Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 25

Part 25

"A woman's entire goal is to lure a man in and control him with sex. It's a carrot on a
stick to get what she wants."

"I'll tell you how bad it is out there. Every time I meet a woman, within five minutes she's
dragging out a questionnaire, like I'm applying for a job just talking to her. Do you own a
house, what kind of car do you have, things like that. All it is is, they're trying to find out
how much money you have. So finally I got fed up with it and I said to one of them, `Let
me see those tits of yours to see if they're big enough for me'. She was shocked-she didn't
get it. It's unbelievable. They're so used to hooking, and to thinking only of their own
welfare, that they don't even realize how mercenary they are."

"I ran into a friend from college I hadn't seen in years. He was a stud back then, and it
looked like he still had it. He told me he'd never gotten married, and I asked him why. He
said he was looking for a really nice, cute, girl-next-door who wasn't looking for a guy as
a meal ticket. I said, `Oh. That explains it. You'll be single forever."'

"Women bitch about men, blame all their problems on men, steal men's money-and then
they wonder why men don't want to make a commitment. I don't want to stick my head in
a noose, either."

"Any woman who says let's be friends first (before sex) has deep psychological problems
with men. Run. Fast."

"People kind of snicker when they see a much older guy out with a woman young enough
to be his daughter. Like he bought her. But this is the way all women are-the ones with
the age difference are just more obvious."

"When I was younger (and more foolish) I used to believe in `Some Enchanted Evening'.
Then I got a little experience under my belt and woke up to the real world. The truth is,
some enchanted evening you'll see a stranger across a crowded room and she'll come over
and start quizzing you about how much money you make."

"Women-if you don't want to feel you owe a man sex after he buys you dinner, then split
the cost. You can't have it both ways."

"Women are forever bitching about how men don't communicate. But dealing with them
is a constant guessing game. They never say anything directly and they expect you to
read their minds. This is communication? Then they blame men for not being able to
open up. It's pretty hard to get a dialogue going when you ask, `What's wrong?', and the
answer is, "Nothing'. And then she gets mad when you can't figure it out by ESP If you
have something to say, say it. Don't blame your failure to communicate on me."

"Here's the female mentality: they want what they can't have, and as soon as they get it,
they don't want it anymore. Then they blame men for the whole situation."

"Wake up guys! We have to stop pandering to these broads!"

"A female friend of mine was telling me that men and women shouldn't have sex before
marriage. This is absurd, of course, and ignorant. But then women use sex to trap men, so
if they hold out, they force men to marry them. So we're supposed to shell out hundreds
and hundreds of dollars to take a woman out and not even get laid? What a scam!"

"Once in a while I browse though the personal ads in the paper. They're a riot, because
it's pure female greed. 'Looking for a successful man who knows how to treat me like a
lady'-translation: a guy with bucks who will spend it on me. There was one I saw that was
just unbelievably rude. She wanted the "three M's": marriage, mansion, and a maid. What
are these women thinking? How could they possibly get so arrogant?"

"I know a woman who continually uses men. She dangles her sexuality (sticks her tits out)
so that she can get free meals. She has absolutely no conscience. And what she usually
does is have them take her to nice restaurants, and she orders three or four big items from
the menu. Then she says she's not hungry, and takes the food home in a doggie bag.
That's her dinner for the week. Then as soon as the men start making sexual moves, she
dumps them."

"All women should be required to watch porno films before they start dating. For
technique and proper attitude toward sex. They should learn how to please men. If we're
going to pay for it, the least they can do is be good at it."

"Women are incredible abusers of men."

"I know these two women, both married, who answer personal ads and let the suckers
take them out to expensive restaurants. Then they say thanks but it just didn't work out
and they're on to the next victim. They brag about it. They should be in jail."

"meet the right guy, fireworks will go off, or an angel will ring bells-the sort of crap you
see on stupid sitcoms."

"I see these ads for diamonds-you know, tell her you'd marry her all over again. It's like
maintenance fees on a condo."

"What women really want is to find a guy with cash and steer him like a car."

"As soon as you say, `I do', they say `I don't'."

"The problem is, there are too many men out there who are either brainwashed by women,
or just willing to go along with the program. Sort of `Well, what can you do, that's the
way it is'. As long as men pay for pussy, women will keep using and abusing us."

"No matter what they say, all women have a hidden agenda. You can be just friends with
a girl and split the bill, but the minute that friendship were to cross the line over into sex,
she'll start demanding payment and you alone will be expected to pick up the check.
Women always require money for sex."

"Women treat you like shit. They just aren't decent people anymore. All they care about
is themselves. They couldn't care less about you or your feelings."

"Women use movies and TV to gauge their relationships. They have incredibly
unrealistic expectations. Like, when I meet the right guy, fireworks will go off, or an
angel will ring bells-the sort of crap you see on stupid sitcoms."