Friday, April 9, 2010

Superbad's Marriage All for the Nookie Part 9

my cathartic thread continues...

the unknown

i was pondering after reading of Marcus Aurelius's return. i have lived two decades with women like he met. that tends to put a damper on my willingness to put up with women's bullshit. ironically, women changed, unbeknownst to me, while i dated. although i had great girlfriends i never married. why? i put my future first. i viewed my value (career, weight lifting, etc) as rising and i like having options. why buy what you can get free? here is the $50,000 question for guys wanting to marry. or should i say $500,000 question, because that's what kids and a divorce might cost.. and a token of what marriage will cost, all said and done. that question is: what will the female suppy/demand and laws be like in 20+ years? forget what is here now. many of my friends were f**ked over by thinking the woman they met and the laws governing a contract they signed were static. they are not... the world is dynamic. the horrible thing about signing a contract "for life" is that "shit happens" along the way. and it might not be her... it might be you. a guy at 20 might view himself as poor. "why not marry?" but a decade later he might start a business and make a fortune. he might come home to a nag. he might want to nail the 20 YO secretary. we know how men and women have lived in the past but it is apparent that it is likely not to be that way in the future. you may find a pretty and sweet girl today and WANT to marry her. i've been there. but give it a decade... or two. do you trust women? do you trust "The State"? i DO NOT. marriage is like signing up for the military... someone owns your ass. as far as i am concerned MARRIAGE is signing a deal with the devil.