Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 41

Part 41

I'm now on the chapter what men can do.

Someone once compared the male brain to a series of interlocking rooms, whose doors
open easily and link one interior to the next; while the mind of a woman is like an
enormous cavern, where thoughts and feelings flit around and carom off one another in a
chaos of haphazard patterns. This is the difference between logic and emotion. Male logic
builds cities and dreams up inventions-it gets things done. But a man's intellect is always
a slave to his sex drive. A surge of testosterone can leave even a genius an emotional
cripple. This is the tragic flaw which has ruined lives and emptied bank accounts, because
men always live at the mercy of female sexual power.

It is absolutely vital that men learn to triumph over the domination of their natural urges.
As hard as this may be and it will be the most difficult test ever put to any man-it is the
only way to break the back of female sexual tyranny. Women innately understand how to
use men, how to bully them into becoming crawling pawns who will do anything, pay
anything for the chance to touch their bodies. A woman's sole reason for existence, and
the source of her power and self-esteem, is between her legs.

Men, the only way to reclaim your manhood and to vanquish female oppression forever
is to stop paying for pussy. Now. You don't need to go to Mars or Venus or look for
wives overseas; you don't need to learn to "communicate"; you don't need to run naked
through the woods banging on a drum. All of this is just pandering to women, and
granting them more power over your thinking, because you are still playing the game by
their rules. If you truly want women to act like normal human beings, if you want to
participate in decent, honest relationships, or if you want to once again enjoy being in the
company of females, just stop groveling before them. Your obedience is their power base,
and once the power base is destroyed, so will their arrogance and greed.