Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 24

Part 24

Here is Man on the Street

"All I want is to meet a nice girl who doesn't act like a cunt."
"Women aren't whores? Just try asking one to split the cost of dating! She'll dump you in
a New York second. Let's call a spade a spade-all they care about is how much money
you spend on them."

"When a woman says that all the good ones are taken, she means the guys with the right
job, the right car, the right haircut, the right clothes. But have these babes ever wondered
why they're alone? The guys with the right stuff aren't picking them."

"There's nothing more ugly than a greedy woman."

"When it comes to romance, a nice guy will finish dead last. That's why I see some guys
who are really good people, who start treating women like shit because they're tired of
getting turned down. The second they're abusive to women, these girls are all over them.
Women are sick."

"Dating is about fucking. It's mating . Women have to dress it up with champagne and
flowers, but hat's what it is. It's fucking."

"A man's dating prospects directly parallel his ability to earn money."

"Women don't care about romance. They don't care about love. What they care about is
cash and they want it now. They don't care if you have potential, they don't care if you're
the nicest guy in the world. When my parents got married, they didn't have a dime. Not
any more. Women are pathetic."

"Run a test sometime. Ask a woman out to dinner and when the check comes, tell her
you're a believer in equal rights, so she should pay her half of the bill. Believe me, you'll
never see her again. And I guarantee, if you had asked her during the meal what she
found attractive in a man, she'd say, `I've never cared about money, I look for personality'.
But if you don't pay for her, you're not worth spending time with, because you're setting
the rules up that you won't be buying her anything. A woman can't stand it if she can't use
If you're rolling in dough, and she knows it, she might put up with you because your cash
is just too attractive to let you slide by. She wants to get her hands on it. Otherwise,
you're history."

"Women are spoiled brats."

"Here's the way it's set up. Women are in control of relationships because they have
sexual power-the power to say yes or no. They know that men want sex above all else, so
they know that they're in control-unless he rapes her, a guy has to go along with what she
says. So women make us pander to them. We have to be romantic, kiss their asses, cuddle
guys don't want to put up with all this bullshit, it's female stuff. Guys just want to fuck.
But women make them do all this so they won't feel `used' sexually, when in reality it's
the woman who's the real user-she forces the guy to play her head games so she can feel
okay about having sex. Like if he cuddles her, then she's not really selling her body to
him, which she always is, every time he gets stuck picking up the check. It's all crap."

"Dating is whitewashed prostitution."

"If women don't get what they want, which is usually `take me here, take me there, buy
me this', they'll stop giving you sex until you give in."

"If you don't do exactly what they want to do, go exactly where they want to go-and pay
for it on top of it-they pout and cut off the sex."

"I lost all respect for women after I had worked really hard to buy a new car, and I was
feeling really proud of it, and I went to pick up this girl for a first date and she said, `This
is your car?', like it was some kind of rusted-out junker or something. It was a new car! It
was a nice car. And she had a 5 year-old Civic sitting in the driveway."

"I was at a nightclub and I was listening to the conversation three women were having.,
They were drooling over the bartender-he was a young stud. Then one of them said, `But
he's just a bartender'. In other words, not enough money to be worth their time.
Now I happen to know this bartender, and he comes from a very wealthy family, and his
father owns the nightclub. This guy is going to be worth millions. It just shows you how
venal and short-sighted women are. They didn't want to know anything about him as a
person-they were physically attracted to him, which is natural, but as soon as they
thought he was poor, they lost interest. Women are stupid."

"want to make a commitment. I don't want to stick my head in a noose, either."

"A friend of mine was out on a second date with a woman. He was down because he'd
just lost his job that day, and they were having a good time, so he was feeling pretty
cheered up and optimistic. Then he told her that he'd lost his job and she excused herself
and went to the bathroom. She never came back."

"Sex should be like the salad bar at a restaurant. You pay once and come back as many
times as you want."

"What happened to love and laughter and fun and romance? Unless you pull up in BMW,
you'll be stuck at home strangling the python."

"Romance is dead. Women stabbed it in the heart."

"A real woman is one who is genuinely nice, who likes the company of men, who enjoys
sex for its own sake, and who pays her own way. I'd do anything for a woman like that."