Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ghosts in the Machine

Thread at Happy Bachelors Forum


Being single is very nice, it doesn't matter to me if I work or not. I have no family to support, no wife to nag me, or complain about me, or divorce me so that I lose all my money and assets via the Anglosphere Matriarchy. Heck, I will move back home with mom and dad - and they would love it too.

I have no responsibility except to myself and those I decide to bring into my presence of greatness.

Oh wow, can you hear it? I can hear it. You hear those women from the ranks of conservatives, liberals, religious peoples, even feminists, or what not from the Anglosphere Matriarchy in the back saying:

"How dare you not take responsibility for us!"

"You are a man!"

"You are suppose to be a gear in the machine of life serving us and our agenda!"

Shut up biatches!

I am a ghost in the machine of life. I move freely about and how I wish.

Scares you doesn't?

You can't catch a ghost, you only see the effects of it.

Makes you miserable there woman, why you are still single, 30+, and no prospects in site.

Makes you angry there woman, why you are still in your corporate zombie job with no man in site to rescue you.

Makes you depressed there woman, that you will grow old with a cat.

Yeah, you women are just seeing the effects of the ghosts in the machine of life - millions of us single men.

And it spooks you really bad - and you know it.

Oh, and you married and chivalrous men throughout the Anglosphere Matriarchy:

Work as gears in the corporate machine and upholding the title of "salary man" and keeping your wives up to par with the neighbors. Some single man is starting his own consultant firm and will be hired by your corporation at three times the rate they pay you.

Work as wage slaves expending your entire life to support your wives and kids, which can be taken from you at a moment's notice by your wives' command, and then have your wives take you for everything you have. Some single man is taking the money and running into the expat boat.

Work as the rest of masses do, serving the agenda of women and what they want. Another single man has just become a ghost in the machine.

And just what do you plan to do, married and chivalrous men?

Get angry?

Get jealous?

Do something constructive maybe?

No, you want to kill the messenger, live in your delusions, and propagate the matriarchy even more!

Hahahaha...but you forget...I am a ghost in the machine. You only see the effects of me, and the effects of the millions of other single men like me. There is nothing you can do.

Keep preaching for single men to marry washed up career chicks and be responsible...the ghosts are laughing at you.

Keep shaming single men as being selfish when they do things in their best interest...the ghosts aren't listening.

Keep telling single men it is there responsibility to uphold the matriarchal society known as the Anglosphere that is anti-male and doesn't give a crap about them...the ghosts are rebuilding their lives elsewhere.

Women, married men, and chivalrous men throughout the Anglosphere, will see their own agenda collapse upon them.

However, in the meantime, single men are ascending into power in the Anglosphere and also elsewhere around the world, and giving these groups a real haunting they cannot stop.