Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 39

Part 39

This chapter is called "What Women Can Do"

An old fairy tale tells the story of a hapless woman who lived in misery and squalor in a
wretched hovel. One day a wizard happened to be traveling past, and hearing the
woman's moans of despair, took pity on her. With a wave of his magic wand, he
transformed the but into a pleasant cottage. The woman was overjoyed.
A few weeks went by and the wizard was once again passing along, and he decided to
stop to see how the woman was faring. He found her complaining bitterly-the cottage was
too small; it was drafty when the wind blew; and mice had gotten in. So the wizard
waved his wand again and instantly changed the cottage into a house with a fireplace for
warmth and a cat to chase away the rodents. Once again, the woman was delighted.
Some time went by and the wizard returned, only to find the woman grumbling and
cursing. The house wasn't pretty enough; the fireplace was too hot; the cat demanded too
much of her attention. So the wizard remodeled the house into a mansion, and again came
back for a visit. The woman was still complaining-the place was too big, to hard to keep
clean, and the servants were lazy.

So the wizard changed the mansion back into a hovel. The story is a metaphor for female
behavior. Women always want what they don't have (or what some other woman has),
and soon as they get it, they don't want it anymore. They want something better. And they
expect a man to make it magically appear through no effort of their own. A hundred years
ago, before the so-called "equal rights" movement, before women began to demand men's
jobs, society was able to permit such a juvenile, self-serving philosophy. Men went off to
work to put food on the table; women stayed home. But the world has changed. As this
book has so clearly demonstrated, contemporary women want it both ways: they want to
fulfill their potential, to make it in a "man's world", to have interesting careers and earn
nice salaries, yet they still expect men to pay for them and take care of all their needs.
But it just won't work that way anymore, girls. You think you still have it made, flirting
with men to con free drinks, luring men with the promise of sex to take you to expensive
restaurants, arrogantly counting on the power of your vaginas to secure a lifestyle you
couldn't possibly afford yourself. You want to spend your money on clothes and
pampering yourself at trendy salons, not on theater or plane tickets. Those you can fuck
for, and then pretend you haven't. Your natural female hubris blinds you into assuming
that you will always be able to control men with your bodies.

But the tide is quickly-and inexorably-turning. As women demand more equality, male
eyes are being opened. Men are beginning to ask for freedom from oppression as well,
freedom from the tyranny of Pussy Power. Men are waking up and clearly seeing the
dishonest sexual marketplace which women have created, and they aren't willing to put
up with it anymore. So they are asking women where their money is, and they aren't
backing down when women try to belittle them as "cheap". They are insisting on sharing
dating expenses, even if sex is assumed, because lovemaking should be a shared pleasure,
and courtship should not be a whore john relationship. If a woman insists that a man pay
for her, then he expects her to fulfill her side of the contract.

Men and women are fundamentally different, and it is to their best advantage to meet
each other somewhere in the middle. But it would not be too far-fetched to observe that
women seem to view the gap between the genders as an unbridgeable chasm, carved out
by a river of testosterone. So males will always be "pigs" and "jerks" and "dirty old men".
If only they could become "sensitive" and metamorphize into women with penises! But
this attitude is kept alive because women see sex as a tool, not as a natural act. Even
though men are frustrated by women's hormonal thinking and parasitic ways, not one of
them would ever dream of wanting a female to change her gender or to be anything less
than a woman. Men view the gap between the sexes as akin to the invisible line which
separates two countries-the language and customs may seem odd, but the inhabitants are
still human beings sharing the same common desires and disappointments, hopes and
fears. This point of view defines what men really want from women: that they be honestabout
themselves, about their sexuality, about their relations with the opposite gender.
This is what a man means when he says, "All I want is a nice girl who doesn't act like a
cunt". What he really wants, in the end, is a woman who will be a friend as well as a
lover, a woman in whom he can discover partnership and trust; not a self-centered bitch
who cares only about how much money he has to spend on her.

This is why, when it comes to romance, women are slitting their own throats, because
whoring is the greatest obstacle to true love. This is why the divorce rate is soaring in this
country, and why men are traveling to Russia and the Philippines to look for brides,
because they hope to find genuinely nice women there, not power cunts. This is why men
and women have had such difficulties in relating to one another.

Male-female problems have spawned an entirely new industry of self-help and advice
books, from the incurably inane "women who love too much" themes of the 1980's, to
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, to The Rules (which is nothing but a
primer on dishonest prostitution)4. Such efforts would be unnecessary if women would
simply start acting like human beings. Women, if you are attracting abusive or uncaring
men, this is entirely your fault. You are choosing these lovers, more than likely for
monetary gain. If you want a fun, positive, healthy relationship, start looking for
character, not cash. If you want money, earn your own.

It has been said that money doesn't change people, it reveals them, and when women
depersonalize men into success objects, when they rate men (and accept or reject them as
mates) according to their earning power, not only do they reveal their own pathetic
shallowness, but they set themselves up to be objectified as well. If a woman judges a
man by the thickness of his wallet, then she shouldn't be surprised if he rates her by the
size of her breasts. And if she acts like a whore, how can she be shocked when she's
treated like one?