Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 12

This sub chapter is called "Man on the Street". I will be spiting this up in the next four blog entries.

"A man breaks his back to support his wife, who stays at home yakking on the phone all
day or watching Oprah, or maybe she has a part-time job-and all the time she's in a bitchy
mood because he's `neglecting' her. So the fool goes out and buys roses or something to
placate her, like the world revolves around her personal happiness. It should be the other
way around-she should be on her knees every night, waiting for him to come home, with
her mouth open and ready, so she can thank him for the easy ride he's giving her. Women
have it made and all they do is bitch about it."

"When was the last time a woman bought me a gift? All I get is a bill."

"If you talk to women about how they use men for money, they all say, `Oh I know
women like that, but that's not me. I'm not like that'. Then just watch them throw
themselves at a guy who pulls up in a Porsche!"

"I hate the way women act, the way they use people, but I have to admit, if I were a
woman, I'd probably do the same thing. It's one hell of a beautiful scam! All you have to
do is be a woman and you don't have to pay for anything. It's arrogant as hell, and it
should be illegal, but they get away with it. It's amazing what suckers men are."

"If a woman expresses her natural sex drive, other women are really intimidated. My God,
she's giving it away for free she'll ruin everything! So they have to hate her and they call
her a slut. I say, at last, a normal woman!"

"There's a difference between the sex you pay for and the sex you get for free. The sex
you get for free usually costs more."

"I hear married women complaining that their husbands come home dog tired and don't
have the energy to do anything. Well, somebody's gotta pay the mortgage . . .”
"It's amazing what a broad will do for a buck."

"Women are always bitching about how shallow men are you know, looking at tits and
ass. Hey, I've got news for you, babes. Nature put those things there so you would look at
them. That's what keeps the ball game going. Women are hypocrites. I see them looking
at guy's butts all the time (that's because they're too fucked up about sex to stare at
crotches). You don't hear men getting bent out of shape about that, do you? That's
because men think sex is normal, and women don't. Also, women are doubly shallow.
They want looks and a fat wallet."

"Women are so fucked up. If you don't do what they want, you're a jerk. If you roll over
and do what they want, you're a wimp. You can't win."

"Once in a while you run into a naturally sexual woman who has her head on straight.
You know, she wants to screw, not go to dinner. If all women were like that, we wouldn't
have half the problems in this world."

"Women are so fucked up about sex-if she sleeps with you on the first date, she has to
make all kinds of excuses. `I usually don't do this', or `I was drunk'. Why can't they just
have fun?"

"Women want a guy who looks like Tom Cruise, acts like James Bond, who just won the
Lotto and reads poetry. Women are stupid."

"When a man says compromise, he means I'll meet you in the middle. When a woman
says compromise, she means do it my way and like it, or no more sex."