Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meltdown Part 1

I am currently browsing through Mirror of the Soul's archives, looking for a few MGTOW entries which I had in mind, and I stumbled into this one.

I had a career chick have a meltdown on me the other day at the office while I was spinning in my big executive chair contemplating world domination and hoping to buy Wall Street for the price of cheap cognac.

She was really quite nasty and angry at the whole world and somehow I was the target for her frustration, which I informed her boss to never let her out of his sight again because it is not my responsibility for her miserable life.

The masquerade is really over as I am starting to see. Such women can't even fake happiness or joy anymore as a manner of public decorum - and worse - they try to steal your real joy and happiness! Everybody has to be miserable like them, and they hate those that aren't. It is a matter of their own self-hatred of themselves that they project on others.

I guess it is justified as the societal engineers of the Anglosphere tried to turn them into men and against men in a power move to foster their dependency on the state, and like an experiment gone horribly wrong, these women are the living result of it.

Of course, the corollary is men have been made to operate like women, in which has only promoted confusion among them as well. The modern man is to be effeminate and docile, which adds little comfort to the modern woman as she is more masculine than he.

The Real Man (TM), being defined by the modern woman as chivalrous - meaning such a man must cater to the woman's worldview and passing whims - is a figment of her imagination, a dream of mythological proportion to be confined to romance novels which she fantasizes about during her office hours.

So with this symphony of confusion all described above, we find the root cause of the modern woman's wrath.

Men, being confused as well, accept the chivalrous man as the definition of a Real Man(TM) - since men think the woman is the default moral compass - "If woman says it, it must be right and true". Thus, we see such men with a self-masochistic endeavor to bear all this implosion and wrath from the modern woman on themselves...and they are welcome to enjoy this whirlwind of chaos from these women - while I and many others simply sit back and watch the meltdown...preferably from an undisclosed location outside the Anglosphere to avoid severe radioactive contamination.

On the other hand, everybody has a choice - men and women, in whether to follow the societal engineers' "recommendations" for a gender neutral society or not. The system can only last as long as those who believe it in.

Choices now dictate the future, and choices past dictate the present. Hence, that is where the modern woman is found, an epitome of bad choices which can't effectively be blamed on anybody or anything else - how so ever she might try.

She'll scream the cliche "No Good Men Left" or demand "commitment" and "responsibility" from men at large, but men don't care anymore, they've tuned out, dropped out, and tuned in to better things that benefit themselves.

Such modern women are best left to meltdown, completely and finally, as there is no need to get involved in something of this magnitude - as it would destroy you in the process.

Here is another one on this subject matter.

I had another career chick I know have a meltdown on me this week, but at least she knew the root cause, and I quote from her nice little monologue to me:

"I hate feminism, I hate our society... look at our don't know how to be men and women don't know how to be women, everybody hates is all so messed up. I'm 35, I hate my job, I hate the people I work with, I have no boyfriend, no kids...I'm going to die old and alone."

After this monologue, she broke down crying...for a long a little girl - here she is crying before me - manifesting 40+ years of feminism?, or equality? or strength? or independence?

Her failure is complete...checkmated by the reality of her situation.

Yet, not just her, but I suppose many other women are going through the same thing - the writing on the wall is here - cats, loneliness, and bitterness...not necessarily in that order either. It could get very nasty...take cover.

Then, there are women approaching their 30's, they also see the writing on the wall, but interestingly enough, are actually folding under pressure from the marriage strike - wide spread and growing each and every day.

For example, there is this other woman I know, very close to her 30's, who does not even bring up marriage with men because she already knows men will not be suckered into that anymore. She is desperate to just have a man to call her boyfriend, and the possibility to have children. The reality check is this woman is very attractive, not the usual fat cow moaning as we always hear about in the Anglosphere. It seems all the suckers have dried up. The fact that women - and all types at that - are starting to realize marriage is dead on arrival, is an interesting sort of shift I have noticed.

Now, yet even a third woman, that does hang out with me regularly - she also realizes marriage is dead on arrival with men - on one hand she does annoy me often because I have a very productive life pursuing my personal endeavors and she tends to cause the masculine experience (me) to meet the feminine temperament (her), but I'd rather just take the masculine experience, and pass on the rest of that line - but on the other hand she cooks pretty good and she is fun for sex. Indeed, those used to be the two things women were taught to keep men happy - full stomach and empty seemed to make both the man and the woman happy...obviously, feminism and its alleged drive for equality of the sexes has not.