Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 23

Part 23

This next subchapter is called "Why Chicks Dig Jerks"

The human condition promotes learning through trial and error; it is a fatiguing and often
frustrating means of education. Women are excellent teachers of the bitter lesson that
being a nice guy does not get a man laid. An "average" guy (who is often the one most
capable of love and trust) is routinely brushed off as a "loser", and passed over for an
abusive jerk who screeches up in a Porsche, scores, and disappears. So in a woman's
mind, if a man is nice, he's weak. The nice guy wanders through life in a state of psychic
castration, his heart scarred by the talons of female avarice and flawed psychology. He is
a poor fool who has listened too literally to the women who lie that what they want from
men is adoration and understanding. He has not suffered enough trial and error to lay bare
the clandestine agendas of the female gender. So the nice guy has to settle for the
vicarious company of flirting with a photo in a magazine delivered in a plain brown

But what of the "bad boy" phenomenon? Every man knows, or has seen in action, that the
more he abuses women, the more successful he will be in attracting them; and the nicer
he is, the more likely he will wind up as a "friend". But most men are socialized to
cultivate harmony, not discord, and so they refuse to participate in such pathology. Most
men are nice guys, who have no interest in acting like jerks to women. Logic would
suggest that a woman would want to avoid being brutalized, so why then does she so
lustfully climb up on the back of a Harley, instead of, as usual, wait for a limo to appear?
The answer has to be unraveled from the tangled mess of feminine psychology. What a
woman really wants is a rich bastard who turns out in the end to be a nice guy-he is the
storybook hero of her novels and soap operas. But she will settle-for the short term, at
least-for a poor thug who can offer her excitement. In her muddled vision of the world,
she equates abusive behavior with earning power, because she assumes that television
and the movies actually mirror reality, so that successful men are always conniving,
ruthless, and underhanded. Bad boys are untamed and reckless and charged with
sexuality. They are a "challenge" (meaning that they don't instantly fall prey to her Pussy
Power). Flexing their Neanderthal biceps they are apt to drag her off to the nearest cave,
and she can feel-for once-powerless in their grip, a rape fantasy come to life. A woman's
hormone-driven "logic" will equate excitement with money, at least until she tires of
eating at taco joints. She glories in the sensation of raw adventure-it is the same thrill
which ripples through her when a rich boyfriend pampers her and indulges her every
whim. For as long as she dallies with the bad boy-and it will be brief because his budget
is in his pants-she can afford to let herself be wild, to experience unfettered humanity, to
freely express her sexuality as nature intended. For a few racing heartbeats she will cease
to be a whore and become a human being.

And when the fling is over, her "morality" has not been compromised in any way-she can
reconstruct her delusional self-image by accusing the bad boy of abusing her.