Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revenge of the Nice Guy Part 6

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Davout clearly explains why reciprocal rejection is the way to go.

Davout said…


You're following the commonplace dating guru philosophy that abuses the male sexual drive: 'Men should change themselves to adapt to women's desires'. Your position is a double standard because you're holding men to a certain mark while not doing the same for women.

You conveniently ignore some facts that drastically reduce the bargaining ability of women over ~30: (1) women's fertility goes downhill after 27, rendering most barren by 40. (2) men can (and should) date and marry outside the Anglosphere (3) older men are attracted to younger women (4) older men have more money and experience than younger men (5) older men don't think with their dick.

Hence, reciprocal rejection does tilt the balance in favour of older men.

khankrumthebulgar said…

Men who want a Family, and a wife. Must adopt Mitigation Strategies. That is they must adapt and use methods to minimize their Risks. I call it Risk Thresholds. How much Risk are you willing to take. Marriage to a Traditional Foreign Wife, 20% chance of Divorce vs. 50%, going ExPat your chances drop even more if you live in Non-Feminist Countries.

Having a Significant Other but non-cohabitation, Vasectomy so you cannot Spawn an annuity is another Strategy. That way you cannot get stuck with Child Support, or get her Pregnant. That Men must adopt such Strategies is the Fault of Women.

They refuse to reform the Divorce Laws. Do you want to be a sucker?!
Go ahead and take the risk. Here are the risks Involuntary Celibacy in Marriage. One in Five US Marriages is Celibate. Meaning Sex less than once a year. Why get Married then?

Anonymous said…

Women over thirty are morethannot *damaged goods*. They didn't get it. They still don't get it. And they probably thats right never will get it. Try to make man happy when all he really wants in life is to try to make me and the family happy?, they ask. That sure isn't enough for a superior person like *ME!* says her, ie the vagina holder. She will hate and *feel* whatever she is told, especially if it benefits *her* fantasized as superior, mindless child ass. Remember, she foundations from emotion, NOT logic, from there it all makes sense, but I would hope you already understand that. Give her all the *power* but less or no the responsibilities, and look where family, or love, goes, welcome to the jungle mofos. She doesn't want to make love, you cry?!(again) Well, how can a loveless idiot give desire that? And let me say right now: if you ever, ever date at all, and feel like she is withholding sex, move on, because you're wasting time, time that you could be using to build your wealthy future, or doing whatever else you want for matter. So. She thinks it's all about her, but like all the other feminists/influenced, they are far from happy, obviously, because they're ignorant, they aren't getting what they really need in life, just what they've been conned into because they're suckers, mad as hell, they really don't care for men at all, just the status or future status. Unless she is incredibly super ugly, there is a graymatterreason she isn't married yet, face that fact, cause and effect. Or go ahead guys, let her 2face you into marriage, she's probably different isn't she, can't you handle a strong suicide?
More comments from Revenge of the Nice Guy

Verlch said…

Yeah, 20% of men get to do all the sexual plundering, then when miss bad ass realizes she is 30 without a decent man to love her into old age she flips out. She does one of two things, she drinks and smoke her life away, or she starts trying to find men to fertilize her last egg!!!

Yet after stooping to such miserable lowers American Heifers still maintain the "I'm a bitch" mandatory levels.

khankrumthebulgar said…

The Divorce Stats in California are so grim the State no longer compiles them. They are afraid of scaring off the Male populace. Lee on dontgetmarried.com has posted these for some time. They are not 50% put closer to 80%. Guaranteed failure.

Bart Simpson on Dontgetmarried.com has a Sister Married four times at least. She marries a guy with money, stays with him long enough to Cash out on him. Its a Scam she is running. Enabled by the Legal Vultures and corrupt system. And why not there are no sanctions against her behavior, and its easy.