Saturday, April 10, 2010

American Automakers and Women

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


Ever since the 1970's the quality of American cars has declined, and ever since the 1970's the quality of American women has declined as well. American automakers sold whatever they made paying little attention to quality and value. What were American men going to do? Complain? Yeah right. American automakers dominated the whole US auto market for a century and American men had no alternatives. You got what you bought and you liked it. American men got a raw deal. Not only on American cars, but on American women. Just like the American automakers dominance of the US auto market, American women dominated the US relationship market for men. You got what you could find and you liked it. Another raw deal for American men.

However, in the early 1980's, foreign automakers set up shop and started cranking out cars. These foreign cars had better quality and value. American automakers now had to compete, and weren't used to competition. Being arrogant and haughty, they still thought American men would suck it up and keep buying crap American cars. They were very wrong. American men bought foreign cars and tons of them. The rest is history. American automakers are either on the verge of bankruptcy or owned by a foreign entity these days.

Similarly, American women continued to be arrogant and haughty, thinking American men would suck it up and keep pursuing American women, no matter how crappy these American women were. American women were very wrong. Foreign marriages among American men are on the rise, and showing a continuing trend - so much so the US government is passing laws to make it difficult for American men to marry foreign women - we call that protectionism in terms of usually has short term benefits but long term disasters. Men will just pick up and move altogether. Like the American automakers, American women are owned by foreign women in areas of respect, courtesy, and manners toward men, and American women are bankrupt morally, culturally, and spiritually. Why buy American - cars or women?

Discuss among yourselves:

In recent attempts to salvage any profit from their cars, American automakers have offered ridiculous incentives to attract consumers to buy them. Is this not similar to American women wearing ridiculously slutty attire to attract any man (or woman) to them?