cases, the woman is introduced by her friend. This is the standard method for Asian women already residing in North American cities. They incur no setup charges, provide their own transportation (often using their own cars), and essentially pay $60 to the company for each successful transaction. If the referral occurs in a foreign country, the referring girl gets a commission, yet another way for a masseuse to make money. Charges to the new woman may be lower, since her friend will tell her how to buy her own airline ticket and help with other incidentals.

There are three common revenue models for the women:

1)      Freelancers work for themselves, and hire a phone operator to field their calls. They pay $5-$10 per call, and keep the rest of the client donation.

2)      Women working for a company to which they do not owe debt money keep $100 of a typical $160 fee, and turn over $60 to the company in return for phone operators and scheduling services. They pay standard rents on their apartments (often shared with another masseuse), pay for their own food, and decide the hours and days they’ll work.

3)      Indentured women pay their travel debt, commonly $4,000, through working, typically at $140 per working hour. After that, they may set their own rates and may even elect to freelance. How long does it take for an AAMP masseuse to pay off her debt? Women at these establishments, as a rule, see between 2 and 5 clients a day. They mostly work 7 days a week if they’re at an establishment with lower traffic, where the lion’s share of the day is spent in leisure activities waiting for customers. Therefore, on a slow week, therefore, they’ll see 14 clients @ $140 per visit, or $1,960 per week. That pays off the debt in a little over 2 weeks, thus after the first month, the woman who just arrived from overseas has paid all her debt, paid her share of apartment and food, and has made some profit.
If a woman is not indentured (see above), she may move to another house with another employer. All she has to do is leave. Word gets around fast among the masseuses as to who is best to work for, and companies find it’s in their best interests to keep them happy, to prevent churn.

Sending the money home
Since it’s a cash business, the women open accounts in local banks, and transfer money to banks in their home countries. The money is often used to fund their children’s education and lodging with relatives, or used as a nest egg to start a business when they return home. As an example, one Chinese woman, a doctor in her own country, worked in AAMPs to fund construction, equipment, and supply costs for a clinic she was going to open in her own country when she had enough money saved up.

Are AAMP masseuses being trafficked?
In a word, no. Asian-based AAMP masseuses come to North America of their own free will, and understand and agree to the terms of the contract. If they are working in a North American establishment where erotic massage is illegal, they will truthfully tell arresting law enforcement agencies that they originally answered an ad for domestic workers. As was discussed above, this is no lie (although they cleverly obfuscate that they were aware of the ruse), and more importantly, allows them to be treated as victims, rather than perpetrators, and their arrests can then contribute to international law enforcement statistics on women trafficked for sexual purposes.
 They can’t help in interrogations much, either. They don’t know the true names of the real companies for whom they work, or the names of the owners or its agents. The faces of those who collect the money from the women can change frequently. And the owner of the apartment, when told of the activities occurring there, is “shocked, shocked!” that any of this occurred in the apartment he or she was renting out.

Now to wrap it up I am going to copy a post written by the great Duncan Idaho who wrote this great writing at his blog Eternal Bachelor and you could also read some of his earlier writing at Eternal Bachelor Word Press

This writing is called paying for sex = you are the loser

I remember in the old days, when I were a lad, and such shaming language would have touched me. Now it does nothing but amuse me.

There are plenty of harpies screaching on in the comments (and a few manginas/women pretending to be men) but this one gathers all the usual 'tactics' in one; accusations of not having a life, men who go to hookers have small penises, claims that prostitutes are all diseased (apart from the really grubby crack whores, I'd say they're probably cleaner than non-prostitutes; they're more likely to take - and insist on - precautions, given that pregnancy and std's threaten her earning power), claims that visiting prostitutes is a sign of not having a life and/or having no friends, and that basically men who use prostitutes/escorts girls/whatever they like to call themselves should basically bow their heads in shame and then channel all their efforts into wining and dining a demented fruitcake like her. All mixed in with an amusing lack of grammar and spelling.

It won't occur to these women that maybe acting a bit nicer and not using sex as a weapon in a relationship - and perhaps looking for Mr Right before turning 30 - would perhaps encourage a guy to seek her out. That would be too much effort. Instead, they just whine and moan and throw about the shaming language.

Most men, particularly young ones, will do what's required to get sex. Previously that used to be being a nice guy and getting married. Now it's either be a world-class 'playa', having a lot of money (or pretending you do) or just taking a short-cut and getting a good honest whore.

Nearly all women want to take early retirement or semi-retirement. I know of no single women working full-time past 30 who wouldn't give it up to be provided for by a husband, and even go-getting career gals fresh from University invariably talk of working either part-time or not at all after five or ten-years in the workforce. In order to avoid working full-time, they require a man. And all the woman has to offer these days is a shag. Or the chance of one.

If a man can get a shag from an escort girl far cheaper and with infinitely less hassle than spending a fortune dating and then throwing away his freedom and financial security to support a woman for life, then that's what he'll do. And that's what pisses these women off. Spinsterhood and full-time work beckons! And that's not what overgrown Princesses expect.

Women seeking Mr Right are infuriated at the idea of their monopoly on sex being broken by escort girls who are just flat-out honest about the whole deal and won't expect anything beyond what she charges upfront, so the shaming language is broken out. Then there's the other tactic of moaning that nearly all prostitutes are abused and enslaved and that paying for sex is basically on a par with being a rapist and accomplice to sex-trafficking (this is the view of the British Government, which is seeking harsher sentences for men who pay for sex. Not the women who sell it, obviously)

I don't doubt that some prostitutes are forced into it, but most choose the profession of their own free will; they may not enjoy it, but what the fuck, who does enjoy what they do for a living? (I once read that most prostitutes who are trafficked and enslaved in the sex trade and who are subsequently rescued are rescued either by - or thanks to tip-offs from - clients who are horrified to learn that the woman isn't consenting to her profession; contrary to what feminists say, the overwhelming majority of men would be horrified at the idea of being an accomplice - knowingly or otherwise - to sex-slavery and trafficking, and would only pay for sex on the assumption the woman is a willing participant in the deal. Making out men who use prostitutes are evil quasi-rapists is just another tactic women use to try to divert men back to the thorny path of, ugh, 'dating'.)

It's also worth bearing in mind that most women offer no more than a prostitute. Previously, a woman would run the home and bare and raise kids. Sex was important too, but the domestic and child-rearing front were a plus, and something a hooker couldn't provide. Then along came feminism, whereby women insisted they wouldn't be doing the babies and housework stuff, just the sex (although usually only until the honeymoon.) So if sex is all a girlfriend can really provide these days, then a girlfriend is really just on a par with a prostitute in terms of what she has to offer, only with the disadvantage of not giving you a quote upfront, or guarantee of service.

It's funny all these women insisting all these young men increasingly paying for sex are sad losers. After all, who is the more sad; men who spend their honest, hard-earned money on a jolly good shag with an honest, hard-working, big-titted twentysomething escort girl, or the aging thirtysomething career gals who decide the best way to try and land a husband is to not become less angry and bitter, but to become more so, and to angrily accuse any man who doesn't play by the absurd rules of 'romance' and 'dating' (which basically means worshipping a female unconditionally, ideally with money) as a dickless loser?

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One Set of Rules Only, Cherry Picking Won't Be Tolerated!

I wasn't panning on blogging in another post tonight, but my fellow MGTOW Members over on the MGTOW Forums have been on fire lately.

Today there is another big thread called Fellow Bodybuilding.com member mentions us

It's a thread which is certainly worth reading but there was a comment made by MGTOW Member Spoon who discusses how society has one set of rules for women and one set of rules for men. It's a post which certainly needs more attention instead of it being lost in the shuffle (Spoon's post is on Page #2)

In fact I discussed this topic in the blog entry Women Trying to Have the Best of Both Worlds as it Suits Them

In fact I copied and paste comments which MGTOW members Disgruntled Gentlemen and Zed discussed this in a different thread which made my previous blog entry called Half Patriarchy and Double Standards

The post which MGTOW member Spoon made does an excellent job hammering this message through. I do like the way Spoon presented it, so it's definitely worth copying over

So here it is!

Society gets the men it deserves. There is no reason to carry patriarchial burdens when society does not give you patriarchial privileges. That is inane. You are defining yourself by how you serve society. That is to say, women. There is no reason to "handle it." That is servitude. You'll play the 1950s breadwinner in a world where it isn't unlikely that your housewife will use the courts to take everything you've worked for, seperate you from your children and general tear your life apart.

But at least you're a "real man." A real man doesn't take a different road when his usual route gets landmined. He just sacks up, puts his fingers in his ears and goes lalalalalala and keeps walking, right? That's stupid. Playing the traditional man in a world where equality is engineered and enforced by the government means you are carrying all the traditional burdens and the feminist burdens while gaining none of the traditional benefits or feminist benefits.

No dice. I'm only playing by one set of rules. Either I'm the white knight and she gets back in the fucking kitchen or we're equal and she deserves no female privileges whatsoever. Since society at large seems to have chosen equality + traditional privileges for women, I'm making my own set of rules to protect my own best interests.

Families are now just a woman and her kids. The man is a superfluous second parent who can be removed at any time. He is only valued for the money he provides. = Don't start a family

Marriage is now nothing but a system for transfering wealth from men to women = Don't marry

Co-habitation means that after two years the government considers us legally married = Don't co-habitate

You can be forced to pay child support to single mothers you date = Don't date single mothers

You can be forced to pay child support to children that are fraudulantly presented as yours = Always demand a paternity test no matter what

These are solutions to real risks.

MGTOW has a name not because we need a support group to live our lives but because it is a growing and developing phenomenon that we are a part of and want to discuss. It's an organic movement. It's simply developing naturally out of the current social conditions. We don't recruit. Many guys on the BB forum have said that they've never heard of it but find themselves living it already anyway. That's how we all were until we stumbled upon the online communities that gave it a name and discusses it.

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Half Patriarchy and Double Standards

First off this is the second post of the day, the first one being "Are MGTOW Losers?"

There is another all time classic thread in the MGTOW Forums called More Interesting Things Going on in Japan

What is currently going on in Japan is very fascinating and I can only hope American Men, British Men, Canadian Men, and Australian Men can have the same impact as the Japanese Men. The Japanese Men have set the Gold Standard of how to make a huge impact!

This thread has lots of meat which I just can't post it all here but I highly recommend any one who reads my blog to check it out

On Page 3 of this big thread it turned into Half Patriarchy and Double Standards which I wanted to copy and paste a couple of posts (2 out of 48 and counting to be exact)

First here was what MGTOW member Disgruntled Gentlemen Wrote

If I've said this once, I've said this a thousand times; patriarchy is (was?) the best system to utilise men to build civilisation. It requires sacrifices from both men AND women in order to achieve civilisation. Feminists DO NOT HATE the patriarchy. Let me repeat that, feminists DO NOT HATE the patriarchy, they only hate the part that places restrictions on them and enjoy the benefits they got from it via the labour of men. This is why Japanese women are pissed off because men are refusing to conform to patriarchal demands anymore.

On another note, MGTOW is not about changing society, it is about reclaiming yourself as an individual and making choices that are in YOUR best interests and not supplicating to the life script as prescribed by the powers that be. Having a PR room for MGTOW/Herbivores means we give a shit what the collectivists think when we do not. We looked at the rules of the game, saw that the risks didn't outweigh the rewards, and went our own fucking way...

If ALL the laws were changed tomorrow and everything become fair, hell, if they went the other way and were more beneficial towards men, I still wouldn't get married. I don't care anymore. I'm an individual, not a cog on the collectivists slave plantation...

The Legendary MGTOW Poster Zed wrote this reply

 Well, the feminists were actually right about one thing - "patriarchy" was just as restrictive of men as it was of women. And women wanted to tear down the restrictions on women, while leaving the restrictions on men in place - and in fact strengthening them.

Unfortunately for them, it is not possible to tear down half a house. Even if someone tried, the structural integrity of the house would be sorely compromised by taking away one side wall, half the front and back walls, and half of each floor.

Back in the mid 20th century, most cultures were complex systems of interlocking institutions. And anyone who knows anything about systems theory is that if you change one part of a system, you change the workings of the entire system.

Sex roles were integral parts of what might be considered "standardization of culture." When men and women were each indoctrinated in their respective sex roles, it was pretty much possible to put any random man and random woman together and they would be able to manage at least a marginally functional family structure. A man could earn the wages, and a woman would put those wages to use taking care of the family.

So, think of a culture as a factory manufacturing standardized family parts.

Take away the standardization, and manufacture each part individually - so that it does not mate well with its complementary part - and production regresses to pre-industrial levels. It would be like closing all auto manufacturing plants and all the plants making parts for them, and making everyone who wanted an automobile to hand craft each part in his garage. If a part broke, he could not get a replacement, even from another automobile, because there is only one of his model.

This is the situation in Japan - the factories manufacturing future citizens are failing to keep up production levels due to loss of standardization.

Staying with the automobile analogy, in the pre-feminist world, every automobile had one engine and one transmission. The engine provided the power, but it took the transmission to convert that power into motive force at the wheels.

Men provided the financial power, and women transmitted that power to move the family. Pretty slick engineering.

But, women didn't like being transmissions, they wanted to be engines. But, what good is an automobile with 2 engines - one to power the movement, one to run the interior accessories - but no transmission?

You can sit in one place, run the heater, the stereo, the panoramic cameras on each side the vehicle, and put the electric windows up and down; but you can't go anywhere.

It doesn't do any good to make the primary engine even more powerful, if you still don't have a transmission. All you do is burn up more fuel, and still don't go anywhere.

And that is pretty much the situation in Japan. It is one of the larger markets for consumer products per capita in the world. Except the problem is that they are no longer manufacturing new consumers.

The biggest thing that the feminists did not notice was that while they were tearing down the social institutions that conditioned women to want to be the wife part of a family, and know how to do that, they were also tearing down the same institutions which conditioned men to want to be the husband part of a family.

Now, a large percentage of both sexes don't want to be either.

There is not much biological urge to be a father. In many cases feminists were right about that being a social construct. Reverting to base biology, the terms are sire for the male and dam for the female. Whatever biological urge remains in men is to engage in the activity which sires children, but being marginally thinking beings many men are controlling those urges and doing a cost-benefit analysis.

This is where the like of guys like Henry Makow slam up against the likes of guys like Neal Patrick Harris. Makow wants the culture to continue promoting homophobia so men are inhibited from seeking sexual congress with their own sex. This is a way of constraining men so that there is only one possible outlet for their sexual urges.

It does not work, however, when those outlets are closed.

Japanese culture has lost the ability to sustain itself through the threat of loss of "face." The social constraints that men had to fulfill to get "face" have been destroyed.

Prison camps will accomplish nothing unless the plan is to simply exterminate single men. They will not replace "face" as a method of motivating men to work themselves to death.

Are MGTOW Losers?

Lately on the MGTOW Forums there have been lots of high quality threads, a great thread which was started by LoneTrooper called MGTOW are Losers?

Here is his opening post and if you click on the link you will find many more great replies which I highly recommend reading.

It’s really funny to read comments on internet about how mgtow men are somehow pathetic loser’s.

Well let me tell you about those ‘’winners ‘’ who have wives, girlfriends and children. I have them around at my work. They live from paycheck to paycheck some of them even borrow money from me, to make ends meet.

I live comfortably from about 30% of my income everything else goes straight into my bank account and numbers are going up and up. My married coworkers always have some ‘’financial problems’’ and when I mention how come they always have money problems? Their response is well you don’t have a ‘’family to support when you will have children and wife you will see how hard it is’’

I usually try to hide my smirk and look serious. Also those ‘’winner men’’ complain constantly how their ‘’soul mates‘’ label them as selfish, and they can’t make big buys like ‘’car or bike ‘’ without consultation with their nagging machines, who usually talk them out from spending money on themselves.

And when I tell my ‘’winner ‘’ coworkers that I am planning on buying sports bike they ask how much money I saved, and when I tell them they are surprised even if we are making same amount of money. And there is strange kind of jealousy in their eyes and you can clearly see they hate me for it, and shaming language of being some kind of gay doesn’t work on me. I usually laugh, at that.

So being always with money and buying cool stuff that YOU like and there is no one to ‘’correct’’ you means being looser? And ‘’winner’’ means ‘’no freedom of spending your money the way you like if you can keep up with vacuum cleaner that dries it up’’ ???

Well I don’t know what wives do to my coworker wallets maybe they suck money from them with vacuum cleaners, that they can’t afford shit I have no clue. But it’s their problem!
What about Me ? Well I’m laughing straight to the bank!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A letter about someone I once knew

I know I may sound like a broken record after my last couple of entries but I was reading the MGTOW Forums today and in the Anecdotals section, I found a kick ass letter that MGTOW Member Merlin Wrote

It's called A letter about someone I once knew and I had to paste it over here because I know people who read my blog will love to read this letter!

With No Further Introduction, here is Merlin's Kick Ass Letter!

I wanted to date you. I wanted to be around you and thought you were the reason for life. I was a young man just entering into the world of dating. You strung me along. You wanted to be friends. I was the nice guy, that man that every girl says she wants.

I watched you as you dated thugs and losers. I was there for you when you cried when they broke up with you. You asked me to be your boyfriend but as soon as I said yes you backed down and said, “Maybe in a little while after I get over this breakup.” I waited. I waited because I thought people meant what they said. I waited until I moved out of that neighborhood. Then I almost forgot about you.

You would come to mind from time to time and I would see the image of beauty that would always make me catch my breath. I would remember for a short time how much I thought I loved you. I did what you asked. I did anything I could for you. Each and every time you turned me away but kept me close enough to run too.

Later, when I was older, I got dates with women. I knew that I was good looking enough to attract women and have relationships with them. Many would treat me as you did but I blew them off as not worth my time. I never forgot you.

Many years later you showed up at my door. I don’t know how you found me but I could see that life had been hard on you. You were still beautiful in my eyes and I let you in. We talked about being kids and about the crush I had on you. You spoke of your life and the two children you have. You told me of the fathers that were not there for your two daughters. You told me of your days of being addicted to drugs. As you told me more and more of your life I found that I cared less and less for you.

I remembered that innocent teenager I would have sacrificed my life for. I remembered how I felt about you and that even the slightest hint that you cared about me would have garnered you my devotion for life. I had known that at that time you were a pearl of great price for which I would have sold all that I had to obtain.

Unfortunately for you I had been through a divorce that had stripped away the illusions that I once had. I realized you spent so much time finding me because I was your last resort. You still did not want me for me but for yourself.

When I told you I had to get back to work you asked me when we would see each other again and I told you, “I don’t know.” You seemed shocked. You even said, “But I thought you loved me.” I just gave you a sad smile and told you I had loved you. You caught the past tense, gave me a kiss on the cheek and left after a few more pleasantries.

You had not only used me but you and others like you had used me up. A man cannot feel those emotions with no return and keep feeling them. That capacity burns out. Reality and the truth get in the way. I don’t feel sorry for you and I don’t love you anymore. I feel sorry for that young girl that threw her life away. You are not her. You haven’t been for a very long time.

The most shocking thing is how I felt when you left. I felt no love and no hate. I didn’t even feel mild annoyance. I felt indifferent. I had complete and utter indifference to your fate. It may even surprise you if you ever see this that it is not even written for you. It is written as a warning to the other men and as a response to, “Where have all the good men gone?” The answer is we have been here all the time but by the time you get back to us you and your kind have used up all the good and all we have left is indifference.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Damaged Women


Here is a great piece by Free Wanderer from the Happier Abroad Forums

I live in America and something is terribly wrong with most of the women living here. Something about Westernized culture is destroying the most wonderful attributes of women and turning them into pseudo-men with worst qualities of female gender. Many other threads have touched on many of the manifest problems- self centered, self entitled, gold-digging, sociopathic-

Was it the media? Yes, to an extent- it introduced them to insidious, damaging behavior and poor role-models- but that was not the impetus that made good girls go bad.

The real culprit is never talked about. Women become truly broken/ damaged after they squander their VIRGINITY. It is apparently misogynistic to point out the difference between men and women, but here is a plain example of where men and women can never be equal. Women just are not equipped mentally or biologically to handle recreational sex in the same way that men do.

The first time a women has sex, a chemical- oxytocin- is released in her brain that causes "pair bonding" to occur- its same chemical that is released when she is giving birth which causes mother to fall in love with baby. This is why first loves are always so intense. Women are admittedly- more emotional creatures, more sensitive to emotional pain- which is why when that first love ends, it is extremely devastating. After that first traumatic break up, a woman promises herself she will never allow herself to get that close to a man again, for fear that he may hurt her as badly as the first one did. Yet, every time she has sex with new men, that oxytocin will try to get her to bond with new man, but the women will now fight against that impulse- they don't want to bond, they want to f*ck. This causes a sort of sociopathic backlash to occur. After a series of men, it will become apparent that she can no longer bond significantly with ANYONE.

The woman then becomes completely self serving- she doesn't trust that anyone will ever truly be there for her, so she has only herself to rely on, men are simply a resource to exploit, or a fun ride on cock carousel. Instead of finding meaning and pleasure in the joys of a close, intimate relationship, she seeks thrills of new sexual experiences...

This only lasts so long. A woman's sexual capital is highest when she's young, and as she gets older, her options get less and less. She peaked early in life, and at the tender age of 30, she likely has another 50 years of it all being "downhill."

In wiser societies, a huge amount of consideration was placed on a girl's virginity because they knew what would happen when a women's sexuality was left unleashed- it not only would cause ultimate ruin to the women, but the society at large, because a sexually deviant women is a social cancer, causing problems among both men and women. Women were placed in arranged marriages because- hell- let's face it, women are terrible at choosing their partners, as evidenced by 70% marriage failure rate of marriage. The traditional view of marriage held that a women would give her best years of her left to her husband, in return for him taking care of her when she got older. This is the original set up that held families together- a man was also invested not to leave the aging wife despite his steadily maturing sexual capital, as they had kids together and the kids would be very angry at that move.

Women now want it that they get to slut it up first when they are young with all the the sexually exciting alpha bad boys, and then eventually settle down with a boring, economically viable beta. They refuse to see that at that point, there are broken beyond repair. Their sexual histories and memories do not go away after they are married, and those ghosts of the past will haunt her and ruin any stable relationship she could have had in the future.

Sex is never consequence free, especially for women- they think that because they do not get pregnant, that it hasn't affected them. It does affect them- it affects them spiritually by attaching their spirits to their sexual partners, it affects their brains in terms chemicals, plus it sets their sexual triggers- A women who has sex with a bad boy for the first time will cement a bad boy as the trigger for any future sexual arousal- the bad boy will become her sexual ideal.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is how Women Choose Men

Look What I just stumbled on, a great Tom Leykis clip!

Last November I did a time line on this called Dissecting Women's Sexual Currency Value

For all the would be Poindexters out there I also created a thread called Bachelor Links (Foregin Links on top, domestic on the bottom).

As you can see if you stick to the rules of If Flies, Floats or Fucks You Are Better Off Renting It and the rule of if I'm not good enough for you when you were the hot 20 year old, you sure the hell won't be good enough for me when you become the used up 30 plus year old, you will get better value for your buck, enjoy the benefits of younger and hotter women at a fraction of the cost of what a sloppy left over 27 plus American Women would cost you in a long term relationship, marriage and divorce.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How would you like to date a 10?

Before I became a MGTOW Forum member, I was a MGTOW Lurker last year. When lurking on the Forums last year, I remembered one of the more entertaining threads there. MGTOW Member Matt Foley was browsing on the Chateau Heartiste blog last year and in one of his posts he paid special attention to one of the comments a commenter made. It was a great find by Matt Foley, and he started a thread at the MGTOW Forums called How Would You Like to Date a 10?

I would love to rent a smoking hot 10 for an hour of playtime, for a few hundred dollars. When it comes to the attractive 18-24 year old babes I have made a deal with them. I won’t be judgmental with their sexual past as long as I am not tied down to a relationship, marriage and kids are off the table. Meaning my financial liability would get reduced to where I’m not financially liable other than the agreed price for that 1 hour of playtime. As long as that 18-24 year old babe puts on a good show for me for that one particular hour, I’m happy and what she does before that hour together and after that hour together is none of my business because she agreed to waive my long term financial liabilities in exchange for just a couple hundred buck for that particular hour.

For those who wish to engage in a real relationship with a smoking hot 10 rather than renting a smoking hot 10 for an hour here is what you get to look forward to. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Here was the comment made by YaReally wrote which Matt Foley spotted and copied over to the MGTOW Forums

 The constant angry glares coming your way from guys wherever you go because they’re thinking “why is she with HIM? That’s bullshit, she should be with a guy like me…”

-Your friends awkwardly hitting on her whenever you bring her out, because she’s social and friendly and they’ve never talked to a girl that hot before so they’re all constantly vying for her attention, bro code goes way out the window

-Every single male you guys encounter together blatantly trying to flirt with her (not necessarily WELL, but TRYING). From store clerks trying to hit on her while they bag your groceries to cops letting her get off from tickets to bouncers saying “She can come in, but you have to wait in line” etc. Guys giving her free shit left and right. Most of them are all trying to get in “under the radar” and get on her Facebook or whatever just to “be friends”, and as a social girl she’ll often take their offers of friendship because that’s why she’s a 10 with a million friends in the first place. But we all know every single one of those guys is hoping they can sneak her out to hang out with them and fuck her.

-At bars you get huge drunk AMOG guys (groups of them, at times) physically intimidating you and hitting on her and groping her and shit to try to get her away from you, which is fine if you’re a huge dude who wants to get into fights multiple times a night, but if you’re a normal guy you have to learn to deal with these guys allllll night long. Even if you CAN kick their ass, this’ll happen multiple times in a night every single night you go out, so it’s a fool’s errand to go that route unless you want to eventually end up in jail or with serious injuries when after you beat up the first 9 guys the 10th finally lands a hit on you.

-The irony is that she’ll WANT to go out to bars with you. She’ll want to go out with her girlfriends and dance and shit because she’s a 10 so she’s probably in the 20-25 age range and that’s what they do. She’s willfully oblivious to all of this stuff and convinces herself “they’re just being nice” so any jealousy you show will make you look insecure and help throw her into their arms.

-A lot of guys will actually be super nice to you, but again it’s with an ulterior motive of figuring out their competition and sneaking in under the radar, and you can pick up on that vibe pretty quick (ie – that bartender wouldn’t be giving you those shots on the house if you weren’t with this chick, oh and look he poured her an extra one)

-In bars especially but also in daytime, you’ll run into the rich guys who will literally tell the girl they want to fly her to Paris and they’ll pay for it and everything. Like retarded offers that sound made up, but these guys have the money to do that. That’s part of why the value competition of “who has the tightest 6-pack abs and who has the most money” is silly, you will NEVER EVER WIN THAT. Even if you’re better looking and richer than everyone in your city, you’ll go on vacation to LA with your girl and a celebrity will mack on her. This is also why the really hot girls don’t care about that stuff, they’re surrounded by it so they’re looking for a guy with internal value since most of those guys don’t have it since they base their worth externally. This is why you’ll see smokin hot girls with ugly scrubby loser guys and go “wtf is that shit???” Meanwhile now you’re that guy from my first point staring daggers at that scrubby guy, which is what he has to put up with alllll day every day when he’s with her

-In bars guys will SHOWER her with free drinks, shots, etc. because to them if they get her shit-faced they might have a chance to feel her up and get in her pants or rape her

-Super hot girls are used to being able to get away with more drama because no one EVER calls them out on their bullshit, so they’ll test you way more frequently than other girls. They also tend to like drama more because it’s so rare for their world to be unpredictable and scary since everything is handed to them on a silver platter by the world being extremely cautious about daring to offend the princess. So they’ll try to start drama with you just in hopes that they’ll get to feel something other than “being perfect”

-Girls and female friends will constantly insult your girlfriend when she’s not around and behind your guys’ backs and call you shallow and imply that she’s a dumb bimbo etc. etc. just out of jealousy so you have negativity on that side too. God forbid if she’s much younger than you and then you get the pedophile jokes on top of it and the implications that you’re taking advantage of this poor naive innocent girl (doesn’t matter if she’s smart as fuck and has degrees and shit)

-She’ll have male orbiters, hundreds of them, from all walks of life, and a ton of them will be better looking, richer, etc. than you but she’ll consider them all her “friends”. They’re alllllll friend-zoned, but they’ll alllllll still TRY to get in her pants. So she’ll go out on what anyone else would call a “date” with them, but she’ll say they’re just “hanging out”, because hell, she gets a free steak dinner and to drive around in a lambourghini, why wouldn’t she want to go “hang out”? You would too if a girl was offering you that shit. She won’t fuck them, but the pangs of jealousy will eat away at your soul every minute she’s not around you. You could cut her off from all her male friends but then you’ll look insecure and controlling and they’ll all make sure to let her know that about you and try to poison her against you so that she’ll break up with you and they can fuck her

-You have way less bargaining posture over her than you do with an average girl because an average girl has maybe a handful of orbiters and they’re all kind of lame compared to you so you have “hand” in the relationship since you can walk and get another girl. But with this girl, you probably can’t get another one as hot as her very easily since they’re rare to begin with especially if you live in a small town, and she has hundreds of amazing guys all lined up if she wants to pull “hand” and you both know this. As long as you have a solid frame and she sees you as higher value than all those guys, you’re fine, but she’s finely tuned to sniffing out low value in men so if you drop the ball at all, she can move on and not give a single fuck

-On top of it, when you’re NOT around her, you don’t know what she’s up to except that every guy around her is hitting on her constantly and trying to fuck her. So she goes on a “girls night out” with her ladies, where you know they’ll be dressed up hot and get all the attention of the room and she’ll be drinking at a nightclub while you’re sitting at home paranoid that she’s going to get fucked by some other guy…and then she legit falls asleep or something when she gets home and forgets to txt you and your last txt from her was at midnight and said “baby im soooo drnk lol!!” and your mind fills in a million disaster scenarios till you hear from her the next afternoon at which point you worry because you have no idea if she was banging a guy all night and kicked him out or what and you know women lie about that shit…remember, all those guys at the bar are showering her with free drinks to try to fuck her

-Also, all of the guy’s hitting on her stuff still happens even if you’re claiming your space and have your arm around her, holding her hand, she’s holding onto your arm, etc., this will all still happen…especially when guys are drinking. Guys will have entire conversations just with her as if you don’t exist at all, so you have to either barge your way into the conversation and risk looking insecure or ignore her and walk off and hope that she doesn’t run off with that guy

-God forbid if you end up in something really long-term with her and get married and then all of this is compounded by the fact that if she divorces you she gets half your money, kids, etc.

So ya, there’s a lot of bullshit to deal with. Average girls don’t even understand that hot girls have this sort of lifestyle because they get way less attention and perks. And guys who haven’t dated 10s don’t understand what this is like, they just think “naw I’d keep her at home and she’d just be super hot and I’d be in heaven”.

It’s possible to handle these girls, but you have to have absolutely no insecurity (which is where jealousy stems from) and KNOW, 100%, that you are the highest value male she can get…even if that’s not true objectively or based on external things like looks, money, etc. This is very difficult for most guys to do, so most guys who get 10s will fuck it up within a few months because they can’t keep up with the barrage of tests that’ll come their way from her and the rest of the world and as soon as you cave once she knows there’s chinks in your armor and you’re not as high value as you pretended to be.

This is why ultimately game is to help you learn to BE high value, after you fake it for a while. You eventually become it and it’s internalized and you’re no longer faking it, and that’s where you can handle dating a legit 10.

(side note, a girl who’s super hot isn’t necessarily a 10…girls who are super hot but still insecure or low self-esteem (usually these are the super bratty bitchy girls in clubs) aren’t 10s because they only have the looks not the personality. A legit 10 will be smokin hot and cool as fuck and friendly to everyone around her, which is part of what causes all the trouble I listed lol every guy thinks he’s getting Approach Invites and iois lol)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Women Trying to Have the Best of Both Worlds as it Suits Them

At times it can be a challenge for me to come up with new material. After all there are only so many ways you can tell a message. However, an idea did pop into my head. This is to analyze the system back in the 1950’s, the system in the 1960’s 1970’s-present day and how women will attempt to cherry pick the best parts of each system as it suits them while trying to stick men with the worse parts of both systems as it suits them.

Let’s start with the old system, pre 1960’s (system #1)

What Men got

When a man got married he married a young woman in the 18-23 range with a very low sexual partner count
He received home cooked meals, a cleaned house, the mother of children looking after the offspring
In the legal system, it was fault divorce meaning if your wife was having an affair, she would get held accountable for her actions and those men would still get to keep their assets and their kids.

What Women got

They got a financial provider/meal ticket, for herself and her offspring.
Also, she gets to have access to a man’s financial resources during her decline years

To sum this part up I copied and paste a few paragraphs of what Zed wrote in another thread.

Back in 1970 Norman Mailer wrote a book called "Prisoner of Sex" in which he dealt with (in his customary oblique way) the many kinds of power women had over men. He started off by confessing the "firmest of male prejudices - that women had the better half of the deal already."

Through their biological capability to produce children and the caretaking role which naturally arose from that, women were able to demand that men do everything else and hand over the fruits of their labors to women. Men simply had to do the hard and dangerous jobs, and become as successful as they could, because otherwise they had no social identity - they were non-entities.

Men were kept imprisoned in the workforce by a universal system of social pressures mostly designed and enforced by women - even if they often did so indirectly using men as their agents.

Now to System #2 1960’s Model

System #1 was deemed inadequate and slavery by women and tried something new.

What Women got was being able to freely have sex with whoever they want. Hypergamy-the fun exciting 20% of the guys, while ignoring the rest during their youth, didn’t have to cook for men, or clean men’s house.

In other words women get to live life as they see fit, have their own careers and don’t owe men shit.

While up front, it appears women have the better deal but over the course of a lifetime this favors men more favorably. This is because under this system men can freely go live their lives as they see fit as well. Meaning their financial resources isn’t tied down to women and kids. This means he won’t have to work as hard, have more free time for hobbies or another way of putting it free from the shackles of obligations and liabilities.

Under this system women have the better deal when both men and women are in their 20’s. This system substantially favors men when both men and women are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

If women resent beta men so much during their youth that they will end up throwing away the opportunity to have a family and have access to a man’s resources once they are no longer the hot 18-25 year old, this is their choice.

Me personally I’m fine with this because while it certainly sucked in the beginning stages this deal got a whole lot better after the first 5 years or so.

1970’s and beyond system/model #3

Feminists and women came up with a way to give women all of the best parts of each system while giving men the very worst parts of each system.

Meaning here is what women get

Still get to ride the cock carousel in their 20’s with the exciting guys.

Can get married in their 30’s with a beta provider, still have access to a beta man’s financial resources in old age while successfully deny her beta husband her most desirable years.

No longer have to cook, clean the house, can give beta husband a honey do list but still get to spend his hard earned money.

Can freely commit adultery without be held accountable for her actions. Whenever she gets bored of her beta husband she can file a false domestic abuse charge and have him arrested and kicked out of the house, can deny her ex beta husband access to the kids but still receive child support, receive alimony, brainwash the kids to hate their father (ex beta husband), keep the house while her ex beta husband makes the mortgage payments, gets half of ex beta husbands 401 K etc

What do responsible men of society get out of this?

The terms are bail out an ex carousel cock rider who only has at best 10% of her sexual currency value left while the other 20% of the guys got to enjoy the other 90% of her sexual currency value at bargain rates. In terms of marriage, she can get fat eating bon bons all day on the couch watching TV, can nag you to no end, won’t cook, won’t clean the house or do laundry, give you a big honey do list in terms of household chores, can freely tell you how fail to measure up compared to the other guys she got to have fun with in the past, cut off the sex supply, freely spend your hard earn money away and have little or no money and free time for hobbies. Are you then going to divorce her, well she gets half the assets, alimony, half the 401K, if children are involved get to pay child support (possibly on imputed income), if children are involved lose the home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

Obviously a man has got to be clinically insane to come close to accepting the current system that feminists, women and the government are attempting to impose. It’s also too late to receive any benefits from the old system even though women were getting the better half of the deal.

Under the second system of Women Liberation, while women greatly benefited from this during the 18-25 years and it sucked for men during those years, after those years this system greatly benefits men more than women and it’s remarkably amazing women took the bait. Because women will have to pay the piper/consequences for being short sighted in going for this system.

For men under this system the terms them especially once they hit 30 til death will only have to financially support themselves and no one else. This means not having to work longer hours or a more stressful job should they choose. Now these guys will have more free time and money on their hands to engage in hobbies they enjoy doing. Of course this means less stress, no nagging wife no fear of divorce etc.

As women get older their attractiveness goes down, as men get older, their sexual hormone levels decrease as well. These guys’ sex drives become more manageable when they get into their 30’s as opposed to when they were 20. Should the sex drive still be there, rampant internet porn is free, virtual sex technology should get better as the years goes on. What if these guys want to enjoy a sexual experience, there are plenty college age escort babes these guys could sample for $200-300 an hour which is a bargain compared to what married and divorced men have to pay for a rapidly aging wife/ex wife. As these guys get more income, they will be perfectly capable of taking themselves on overseas sex vacations should they decide to do so.

However, women thought they could temporarily have system number two during their 20’s when it benefited them during those years and then change it back to a different system as it suited/benefited them them. Of course a growing number men like myself said no fucking way ladies, you got to take the bad with the good and you don’t get to have it both ways. Although, women wanted system #2 to be temporarily but now that I’m around 30, I’m damn sure to make system #2 permanent. No amount of man up/shaming articles will convince me otherwise.

To conclude, women can do what they want, no big deal. But then I, along with every male on earth, have every right to do whatever we want too. Women want casual irresponsible sex in their 20s and a wallet in their 30s. I don't give a flying fuck. What I know is that I will NOT have it this way -- if a girl spends her youth chasing dick, I am out. And fuck off to anyone who tries to shame me about this.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shot Down In Flames

Lone Trooper from the MGTOW Forums started a thread and wrote a very good writing called Women Don't Owe Men Sex. I liked it so much that I copied and paste it here so this great writing will get more views.

Allot of guys who are friend zoned think women owe them sex because they are nice to them. And doing them a favors helping them in all kinds of ways.
Women say they don’t owe you sex just because you are nice or because you do them a favors.

So just because

You are nice to them
Fix their computers, cars
Spend your time with them
Let them cry on your shoulder, comfort them
Drive them in middle of night to a club because
they are drunk
Help to paint their house
Give them flowers with champagne at birthdays

Women are correct, they don’t owe you shit. Fuck you!

9 out of 10 times, men want to be surrounded by females they want to have sex with. There are exceptions it’s ME. For me it’s 10 out of 10. If I’m not sexually attracted to women I’m not interested in spending time with them.

Bjut njot all mjen are like thaaat . Um yeah right gay men what else um……. damned I ran out of ideas!

So if women don’t owe you shit, why the hell you owe THEM something? You don’t owe women ANYTHING!

Stop being nice for no reason
Don’t do any favors for them like fixing computers or car, let them call a specialist and pay in $$$ for their services
Don’t be their free drivers, let them use taxi
Don’t comfort them when they feel lonely and hurt, it’s not your job

And lastly If you want to be friends with benefits with somebody, say that up front if they don’t agree leave.

Of course real men do as they want to do I’m nobody to tell you what you should do. Do as you wish!

But I must say if you choose path of an asshole, I will thank you because it will make me feel all warm and happy inside!

Because you are making this world a better place by choosing to be an asshole!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Men in the Matrix

Here is an ass kicking youtube video which Stardusk did. I found it through the  MGTOW Forums!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Risk Assessment Analysis is NOT Hate

In the past week, I have read crazy stuff that Men Who Go Their Own Way are bitter, can’t get laid, hate women etc. All which is bullshit! Each man going his own way did a cost benefit analysis and individually came to the conclusion that the benefits going your own way are significantly better than not going your own way.

When I get falsely accused of hating someone and when I think of the word hate, I think it means wishing to commit an act of violence or hoping an act of violence gets committed against someone. This simply is NOT true. I strongly condemn the use of violence against anyone and do NOT wish violence against anyone. At the same time when doing a cost benefit analysis and pointing out the significant costs or drawbacks of NOT going your own way, doesn’t make me or anyone else who goes their own way a hateful person.

When I or someone else discusses drawbacks of say dating, we point to the significant risks. These risks can consist of lying about being on the pill, poking holes in condoms, inserting semen from discarded condoms and thus getting pregnant. The average cost of raising a child is around $250K and according to the book Taken into Custody, the Mother gets full custody of the child 84% of the time. On top of this you can get falsely accused of date rape, simply by having a couple drinks together before having sex “was drunk/intoxicated” therefore unable to give consent or changed her mind after sex in order to attempt to cover up for herself. Also another risk is would be a psycho lady who could be verbally/physically abusive or threaten/accuse one of a false domestic abuse charge. On top of this one may end up spending tons of money on dating jumping through countless number of hoops and endless drama.

When a man individually does a risk assessment and decides the costs/risks of dating far outweigh the benefits of dating, this doesn’t make a man a hateful person. All it means is he decided his life is better off by bailing out of the dating scene.

Of course when we discuss the drawbacks of dating single moms, it’s NOT out of hate but in self preservation.

When men individually decide to boycott the institution of marriage it’s not out of hate but because the costs outweigh the benefits.

These men understand that the divorce rates are at least 50% with 70% of the divorces are initiated by women.

These men understand women can make false domestic abuse claims against decent husbands in order to gain an upper hand in divorce settlements, a decent husband can have his kids ripped away from him at any given moment, wives can commit adultery and are not accountable for their actions, decent men having to pay child support (some cases on inputted income), alimony, have ex-wives brainwash the kids to hate their dads through no fault of their own. Also most divorced men lose their home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

What about the other 50% of the marriages that don’t end divorce? How many of them are truly happy?

How many of those 50% of the marriages are like this?

The terms are bail out an ex carousel cock rider who only has at best 10% of her sexual currency value left while the other 20% of the guys got to enjoy the other 90% of her sexual currency value at bargain rates. In terms of marriage, she can get fat eating bon bons all day on the couch watching TV, can nag you to no end, won’t cook, won’t clean the house or do laundry, give you a big honey do list in terms of household chores, can freely tell you how fail to measure up compared to the other guys she got to have fun with in the past, cut off the sex supply, freely spend your hard earn money away and have little or no money and free time for hobbies. Are you then going to divorce her, well she gets half the assets, alimony, half the 401K, if children are involved get to pay child support (possibly on imputed income), if children are involved lose the home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

So many of the husbands end up hanging on by a thread or two because the cost of divorce is extremely expensive and would lose access to their kids, in order to be able have a meaningful relationship with their kids will put up with tons of shit that they would normally NOT tolerate.

In my opinion there are only a very small percentage of marriages that could truly be happy.

When many men individually read marriage horror stories, they will do a cost benefit analysis of marriage. If the costs far outweigh the benefits, then many men won’t engage in that activity. In simple economic terms if a product or lifestyle costs a ton and gives very little back, the logical thing to do is find substitute products or an alternative life style which lowers the cost and gives more back in terms of quality of life. This is NOT hate but common sense.

When men individually go their own way they come to this realization.

By removing themselves from the dating and marriage market all together, means these guys will only have to financially support themselves and no one else. This means not having to work longer hours or a more stressful job should they choose. Now these guys will have more free time and money on their hands to engage in hobbies they enjoy doing. Of course this means less stress, no nagging wife no fear of divorce etc.

As women get older their attractiveness goes down, as men get older, their sexual hormone levels decrease as well. These guys’ sex drives become more manageable when they get into their 30’s as opposed to when they were 20. Should the sex drive still be there, rampant internet porn is free, virtual sex technology should get better as the years goes on. What if these guys want to enjoy a sexual experience, there are plenty college age escort babes these guys could sample for $200-300 an hour which is a bargain compared to what married and divorced men have to pay for a rapidly aging wife/ex wife. As these guys get more income, they will be perfectly capable of taking themselves on overseas sex vacations should they decide to do so.

When men individually go their own way and compare the results of their risk assessment analysis with other like minded men who go their own way, we could see more patterns, and confirm our risk assessment analysis is consistent with other men’s analysis that went their own way.

Going your way can be logical, better quality life, best option on the table or out of self preservation.

One thing I do know is if men go their way because of their risk assessment analysis they performed it’s NOT because of hate.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My response to GawainsGhost

I tried to publish this comment in Dr.Helen blog in order to respond to GawainsGhost's comment but when I tried to publish the comment. I was unable publish the comment and I got this response in my failed attempt.

Your comment currently includes words that are not allowed.

I have no idea what words were not allowed because I didn't find any swear words or any words which would consider to be hate speech.

So I'm posting my response here and will drop a link in that blog comment section for my response.

Hi Gawain’s Ghost,

Thanks for taking the time to read my 3 part review. I will address the prostitution issue in a minute but first I want to address the other minor issues first.

First off, I’m not in the military and therefore have never been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

“The real and only reason for men not to marry is the problems with the marriage contract and the court system.”

We are in strong agreement here that the divorce court system plays a HUGE issue in guys NOT wanting to marry.

In fact in part 2 of the three part review I went off big time on Divorce industry corruption

Here is one of my paragraphs I wrote from part 2 of the review on “Men On Strike”

When I have read books such as From Courtship to Courtroom, Taken into Custody, have been exposed to many Divorce Stories through the internet. I can’t help but think that any society, which allows women to make false domestic abuse claims against decent husbands in order to gain an upper hand in divorce settlements, a decent husband can have his kids ripped away from him at any given moment, wives can commit adultery and are not accountable for their actions, decent men having to pay child support (some cases on inputted income), alimony, have ex-wives brainwash the kids to hate their dads through no fault of their own, I come to the point where I believe these types of societies deserve to collapse.

Thridly, I glad to see we eye to eye about there can be no successful Men’s Rights Movement until Men’s issues become Women’s issues.

Now we are not going to see eye to eye on the issue of prostitution. I’m in no way associated with any MRA or MRM groups, I’m simply one man who is going his own way and calling it the way he sees it and those who read my blog can take it or leave it. I’m perfectly fine not seeing eye to eye with anyone. If my blog just helped persuade a small handful of guys to NOT get married, then I would consider my blog to be a huge success.

Being a man who is going my own way I could care less whether you or anyone else in society calls guys who go visit prostitutes losers.

I am responding to present the other side to the lurkers reading Dr. Smith’s blog to why visiting prostitutes for some guys is a very rational option. 

For the lurkers who aren’t quite satisfied with my response, I highly recommend reading this article.

First it’s very rare that an honest paying client will ever get threatened or charged with a false rape accusation which is especially a danger to college age men which Dr. Smith addressed in her college strike chapter.

Sex workers very rarely will lie about being on the pill, poke holes in condoms, or grab a tossed out condom out of a trash can insert that sperm inside of her.

Also, they are much easier to get rid of, don’t have to worry about being nailed with a false abuse accusation or have to have some crazy woman going off on you verbally or physically.

Most importantly honest sex workers gives guys more options which means having more leverage. If a guy who doesn’t care about what society thinks about him and knows for $200 he can go to nice Asian Massage parlor and have an hour of playtime with a cute Asian lady in her 20’s or get a nice hour of playtime with a attractive college age escort babe for an hour for $200-$250, he has something call leverage.

This means the pressure will be put on the average American Women to present a better deal to this guy in the equation of time, value, and money that beats $200-$250. If they can’t they will be left in the dust at least by these guys.

You also, have 20% of the guys sleeping with 75% of the ladies in their sexual prime. Which means a high majority of guys didn’t get the benefits of having women in their prime.

Let’s take a look at Silicon Valley! There are many techies which you just called losers in your post who are now their 30’s making 6 figure digits. When they were in their 20’s they weren’t successful with women.

Now let’s say they are making $100K a year. Let’s say once a week for $250 for 50 weeks = $12,500 and takes one nice overseas sex vacation for $3,500. In essence these guys would have spent $16K on having sex with very attractive college age ladies. In other words 16% of his income. On top of this these guys will have more free time on their hands to engage in hobbies they enjoy doing. Even better since they get have sex with hot college age babes, this means they don’t have to fork out big bucks on an expensive car or designer clothing which otherwise they would have had no interest in acquiring if they were NOT trying to impress women.

No compare this to 27 year old plus old women who have had her fun and are now ready to settle for Mr. Nice responsible guy

The terms are bail out an ex carousel cock rider who only has at best 10% of her sexual currency value left while the other 20% of the guys got to enjoy the other 90% of her sexual currency value at bargain rates. In terms of marriage, she can get fat eating bon bons all day on the couch watching TV, can nag you to no end, can freely tell you how fail to measure up compared to the other guys she got to have fun with in the past, cut off the sex supply, have little or no money and free time for hobbies. Are you then going to divorce her, well she gets half the assets, alimony, half the 401K, if children are involved get to pay child support (possibly on inputed income), if children are involved lose the home while still getting make the mortgage payments while at the same time trying to pay rent for a small apartment.

If you decide to be a good husband, she may very cheat on you because you are too nice and boring. Once she gets bored of you, she can make a false abuse allegation claim to get you kicked out of your house, you get pay yours and her attorney fees, lose your home but still get to make the mortgage payments, while paying monthly rent for a new place, lose half of your 401K, alimony, child support, and this ex wife may very well brain wash the kids against you.

Now the techies have leverage with these women. Now they can say look ladies you better give me your prime years and see to it that the divorce industry gets reformed or you are getting to be an old age unmarried spinster or a poor single Mom with no man’s resources looking after you in old age.

Having prostitution as an option for guys gives them more leverage with women and I don’t see these guys being losers in any way even if you and rest of society labels these guys as losers.