Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Treating Women Like Any Dangerous Drug

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum

Looking at all of the stories of divorce and how it messes up the lives of men, I've drawn a certain correlation. Think of someone who's addicted to meth, crack, cocaine, heroin, or some other addicting drug. The person will do just about anything to get that drug, they will ruin their finances, lie and cheat friends and family, and often end up homeless.

A man in a serious relationship to the point where a woman moves in with them for a long enough period of time, can have symptoms VERY similar to that of a junkie, only worse. How is it worse, you might ask?

A person that eventually quits a dangerous drug might still have cravings, but once they've kicked the habit, the drug does no further damage. A man who gets divorced, often pays for child support, alimony, etc., long after he quits "cold turkey." The junkie, once they start to rehabilitate themselves, also get support, sympathy, and encouragement.

The divorced man ( except on sites like this ) get nothing of the sort from society, though that man is also very damaged, and went through a life destroying event. In fact, he's often ridiculed, and blamed for the divorce. For instance, him cheating makes him an unfaithful jerk, her cheating makes him someone who neglected his wife.

Also much like drugs, different people can have a stronger or weaker tolerance to women. There are some who can kick a woman to the curb the moment they get uppity, to those ( like myself ), who at least at one time were completely susceptible to women, and behave very much like an addict.

An addict to the point, that we have to ghost in and come back to sites like these to continue to reaffirm our choices, much like an alcoholic has to go to AA even after they've stopped drinking decades ago. Some have found the best way is to minimize contact with this addictive substance called woman, so we don't become something worse than an addict, a mangina.

Don't forget, even though we are all men going our own ways, in some ways we are all in this together. If forums like this save a few of us here and there, it's well worth having. Just remember to treat women like you would any other dangerous drug.