Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Set of Rules Only, Cherry Picking Won't Be Tolerated!

I wasn't panning on blogging in another post tonight, but my fellow MGTOW Members over on the MGTOW Forums have been on fire lately.

Today there is another big thread called Fellow member mentions us

It's a thread which is certainly worth reading but there was a comment made by MGTOW Member Spoon who discusses how society has one set of rules for women and one set of rules for men. It's a post which certainly needs more attention instead of it being lost in the shuffle (Spoon's post is on Page #2)

In fact I discussed this topic in the blog entry Women Trying to Have the Best of Both Worlds as it Suits Them

In fact I copied and paste comments which MGTOW members Disgruntled Gentlemen and Zed discussed this in a different thread which made my previous blog entry called Half Patriarchy and Double Standards

The post which MGTOW member Spoon made does an excellent job hammering this message through. I do like the way Spoon presented it, so it's definitely worth copying over

So here it is!

Society gets the men it deserves. There is no reason to carry patriarchial burdens when society does not give you patriarchial privileges. That is inane. You are defining yourself by how you serve society. That is to say, women. There is no reason to "handle it." That is servitude. You'll play the 1950s breadwinner in a world where it isn't unlikely that your housewife will use the courts to take everything you've worked for, seperate you from your children and general tear your life apart.

But at least you're a "real man." A real man doesn't take a different road when his usual route gets landmined. He just sacks up, puts his fingers in his ears and goes lalalalalala and keeps walking, right? That's stupid. Playing the traditional man in a world where equality is engineered and enforced by the government means you are carrying all the traditional burdens and the feminist burdens while gaining none of the traditional benefits or feminist benefits.

No dice. I'm only playing by one set of rules. Either I'm the white knight and she gets back in the fucking kitchen or we're equal and she deserves no female privileges whatsoever. Since society at large seems to have chosen equality + traditional privileges for women, I'm making my own set of rules to protect my own best interests.

Families are now just a woman and her kids. The man is a superfluous second parent who can be removed at any time. He is only valued for the money he provides. = Don't start a family

Marriage is now nothing but a system for transfering wealth from men to women = Don't marry

Co-habitation means that after two years the government considers us legally married = Don't co-habitate

You can be forced to pay child support to single mothers you date = Don't date single mothers

You can be forced to pay child support to children that are fraudulantly presented as yours = Always demand a paternity test no matter what

These are solutions to real risks.

MGTOW has a name not because we need a support group to live our lives but because it is a growing and developing phenomenon that we are a part of and want to discuss. It's an organic movement. It's simply developing naturally out of the current social conditions. We don't recruit. Many guys on the BB forum have said that they've never heard of it but find themselves living it already anyway. That's how we all were until we stumbled upon the online communities that gave it a name and discusses it.