Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meltdown Part 3

Here is yet another one

I went out during the day to get some things done, I usually go at night to do stuff or very early in the morning as to avoid the crowds, so it was quite telling to what I saw. I noticed that American women are quite angry at the world or something, from the young woman clerk at the store who found out a degree in some social science or women's studies gets you a $6.50 an hour job and about $20,000 or more in debt all the way to the old bitter woman in her 40's slaving away in Corporate America are finding life is quite miserable.

I feel the hate swelling within them...

But it's cool with me, let them be miserable, angry, and disgusted with life. They won't ruin my day, I will smile and be polite, if they take out their anger and misery about life on me with nasty looks and unprofessional conduct, then I will send a complaint to their boss or company and be quite the little pest pursuing my complaint until these angry American women are disciplined or fired. I've done it before, and I'll do it again and again. I don't get mad, I get even. They will be disciplined as brute beasts should be, until they know how to conduct themselves properly and orderly in my great and awesome presence.

Take no shit from American women. Put them on notice every time they act like absolute retards.

Here is yet another one

I was at lunch with this one career chick I know pretty well from my daily business interactions. As I was looking over the menu, she started complaining about her life - no man in it, how she is getting old, wants kids, how her last boyfriend was lazy and just sponged off her, etc. During lunch, and being the ever-resourceful one, I explained to her about feminism and how it has caused a generation of men not to really give a crap about life or productivity in general, to stay at home with mom and dad, play video games, expat elsewhere, and the whole marriage/divorce sham that royally screws men over, etc., and of course, after she finally accepted my analysis of the current situation with men in American society due to the effects of feminism, she said "Well, it sucks to be me."

Yep, it sure does...and you have to pay half of the bill - no free lunches from me.