Sunday, April 11, 2010

Divorce Industry Corruption Part 3

Robert J. Norton writes

he "Divorce and Domestic Violence INDUSTRY" is out of control and ruining the lives of millions of parents and children daily. It has been scientifically proven that when both parents have equal custody rights children do enormously better by all twenty six different measures. Equal rights and custody must be mandated by law unless there is real proof of harm to a child in front of a jury! The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to a jury trial for anything over $20 and when your family, home and all future income is at state your get in front of an ignorant family court judge with an agenda: extract money for the state and his lawyer pals from the couple by taking advantage of human nature and abuse of laws.

The divorce system has now evolved into nothing but a cash cow and power machine for lawyer$, judge$ and other government bureaucrats. This system hurts families and children every day for its own convenience and profit totally ignoring the fundamental rights granted by the U.S. Constitution. It is now an ILLEGAL kangaroo court more often than not. These people have lost touch with "We the people . .".

Family courts today are not a solution for divorcing parents, but a hindrance to the process and very harmful to children and families. Unfortunately this is a simple scientific and statistical fact - NOT AN OPINION. Over 80% of custody awards are for sole custody and this has been proven the absolute WORST arrangement for children - yet it is the easiest and most profitable for lawyers and the states. Therefore it is a fact that divorce courts today are destroying millions of children's chances of growing up normal. In fact the chance of divorce of a child later in life goes up 93% when raised in a sole-custody home.

What most people don't know this books gets out there:
1. States get BILLIONS in federal tax dollars (we pay) in incentives to separate children from their parents
2. Lawyers pour gasoline on the fire intentionally to drive up legal fees and soak the estates of divorcing couples (this is conspiracy and fraud)
3. Equal parenting time is almost never awarded and fought by lawyers and others who make LOTS of money off of CREATING nasty divorces
4. Domestic violence laws are used as weapons and even lawyers admit most are bogus. One expert says 95% should not be issued. These destroy parents, children and families at a rate of 1 million per year in the U.S. alone. THAT'S MORE THAN 3,000 FAMILIES PER DAY!!!!

Get this book and buy 5 extra for gifts. This will be a major scandal when the public understands the inner workings of our divorce and domestic violence industry.

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qulteresq "quilteresq" writes

This book is not only well researched and written, Steven Baskerville has done an excellent job of comparing today's family courts shenanigans to the courts of totalitarian states and dictators. In doing so, he makes a compelling case for the proposition that the abuses of family courts in this country - widely ignored by mainstream media - signal the beginning of the end of all of our constitutional freedoms.

As an attorney that has frequently represented fathers in the family court system, I've seen first hand that everything he talks about in this book is true. Judges simply don't care about the constitution any more because the political clout of the feminists has either convinced them that either all men are really evil or the consequences of being fair to men in court will result in a backlash from this well organized, federally funded womens' rights advocates. The fundamental nature of parental rights in this country has been completely ignored not only by trial courts, but has actually been held in New Hampshire to be non-existent in the case of non-custodial parents. It's far too late to convince the judiciary that the what they are doing is undermining freedom itself. We need to convince legislators that they must take back the broad discretion they permit judges in all family law matters. They must write laws that mandate to the court that they cannot simply ignore parental rights simply because the parents, often through no fault of their own, no longer live with the mothers of their chidren.

Buy two copies of this book - one for yourself and one for a family law legislator in your state. And if you've been hurt by the family court system in your state, commit to writing to legislators to change the laws, show up at hearings on the legislation, and tell them first hand what harm separating children from parents has done to your family. Give them a copy of the book to put into the legislative record as well. It's time to stop hurting children using the fallacy that the courts are "protecting" them.

JL "JL" (NV) writes

With this timely book, Stephen Baskerville remains at the forefront of the single greatest violation of civil rights in 50 years: The for-profit and willful destruction of the American family. Baskerville has exposed the ideological link between failed Soviet policy of the 20's and 30's and American Marxist-style gender feminism's assault on the family by way of no-fault divorce, presumption of male guilt, the loss of each and every fundamental Constitutional right for male litigants, and the secret-court nature of Family Court.

How is this taking place? Oppressive, unconstitutional, inescapable trilateral force is daily imposed by corrupted legislatures writing laws specifically for shoddy trial lawyers and hateful gender feminists and then counting on massive federal financial aid and kickbacks to all 50 states to support the result, partly under the guise of "welfare reform".

The result is as intended: Everything from accusation-for-profit, false accusations constituting the sum and substance of revenge litigation, entire urban landscapes populated with generation after generation of single-parent welfare dependents, and to sum it all up, the most dysfunctional group of maladjusted children in the nation, those who are themselves emotional victims of an utterly fraudulent "best-interest" policy enacted by jury-less Courts that tear their families apart.

Government always profits by creating dependents and by creating criminals. To be a father in America is to risk being made a criminal for no reason and to be a mother or fatherless child is to risk being made a dependent. Because it pays.

Naturally, the divorce and custody industry calls all this the fault of families themselves, refusing to admit the horrific impact their own designed incentives. Even as all statistics point to the very results of their designs, they beg ignorance of their obvious handiwork. That handiwork permeates in one fashion or another federal welfare, federal domestic violence statutes, TANF, the DHHS, civil licensing and personal records, all local social services and DA's family support divisions, legislatures, local courts, and ultimately whether or not each and every parent in America will be allowed to continue to parent.

The solution? A nationwide presumption of joint parenting, due process for every litigant regardless of gender, and the abolition of the unconstitutional Family Court. FC judges have run roughshod over the Constitution long enough. These tyrants and their enabling counterparts in the lawyer ranks, in legislatures, and in social services are a monopoly of abusers beholden to a failed ideology so corrupt it was already abandoned by the Soviet Union eighty years ago after they tried it and failed.

Every parent in the country of minor children should read this book. Not knowing the corrupt rules of the family law/divorce industry cesspool is a very dangerous status to possess. The sad irony is that even as bad family law ruins the social fabric of this country for the profit of the multi-billion dollar divorce and custody industry, people are seeing through this holocaust and simply electing to never marry or have children. That unintended result may just be what saves us all.

Jimmy Plevick (Aus)

This is the book that had to be written on the divorce racket. For anyone who has woken up one day and found his children have been stolen, his assets plundered, and himself now a potential criminal because of it, this explains how and why.
It is a salutary lesson on the importance of not paying too much heed to what passes for political discourse these days too.
"Family Law" is a very boring issue that usually sends those not involved, running for cover. However they too should have an interest in this book; it highlights how divorce and anti-family courts are merely stalking horses for the state and its flunkeys to further encroach into the private lives of citizens.
Indispensable; a must read. For outsiders, it will evoke disbelief.

Lewis Moore writes

Baskerville demonstrates repeatedly how families are destroyed by the delegation of authority to the social workers, psychologists, and often "activist" judges of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. This transfer of "family" cases to a bureaucracy -- whose individual members have plenty to gain by stigmatizing fathers as "deadbeats and "abusers" -- allows divorce lawyers to routinely contrive abuse allegations, depriving fathers of contact with their children and frequently getting them jailed for perjured accusations of abuse.

The widespread adoption of "no-fault" divorce in states formerly requring "grounds" for divorce has opened the door for mothers to "trash" the father of her children, alienate them from him, and to enrich herself in the process. Baskerville documents many cases of fathers who are blindsided by groundless divorce filings and are denied their constitutional rights by the entrenched bias of the "Family" Court. (Mothers 189, Fathers 0 -- in Arlington County, Virginia)

As a divorced father who considers himself a Liberal, this book gave me surprising new insight into the political and social process that led to the destruction of families by County apparatchiks. Baskerville gives some thoughtful remedies for this tragedy, but the road is a long one...
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