Sunday, April 11, 2010

Divorce Industry Corruption Part 2

J. Ehrlich "I took back custody" writes

"Had I not gone through the divorce system, I would have never believed what was written in this book.

It is very scary that in America, with no-fault divorce and no wrong even being alleged, that the government can strip a parent of custody. Criminals have a higher burden of proof and the right to a jury trial; fit, loving parents don't. The precident this sets from a legal standpoint should scare every American who cares about our country.

Most important, he shows that children are suffering at the hands of our judicial system. The "best interest of the child" is nothing more than a subjective slogan to plunder dads who have done nothing wrong and care about their children. I hope every judicial officer in the country reads this book.

In America, the opinion of a custody evaluator is almost never challenged, and if it is, seldom overturned. If you want to hear the bizarre reasons dads are stripped of custody, join a father's right's group. You'll be shocked. Pull the court files and you'll find that what they tell you is true.

We need a presumption of joint physical custody NOW. Divorce will decline, there will be less abuse, children won't be put in the middle.

The mean-spirited advocates who want to label men as all bad will diss this book, no doubt, but this book is spot on."

Bookman "BookMan writes

This book is a must read for not only victims of the family courts (both 'Winners and Losers') but also anyone living in this great country of ours. It describes, in rational, well-thought out, objective terms a government controlled and funded 'system' which rapes good and loving parents both emotionally and financially. Baskerville does this with a significant flair for literature and more importantly with complete backing of research and prior studies all of which are appropriately foot-noted.

This country, and many which are based on our system, need this book, need the right people exposed to this book and need it badly. The government has basically taken on the role of patriarch and done so to the exclusion of loving parents - this has had disastrous results and if not stopped by our immediate actions will have even more disastrous results in the not so distant future.

Even if you have an intact family - Baskerville makes it clear that you are largely fooled (or perhaps brainwashed) that this family is actually yours, because lurking just behind the governmental guise of 'the best interest' the government is waiting to swoop down, take your children and your money and do with them whatever they see fit. It sounds like paranoia, but please be aware, this is happening on a daily basis in this country - go sit in on a family court for a full day - you will leave shocked and dismayed that we call these procedures 'court-room justice.' All the government needs is a little catalyst - someone just needs to say 'no-fault divorce.'

Buy this book! Read it thoroughly and pass the word on.

T. Simon "Father" Writes

About the only thing the feminist/Bar Association alliance for exploiting children for hate and profit can't seem to control is Stephen Baskerville shining the light of truth on what they are doing to our children and families. It's illegal, it's corrupt, it's extortion, it's child abuse, and it preys upon innocent citizens and their children.

Besides everyone, who specifically should read this book and why:

Young men, so that if they are still dumb enough to marry or have children they will have nobody to blame for their eventual loss of freedom, children, savings, and income but themselves.

Children of divorce, to understand why their father is/was "absent" all those years, what sorts of things their mother did to get rid of him, and how it was virtually impossible for their father to be there and help them.

Divorced mothers, to understand what suckers you are for damaging your children just because some special interest groups offered you some easy money and a selfish feeling of power and control over your children's father(s).

Fathers and those who care about them. Whether you have had your children taken from you (yet) or not, and whether you have read Baskerville in the past or not, this is the most thorough yet concise description of how your government violates your rights and forces abuse upon your children as a routine matter of course.

Government employees of all stripes, assuming you have not yet sold your soul to the child abuse alliance of Bar Associations and feminists.

People truly concerned with the well-being of children, preserving family, or salvaging liberty in America before it is too late, as Baskerville outlines the workings of the most extreme threat to children, family, society, and civil rights at least since slavery. Stop wasting your time on relatively trivial matters and face the enemy where it is doing the most damage.

Feminists. Are you a disillusioned useful idiot for your leaders, or do you truly believe in abusing children to promote a proven failed ideology. Matriarchy, Communism, and hatred towards members of certain groups are proven failures - get over it. Read this book, then decide.

Bar Association members. The jig is up, the word is out, you are profiting from violating fundamental rights and abusing children. Surely there are enough of you who oppose what your constituents are doing to children and families to get together and put a stop to it before your organization goes down in the annals of history alongside tyrannical despots like Hitler. At least Hitler was crazy, your organization is just greedy. Are you part of the problem or the solution.

Anybody who wants to understand why we have had an explosion of social pathologies over the last few decades, especially involving children.

People in the media. Stop peddling the PC party line that everybody knows is nonsense and start reporting on government corruption like you are supposed to be doing.

Anybody who has lost a child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or other relative to the corruption of family law. That includes those who have lost a son, brother, uncle, or FATHER targeted for extortion through the exploitation of his children by the corrupt family law machine.

Dr. G. "Dr. G." Writes

I have known Stephen Baskerville and his work for years. I am pleased and proud to review this important work by one of the United States leading scholars.

"Destroy the family, and you destroy society." (V. I. Lenin)

No-fault divorce was invented by the Bolsheviks in 1918. The Bolsheviks destroyed the old bourgeois notions of the family and the home, and recreated an allegiance to the government. The United States began a social experiment with no-fault divorce with California's passage of the Family Act of 1969.

The term no-fault divorce is misleading. Rather than no-fault divorce, what we have is unilateral divorce. No-fault divorce is the dissolution of a marriage, upon petition to the court by either party, without the requirement of fault on either party. Either party may request, and receive, the dissolution of the marriage, despite the objections of the other party. Marriage is a contract, and no-fault divorce allows either party to breach the contract without penalty. There is no legal defense against a petition for dissolution of a marriage under no-fault divorce.

The radical swing from 100% fault-based divorce to 100% unilateral non-binding marriage is a failed social experiment. It is today's equivalent of Prohibition. Over 50% of all first marriages end in divorce. The statistics for subsequent marriages are even worse. More than half of all these marriages that end in divorce involve children. Whether these are contested divorces or not, the family court will control the careers, incomes, wealth, debts, and lives of these mothers, fathers, and children until the children are between 18 and 21 years of age.

According to the Americans for Divorce Reform, as the divorce rate soared, so did the number of children involved in divorce. Since in 1972, over one million American children every year have seen their parents divorce. There are over 40 million non-custodial parents and over 50 million children of divorce.

There is much discussion about the protection of marriage, and President Bush proposed a marriage amendment to the Constitution. While this is admirable, it will not protect the institution of marriage until we end our failed social experiment with Bolshevik no-fault divorce. The unintended consequence of prohibition was the rise of organized crime. The (unintended?) consequence of unilateral divorce is the achievement of Lenin's goal, the destruction of the family.

Attorneys, who were elected to their state's legislature, or to the Congress, wrote most of today's divorce laws. When one becomes an attorney, one becomes a member of the Judicial Branch of government. The separation of powers doctrine of the Constitution prohibits a member of the Judicial Branch from also being a member of the Legislative Branch. These attorneys were successful in creating a complex network of laws that guaranteed their involvement in our lives.

In 2004, the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court declared that marriage was no longer an institution in that state. She pointed out that over two-thirds of all litigation in Michigan was divorce related.

The Democratic Party has been the major proponent of laws and programs that continue the destruction of the family and the demonization of the male. They have gone so far as to promote misandry (hatred of men) in the United States as a form of political correctness. The Republican Party is moving in the direction of the Democratic Party as it courts the female vote. As the Republican Party strives to redefine itself, it moves in the direction of the Democrats and is becoming the "other" big government party. The viability of third parties in the United States is extremely limited, although the Libertarians have succeeded in electing some state and local officials in the Mid-West.

Perhaps the most glaring and blatantly unconstitutional example of misandry is VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), in all of its forms. Democrats Biden, Kennedy, Clinton, and other fellow travelers pushed VAWA through the Congress. Baiden is now pushing for I-VAWA.

Leftists perpetuate the myth of the "Deadbeat Dad" for political gain, although research discredited this myth. Ironically, it is non-custodial Mothers with the worst child support payment record. Research shows that over 75% of the non-payers have no income, are disabled, or are incarcerated. This is despite the fact that academic and government research proved that child support vastly exceeds the cost of raising a child.

Our adversarial legal system feeds upon the conflict that is inherent in divorce. The children pay for the conflict and the lawyers profit from it. We cannot protect our children until we end the Communist's no-fault divorce and take the profit out of divorce.

Dr. Baskerville's books is a must read for all citizens, male and female, married, unmarried, or divorced.

Stephen J. Van Osdell "tabsaw" writes

It is about time that a book like this was published! Ever wonder why things happen the way they do in family courts across the country? Wonder why the custody of children usually always goes to the parent with the lowest income? Why custody always goes to the mother unless she voluntarily gives it up or is in prison? Why fathers can't seem to get more than about 35% physical time with their kids when both parents are fit and live close together?

Common sense and wisdom would dictate that, with all other things being about equal, the parent with an income significantly higher than the other would be better able to provide for and raise a child following a divorce - especially considering how expensive it is these days with the rising cost of college tuition, clothes, food, and extracurricular activities. But, then whey is it that it seems that the parent with the highest income is always the one made to pay outrageous sums to money to the parent with the lower income? And the courts will unabashedly tell us that a 'child must be maintained in a standard of living he/she would have enjoyed had the divorce not happened'. Please!

All too often, we run around examining individual cases in disbelief and outrage at the way father's are methodically ostracized and demonized in today's culture without searched for doing a 'root cause' analysis. This is similar to finding an apple tree and trying to determine why just about each apple we pick is poison and trying to determine this on an apple by apple basis. We MUST stop analyzing the apples and start looking at the tree trunk and its roots! THERE is where we will find the problem!

The poison is the TITLE IV-D and IV-E sections of our Social Security Law! It can be found by going to this link
It is United State Code (USC) Title 42 Chapter 7 SubChapter IV. You MUST read all the sections of these laws in their entirety and you will then begin to understand how every state in the union is PROFITING big time on the backs of parents going through divorce. They are profiting so big that if divorces stopped tomorrow, their state budgets would be in the RED big time!

And NO mainstream media outlet will TOUCH this! The so-called conservative big-mouths like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage will talk all day long about Hillary's 'SChip' program for child medical care (which is another joke), but they won't dare talk about what is already in place and is ruining this country from the inside. Most mainstream radio stations won't even let organizations purchase time on their stations to try to expose it! This is how well-kept the dirty secret is!

This book exposes this dirty secret, but I wish it would have gone into even more detail about it. For low level details, the best website I have found is This person has done extensive research thru Freedom of Information Acts (FOIA) requests and has the 'goods' on them!

Hopefully, this book will serve as the catalyst that has been needed for so long that will finally expose the corruption in this nation's family courts and how the judges are ALL in on the profiteering! It is truly disgusting what is being allowed (and indeed approved) to happen in this country.

In 2006, Ohio collected 2.1 BILLION dollars in child support and spousal support payments! Because of this, they were able to obtain approximately an additional BILLION dollars from the Federal Government in incentives and block grants that can go into the GENERAL FUND! Basically, for every dollar the state claims as an enforcement expense, the Feds give them back $2. If you were told that for every dollar you spend remodeling your house, the government would give you back $2, can you imagine the remodeling that would start tomorrow??

Richard K. Stephens "Historian" writes

This is going to sound like hyperbole, but let me assure you that the following opinion is in actuality a deeply informed one: This is perhaps the most important book ever to be published about the Western Family. "Taken Into Custody" is the most thorough examination of the Anti-Family Movement's enormously successful (and very heavily funded) efforts to "replace" the natural family with a simulacrum of "the extended family" in the form of a big business/big government bureaucratic "village" that will "scientifically" raise "all of our children" (as their slogans boast). We can be sure that every serious advocate of the idea that the natural family must be destroyed (such as Professor Linda Gordon of New York University) will read the book -- and devote substantial resources to attack its truths -- but the big question is whether the various existing strands of "pro family" movement will read it, will wake up and will begin to do something substantial to win back the Constitution's protections for family life and family love. If this Pro-Family revival does not soon occur, we are going to have to brace ourselves for further erosions of the Constitution by the growing monstrous blob (that we might as well dub "Big Sibling")