Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Ploytation Part 11

This sub chapter is called "Sexual Slavery"

It is a cruel trick of nature that the very testosterone which imparts virility to men-the
wide shoulders, deep voices, and physical strength which act as stimulants to female
sexuality also degrades them into pawns in the clutches of manipulating women.
Testosterone is a powerful sex hormone, and it surges through a man's bloodstream like
liquid fire, consuming him with lust. Its effect is truly seismic-he lives at the mercy of an
inexorable craving to touch and caress and penetrate women's bodies. Unfortunately, the
flip side of these desires is frustration, because a societal contract dictates that males
fetter their natural impulses in favor of collective harmony. Thus men are allowed to look,
but not touch, because women orchestrate the rules of sexuality. It is a sad perversion that
women also abuse these cultural directives by deliberately taunting the male eye with
displays of cleavage and form-fitting clothing. This is the essence of dishonest
prostitution. It is not easy to be a man when a beautiful woman walks by: men should be
praised for their admirable restraint, not vilified for their natural interest in the opposite

The average woman, emotion-driven though she is, cannot even begin to comprehend the
frenzy of a man's sexual desire. The ability to become aroused-and urgently ready for sex
by a glimpse of bare skin or the lilt of a feminine voice makes no sense to her at all. She
just sneers that men "think with their dicks". Abysmally ignorant of the male biological
imperative, her response is to haughtily condemn it. Yet she still cries "equality" and is
only happy to proclaim that women share the same sexual appetites as men. This is
preposterous. Both men and women produce testosterone, but the male body seethes with
20 times the amount manufactured by females, which means that the male sex drive is 20
times that of a female. The fuel which runs her behavior is estrogen, and estrogen makes
her a rank amateur at horniness. If she were injected with testosterone, she'd be spending
her free time ripping off her clothes instead of going shopping for them.
A woman may not be able to share male lust, but she knows very well how to use it to her
best advantage. A man's inborn craving for sex dooms him to a lifetime of servitude and
obedience to women, conferring on the female race an awesome power. Put simply, if a
man isn't willing to play the game of "love" by a woman's rules, he does not get laid. This
is "Pussy Power", a vile, unwritten contract between the genders. It is sexual blackmail,
and it is the true sexual harassment. So the modern male is bludgeoned into an
unwholesome subservience, forced to participate in his partner's version of "romance"
(treating her like a princess), then waiting in frustration until she is in the mood for sex.
He is obliged to tolerate women in the business world, where they are often incompetent,
indecisive, and lazy. She commands him to be "politically correct" (pussy-whipped), to
cater to her exalted vision of herself and to stroke her ego while she "empowers" herself
and blithely steals his money. He is required to endure her cyclical moods and bitchiness,
and her residual anger at men who have "screwed her over" (got tired of paying for her
for nothing). And all without complaint, or he is a "sexist pig" who "hates women". He is
chastised for not putting the toilet seat back down, because, so thoroughly absorbed in her
selfishness and arrogance, it would never even enter her mind to consider putting it back
up for him.

A woman's vagina holds the whip hand, and a man has no choice but to bow his head in
submission if he wants to enjoy even a minimal sex life.