Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 13

This is the second part of Man on the Street

"All women think their pussies are worth a million dollars. They aren't."

"God, women are stupid! When it comes to men, they're their own worst enemies.
Always count on a woman to act directly opposite her own best interests."

"What really aggravates me about women is that they can have sex anytime they want to.
They can just walk up to some guy they think is attractive and say, `Let's do it'. What's
the guy going to say? No? Men aren't game-players like women. But, if a man wants to
get laid, he has to jump through hoops, and then maybe she'll sleep with him. And after
you've spent all that time and money and mental bullshit just to get her into bed, she
wants to cuddle. How much of this can we take?"

"Women are so attractive. Why do they have to be so fucked up?"

"I've heard women say that if a guy looks at their bodies he's a jerk. What kind of fuckedup
thinking is that? Breasts are there to be looked at. They're sex organs, gender markers
so men will be attracted. Women want you to like them for `themselves', whatever the
hell that means, as if somehow their bodies aren't part of who they are. This is just more
female bullshit which we're expected to swallow. If you see a woman across a crowded
room who you think is attractive, it's pretty hard to tell what her personality is like.
What's wrong with physical attraction? Any woman who thinks a guy is a jerk for
looking at her body needs some heavy-duty therapy. As if she never looks at goodlooking

"Love is a five-letter word. M - O - N - E - Y"

"Women are always moaning that they can't meet any men. What they mean is, a guy
who looks like Tom Selleck and has plenty of cash. There are men everywhere, always
looking to meet women. But if a woman isn't asked out by Mr. GQ with a BMW, she'll
stay home by herself on Saturday night and fantasize."

"Women want money now-they don't care about a guy's potential. They're walking cash
registers. The only possible exception is if you're in some training program for a highpaying
career, like medical school. Then they'll work to put you through school because
they're dreaming of the big house you're going to build for them. It's like making an
investment in a growth stock. It's funny-once in a while you hear a story about a woman
who helps put her boyfriend through school, and then he dumps her after he graduates.
My God, you'd think the world had ended! This babe is on the Oprah show whining and
moaning about what `pigs' men are. But think about it, turnabout is fair play. Women
have been doing this to men for centuries. They can dish it out but they can't take it."

"Women are incredibly threatened by other women younger than themselves, especially
the ones with great bodies, because they know that their looks are what they're selling to
men. That's when the older broads come out with, `Oh she's just a bimbo'. Just jealous!"

"Women are the ultimate narcissists. They obsess over their personal appearance. They
even pay people to fawn all over them in beauty salons."

"A woman's cunt is between her ears. Attitude. The one between her legs is sewed up
tight unless you've got a lot of cash."

"Women are as shallow as a mud puddle, but they'll never admit it. What they say and
what they do are miles apart."

"I've always been the classic nice guy that women say they want. I bring flowers, send
cards, remember birthdays. It's just the way I am-if I like a woman, why shouldn't I be
nice to her? It seems logical to me. But I get nowhere. Usually I get treated like a friend
and they dump me for some asshole with an expensive car. And later these women come
crying to me about what jerks men are, because the asshole just got her into bed and took
off. But I'm thinking, hey, wait a minute-you picked him. You've got nobody to blame
but yourself. I was nice to you and you treated me like your brother. What the hell do you
want, anyway?"

"You've seen these strippers who can squat down and pick up a dollar bill with their
pussies? Well, that's putting the whole thing in a nutshell."

"This woman told me, `I won't date any man unless he makes at least 75,000 a year.' And
she was a dog! Where do they get this attitude?"