Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 26

Part 26

I'm now moving into the chapter "I am woman here me whore (the failure of feminism)"

By the unscrupulous exploitation of the male sexual urge, women have controlled the
world since recorded time: the history of the human race has been written in menstrual
blood. By convincing men that they are weak and needy of protection, women ship
men off to squander their lives on foreign battlefields while they stay safe--from harm
and luxuriate in the homes their partners have paid for. By conditioning men to be
dependent on a sexual reward, women manipulate them to endure soul-destroying toil
to "bring home the bacon". Men are psychologically poisoned to feel guilty and sinful
about their natural lust, and brainwashed to rejoice like heroes when they pay for their
mates. Women dominate the male gender. A man can spend years striving to build a
lucrative career, but it takes a woman only half an hour to perfume herself and slink
into a curve-hugging dress and she can gain access to all his earnings. Men spend long
hours in universities to prepare themselves for success; women spend the afternoon in
the gym and at the make-up counter. All women-from the purring sex kitten to the
most remorseless power bitch-want to be taken care of by a man.

Women live in a fantasy world of magical thinking. "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be"
is their pastel philosophy. This is the passive reality of a taker. As we have seen, women
whores, albeit dishonest whores, deliberately leeching off men and then denying their
prostitution. It is in this climate of personal deception that the feminist movement has
gained an uneasy momentum in the latter half of the twentieth century, masquerading as
an ideology whose goal is to promote equality between the sexes. But this, as with all
female affairs, is a lie. just as women are dishonest prostitutes, so they are equally
dishonest feminists. Women may campaign for gender equity, but they don't want to pay
the price which such an equality demands. In fact, it doesn't even occur to them. They
still cling to their age-old scam of being bought and pampered like courtesans, while at
the same time clamoring for the very jobs which men need in order to be able to pay for
their bodies. They want their cake and eat it, too. They want equal rights until the check

Feminism is a failed social movement because at its root is not a genuine desire for social
change, but an insatiable and grasping avarice. Its legacy is a generation of lonely women
out of sync with their inborn natures. The honest, natural woman (if she ever existed in
our unhealthy society) has become a casualty of the sexual revolution. Feminism is a
philosophy eroded by greed and homogenized by self-deceit; a credo of glaring
inconsistencies and wanton hypocrisy. Women want to eat their cake-and gluttonously at
that-but they insist on someone else baking it for them and giving it to them without