Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 37

Part 37

My friend Steve is pretty well loaded, so when he decided it was time to get married, he
was already tired of all the gold diggers and users, and he was looking for a girl-nextdoor
type who wanted to have a family. So he found jenny, who was a librarian, and
they'd have long, interesting talks together, and he found himself really liking her, so
after a while, he popped the question.
So they got married, and the sex got real indifferent real fast. Jenny decided she was tired
of the library, so she quit, and made Steve join a country club, so she would have
something to do during the day. Then she wanted some plastic surgery done on her mouth.
Then she told him that she wanted a bigger house, so they bought a lot and arranged to
have one built. So he's running his own company and still trying to oversee the
construction, and all of a sudden she's complaining that he's neglecting her because he's
working too much.
Finally, they moved into the new house, decorated it with expensive furniture and a few
months later Steve came home to find the BMW gone, the furniture gone, and several
bank accounts cleaned out. Later, he got a phone call from Oregon. It was jenny telling
him that she was tired of him and she'd gone west to "find herself."
So much for the girl-next-door. So much for true love.

I was at a party and I started talking to a woman, and every other word out of her mouth
was money, money, money. I like nice cars, I like to travel to nice places. Yawn. Another
money bitch. So when she asked what I did, I told her I was unemployed. You should
have seen the look on her face-it looked like I said I just raped your grandmother. Within
a minute she was "going to the bathroom". Now, I am not unemployed. I'm vice president
of a big computer company and do pretty well. About half an hour later, this woman is
back, all coy and smiles. "You lied to me," she said. "I know who you work for." And
then she asked me out. I told her, "Sorry, I don't date whores." And I got the look again.
She didn't get it! What a bitch! I wasn't good enough to talk to when I didn't have a job,
but as soon as she finds out I'm doing well, she wants to go out with me. Fuck her!

I know a woman who has absolutely nothing going for her. She's dumb, average-looking,
doesn't keep herself in shape, can't hold down a five-dollar-an-hour job, and she's not
even a nice person-she's basically a greedy bitch. And yet she is actively looking for a
rich man to take care of her. She will not even talk to a man who has a blue-collar job,
and she rates men by their clothes and by what kind of car they drive. What can she
possibly be thinking? Why would any man with the brains or the talent to make the kind
of money she wants even want to know her? She has nothing to offer.
Of course these men shun her like the plague. So whenever she gets desperate for male
company or a free meal, she sticks out her tits and snares some sap who will be her
"friend", which means that she will use him to drive her places and buy her food while
she's waiting for a doctor to discover her.

What arrogance! Don't these people even have a conscience? They all think that men are
there just to pay for them.

I started talking to a woman and within about five minutes she asked me what I did for a
living. I told her I was a waiter, and she said, "Oh, forget it," and walked away.