Thursday, April 8, 2010

Has Feminism Freed Men? Part 2

Hbb writes


Feminism has freed me of the ball and chain of marriage. I can do anything that I want.

Feminism was designed by ugly bitches that no one wanted.


21stcenturymale writes

Yeap, it has freed me from marriage and long term relationship. I think more and more men can take care themselves better than women. For most women in industrialized countries, their biggest asset is their vagina.

Christopherinoregon writes

It wasn't the intention of feminists to free men, but irony of ironies, that's exactly what it did. That is, if a man is wise enough to simply walk away.

Works for me.

Christopher in Oregon

Nemo writes

It has always astonished me that women thought that they could simply redefine the terms of marriage to suit themselves with no regard at all to what men wanted.

This worked for a while for two reasons. Men who had already married were stuck - they married under the laws of the 1950s and 1960s and then divorced under the laws of the 1970s, '80s, '90s, or 21st century. The other reason is that it took a while for men to unlearn the lies that they had been taught by experiencing what women are REALLY like.

Now that it's becoming conventional wisdom that marriage sucks for men, feminists are up the creek with no paddle. They can't resurrect conventional marriage without disowning feminism. They can't live off of the carcasses of murdered marriages indefinitely because ex-husbands eventually die and the alimony checks stop.

Women are slowly realizing that men mean it when they say they will never marry, and they hate the idea of TRUE equality of the genders, where women have no direct claim on the money of men. On an equal economic playing field, women lose directly to men. If government tilts the field in favor of women, everybody loses because men quit working and either play with their X-boxes all day or make just enough to support their own lifestyles, which are much cheaper than a married man's lifestyle.

Women can't expect a McMansion, private school for the kids, college tuition for the kids, etc. anymore. Men don't want to pay for kids if they never get to even see them, much less raise them.

Christopher in Oregon writes

I always love it when the pro-marriage pundits say that "married men earn more than single men."


They HAVE to earn more.


As a single guy, I earn enough to make myself happy, and need not work any harder than I want to.

Christopher in Oregon

Longshot39 says

Exactly so christopher from oregon. A wife will nag you into working 60+ hours a week, and you WILL work those hours, just to get away from the nagging. Then when a nice nest egg is built up, she'll divorce you, take half of what you earn, and you'll STILL have to work 60+ hours a week just to survive. It's even worse than a debtors prison, it's ENSLAVEMENT for men. I'll pass thanks.

Mdb9195 writes

Another pro-marriage pundit trick is trotting out some polls or surveys that indicate that "married men are happier than single men". Of course, they don't make any distinction between never-married bachelors and divorced men within the "single men".

I suspect that if they did make that distinction they wouldn't get the answers that they're looking for (but that most of us on this forum already know).

MarkyMark writes

“It wasn't the intention of feminists to free men, but irony of ironies, that's exactly what it did. That is, if a man is wise enough to simply walk away.

Works for me.

Christopher in Oregon”

Works for me too; works for me too. Bwaaaahahahahahaha! You stupid bitches!