Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 38

Part 38

We used to go this bar, and one of the guys in our group was Nick. Nick was a real party
boy, but stupid-he'd spy a pretty girl and send a drink over to her, and of course she
wouldn't even thank him. He had a good consulting job, but he would throw money
around to attract women, and he got laid a lot, but pretty soon he was in the hole pretty
deeply. So he borrowed some money and got out of that, and then he met this real
knockout. They started going out and Nick, knowing that he had no choice but to buy her,
started spending and spending, buying her jewelry and taking her on trips.
Then they got engaged. She wanted a new car, so he gave her money to help her with that,
but it was just too much of a drain. They'd been living together and one night he
confessed to her that he was over his head financially and they were going to have to cut
back. He had made the fatal mistake of thinking that she was in love with him, instead of
with his money. The next morning she was gone-car, diamond ring, everything she could
The next time I saw him, he looked crushed, like somebody had hit him over the head
with a club. But part of it was his fault. He understood that you have to buy love, but he
didn't realize that love only stays as long as the money holds out.

This guy I went to college with married the popular cheerleader-type girl, and he became
pretty successful pretty quickly, and they had a couple of kids, and a house in the suburbs,
the whole shot. Then he got hit by a car, and got banged up really badly. So badly that he
had to quit work and recuperate for a long time. His wife divorced him immediately,
wouldn't let the kids see him, and cleaned him out financially. When she heard about the
accident, her first comment was, "Oh great. Now I'll never be able to get into the golf

Dave is probably the nicest guy I've ever met. He really wanted to get married, so he was
looking around, and finally he got set up on a blind date with Anne. They hit it off and
pretty soon they're talking about marriage. And she was just a sexual animal, anything he
wanted, and she's telling him that a man and wife should pool their money and save for
the future-all the things a guy wants to hear.
So finally they get married and take off for the honeymoon. But she won't have sex with
him on the wedding night. He asks her what's going on and she tells him that she hates
sex and she only did it with him before so he'd marry her. And for the rest of the trip, it's
buy me this and buy me that. They move into an apartment, and every day she's
screaming at him to make more money because she wants a house, and he works out a
plan to put their paychecks together and start saving. Sorry, she says, you're the man,
you're supposed to provide for everything. So he's paying his bills and her bills, and she's
spending her money on clothes and gourmet food and going on ski trips with her
girlfriends. And all the time she's ragging at him to get a better job.
So finally, he's so stressed out that he's having heart palpitations and the doctor gives him
a prescription for medication, but he's so broke that he can't afford it. So he asks Anne for
money for the medicine, and she says, "Sorry. That's your problem".

Women lie. Women use sex to get money from men. Women are spoiled brats. Women
care only about themselves.

I know this guy who was killing himself on the job so his wife wouldn't have to work,
and at the same time he was building a big addition on his house and putting in a pool-all
by himself. She never lifted a finger. One day she told him that she was divorcing him
because she was bored. She wound up getting the house and most of his cash, and he had
to move in with his parents.

I had just started a small business, so money was tight. It was hell trying to get a date,
because the first words out of every woman's mouth was, "Do you have a house?", or
"What kind of car do you drive?". Potential to them was meaningless-all they cared about
was what I was wearing on my back. That's when I learned that without cash, you do not
get women. As soon as they found out I wasn't rolling in it, they were gone.
Finally, I ran into a woman who seemed very nice and down-to-earth. I told her that I was
just starting a business and she said, "Oh, I don't care about money-I've got my own
money". Well, pretty soon I found out that she thought I was playing things down-that I
had more money than I was letting on. She was even quizzing my friends about my
finances! But I was telling her the truth. All of a sudden she stopped returning my phone
calls, and later I found out that she had actually checked my credit report.