Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revenge of the Nice Guy Part 5

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Bryce said…

It used to be that when Mom and Dad sat their daughters down to talk about "the facts of life," they warned them of the consequences of hooking up with bad boys and that the nice guys would provide them the best hopes of having a family.

In fact, there used to be a song from Motown Records in the early 1960s about a girl who was disappointed that the guy she snubbed found someone else, and the heartache she felt was her own fault.

There wasn't a similar song about the guy in that story, however. I bet he felt lots of pain, but was redeemed in the long run.

But these things no longer happen, because parents fail to take the time to educate their daughters, society fails to hold young women accountable for making bad choices, and we've put in place a social safety net to further insulate youmg women from the consequences of their choices.

So, if any readers out there are the fathers of daughters, educate them about nice guys and jerks and give them the information to make the right choice, and the consequences if they don't. One particularly effective consequence is that you won't give them any support in terms of paying their bills from the consequences of bad choices.

Anonymous said…

I'm 40 and have moved past ignoring women to avoiding them whenever possible. This is a problem because it drives them nuts and they tend to go out of their way to get in my face. The more I try to push them away the more aggresive they seem to get.

When you hit 40 and you see most of your buddies are divorced and those who are still married are not happy you relize that you have not missed out on anything. It was all lies. All those women in my life that kept telling me I needed to get married. They are the ones who are happy being unhappy making the men in thier lives miserable. You young men need to stay single and focus on your dreams. For those of you who realy want to be fathers and husbands I feel bad for you because in this enviorment it is almost impossible. Maybe someday the laws will change but for now best thing to do is stay away from women. They are nothing but dream killers.

Anonymous said…


That's stupid advice, what are you, a woman? Why do you have to seek out women to do activities with? Why do you have to stop playing video games if that's what you enjoy? That is absolutely retarded.

This whole nice guy distinction is dumb too. Nice guy or bad boy, the girl will screw you over if you let them. The only reason the bad boy doesn't get screwed over is because he won't marry the girl, and won't accumulate resources. If bad boys accumulated resources, they get the same problems. So telling someone to bust their ass and accumulate resources is the opposite of what a man should do.

Instead, a man should work LESS, make enough for ONE person, and then enjoy life that way. It's those people that work really hard that really need others in their lives to help them with their misery. A guy that makes enough to pay rent, have a few hobbies, eat decent food, and have a bit left over in case something goes wrong is much happier than the guy that makes more than enough to do all these things and feels pressure to spend it or get a wife.

When you don't make enough money, women generally also won't bother you to get married, they don't care at all about you, they just leave you alone. If you really still feel the need to get women, just read the "pick up artist" websites or books all over the internet, and copy those tactics. You'll get the flings you want and actually get to "enjoy" women. Women provide nothing outside of sex, so why trick yourself into going after anything outside of that? Women aren't offering anything else anyway. It's not like younger women will commit to you anyway.