Sunday, April 11, 2010

60% of American Wives Cheat on Their Husbands Part 6

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This appeared in the Dear Abby column in 2007

today's Dear Abby...


DEAR ABBY: I am a middle-aged woman, currently married to a wonderful man I'll call Ron. I was married once before to a man I'll call Hank, with whom I had two daughters. When my daughters were little, I grew restless and had several affairs. I fell in love with one of the men -- Ron.
When Hank discovered my infidelity, he committed suicide. About a year and a half later, Ron and I married.

My eldest daughter is now 15, and she has asked me the reason for her father's suicide. I want my daughter and I to have an honest relationship. Should I tell her? -- UNFAITHFUL IN MICHIGAN

DEAR UNFAITHFUL: People in their right minds do not kill themselves because a spouse is unfaithful. Apparently your former husband had other issues, including depression. I recommend that you tell your daughter that her father committed suicide because he battled depression and lost. From my perspective, it's the truth.

Nemo writes


It's one thing to intellectually realize that women have no sense of honor or logic. Whatever a woman "feels" IS true to her because her brain is just wired that way.

It's still a shock to realize that women are SO freaking narcissistic that a wife can rationalize away the suicide of her husband after she got got with another man as HIS mental illness ...

... and that she'll lie about it to her own daughter ...

... with the BLESSING and SUPPORT of her fellow women.

The life of a husband really is worth less to a wife than the life of her pet dog.

Supreme2010 writes
I think its safe to assume that the husband committed suicide because hew as depressed....


Not with just one but several men at that...and she married the last one?

WOW! What a sad situation; her kids are obviously not aware of their mom's cheating ways. But I guarantee you that they will find out as they get older.

People [family members, close friends] LOVE to tell what they know. and you know somebody is just dying to tell the girl her dad was depressed about her mom fuckin every dick she could find.

Supreme2010 also writes
ALSO, notice this bitch says I WANT MY DAUGHTER AND I TO HAVE AN HONEST RELATIONSHIP.....then why are you asking Dear Abby for advice?

This is the typical bullshit that women hide behind. If you want to be honest, then be honest, if you don't, THEN DON'T. Its obvious she doesn't want her daughter to think less of her BUT YOU WANT TO BE HONEST and its obvious she has no intentions of telling about her affairs BUT YOU WANT TO BE HONEST.

Women pull this kind of crap in relationships all the time. Its called SUPER SELECTIVE BULLSHIT. If you do a little digging, i.e., asking certain questions without letting stuff go and just accepting what they tell you, eventually, you will find out what you need to know.

Tariq expounded on this in one of his radio shows and it is soooo on point, fellas. He calls it:
Half-Truths Women Tell

Prodigal Son writes


I can totally believe this and British women aren't any better, as soon as things don't go the way they want they're looking for a quick way out but with the option of taking at least half of what the man has with them and blaming him for all the problems too. I know from personal experience that it's hard to find a good and decent woman now which is a shame, a very rich uncle of mine though he'd found the perfect wife who gave him two beautiful daughers in quick succesion but she quickly got "bored" and he was the one who suffered most of all because she now lives in what was his mansion whilst he's stuck paying child support and complaining that he got it all wrong, have told him that he's learned a lesson and should sort himself out because no woman's worth crying over. I'm proud to say that at 22 years old I've never even entertained the idea of being with a woman, have saw enough to put me off for life and it's good to see this man open his eyes to the way things works and at long last enjoy life without sucking up to women.

Best wishes,
~ Blair