Friday, April 9, 2010

Average Cost of Raising a Child in the United States and Women Who Lie to Get Pregnant


Every newborn child is a bundle of joy. But you better have a bundle of cash on hand if you want to raise one.

For 2004, the newest data available, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that families making $70,200 a year or more will spend a whopping $269,520 to raise a child from birth through age 17. Higher-income families in urban areas in the West spend the most, $284,460.

The moral of the story is if your going to screw around in the West, get a vasectomy. Make sure to use your condoms and not her condoms and dispose them in the toilet and flush it down when your done using it. Never trust a woman who says she is on birth control especially, women in their late 20's 30's and early 40's.

superbad writes

her dream home... $250k. her SUV... $50k. her first child... $270k. her second child $270k. banging her while she is young and then letting someone else MARRY her... priceless. $840k at $40 per hour... 10 years of work NOT including expenses. sorry... i prefer to live in Never Never Gonna-Get-Married Land. signed, PP

shameless writes

I agree 100%, get fixed. Sure it stings a little, but there's no feeling like sex without fear. Having a child would be FAR more painful. If you wanna detach completely from the lying whorebags, well that works too. In fact that method has proven 100% reliable for the prevention of pregnancy and STDs.

Birth control is as reliable as the woman who uses it, and even if she uses it responsibly (fat chance), nothing is ever absolute.

PS: Superbad, I know of this never-never-gonna-get-married land of which you speak, it is a wonderful place indeed