Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revenge of the Nice Guy Part 4

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Anonymous said…

We have all seem the posts, woman spends her early years partying it up like mad, then at 30, BOOM! total turn around. Then comes the cant find a good man, you guys are pigs, and other comments shaming us for not marrying them.

Yes, that seems to be a theme with the moo moos.

Wield shame like a hammer.

If you're studious, hardworking, responsible, and strive to build yourself into a better person/develop excellent character when you are young they call you a geek and a nerd.

If, out of years of disgust at their behavior, you don't want anything to do with them when you are older and established you are gay, a mamma's boy, or a loser.

I guess one way to piss them off is to just agree with them "Yea, you're right" and then walk away and continue with whatever you were doing.

If men don't display an ego (weak point that women like to exploit) then women are powerless.

What can they say or do at that point other than stew in their own fetid and rotting juices?

Anonymous said…

As a 20 year old guy, 21 in December, from the USA, I can tell you that this site has totally changed my priorities in life.

That's great news! Please spread the word to other young men.

Also, free look down the road, as a 42 yr old male once you hit 40 (at the latest) the mating effects women have on you (the source of all THEIR power is your desire of them) dies down considerably.

In the meantime, making a conscious effort to not look at them (this mechanical act neuters them) + stay focused on your professional and monetary goals will go a long way to reducing any power they might hold on you.

As a bonus, ignoring the born sluts and drama queens pisses them off to no end. Sense their reaction when you go through the course of a day making a conscious effort to not look at any females. It is hilarious!

Though, Duncan, I hope you keep everything backed up. Statements like this young man's are not going to my the leaders of the Gynocracy happy.

Christopher said…


As a healthy forty-five year old, let me assure you that the power women have over your gonads and your heart will virtually DISAPPEAR when you hit thirty. I'm not saying you will be impotent- far from it.

However, your sex drive will become entirely manageable, but more importantly, you will have spent a few years watching the women your age get older, too. For every year you age, a woman ages two. Believe me. If she starts pumping out kids, she deteriorates even faster. This is no lie, and not meant to insult women. It's just a biologicl fact. Nature forces women to get ugly in order to make them undesireable to other men after they start breeding in order to keep them around to look after the children. Do you want to be forty with several decades of life ahead of you, and know that you are chained to an ugly old woman who can divorce you and ruin you completely? Can you imagine what it would be like to lie in bed next to an old woman? Think about it. Look at the average forty to eighty year old woman. Can you see yourself snuggling up to that rotting corpse? Can you imagine having (gag!) SEX with her?

Do as I did when I was in my twenties. Keep yourself busy with hobbies. Buy a motorcycle. Explore caves. Go camping. But do it without women. Avoid dating at all costs. It will drain your bank account and your sanity. It just isn't worth it. Understand that you are being manipulated by nature to breed. That's all. Nothing more. Once that is done, women quickly turn very ugly physically. Then comes menopause and they get horribly ugly within....

Trust me. It's not worth it. The physical beauty of a woman fades so fast, and you are left with a withered old bag of cellulite. If you are in your twenties, it's hard to visualize, but it's true. Women age so fast. Men get old, while women get ugly. Resist the pressure of your friends who try to get you to date. These poor fools will be the ones who are paying child support and alimony in twenty years. They will be the ones buying Valtrex to treat their constant outbreaks of Herpes.

Stay single, and stay celibate. I did, and I am reaping the benefits every day.