Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revenge of the Nice Guy Part 3

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Anonymous said…

Man that article hit the nail on the head. I have not seen it, but everyone here has mentioned it in one form or another. So here it is in its exact words, revenge. Yea thats right, REVENGE! We have all seem the posts, woman spends her early years partying it up like mad, then at 30, BOOM! total turn around. Then comes the cant find a good man, you guys are pigs, and other comments shaming us for not marrying them.
The reasons given not to marry them are not only good, but they ring true. The one that never gets spoken outright that needs to be said to them is revenge. Sweet, cold, callous revenge ladies, thats one reason why we dont even come in contact with you, let alone try to marry you. Why dont you ask the guys you have been seeing for the last ten years, oh they dont see you anymore, well what do you want me to do about it? No one wants to marry you, hey lifes a bitch, and so are you now get used to it.
Yep, its great knowing that the guys that have been passed over for so many years get the option for the last laugh, and I say take that option!


Orion Blue said…

Unlike many posters on here, I am an older male - 42 years - and I arrived at many of these conclusions many years ago.

The rise of Feminazism is not such a recent occurrence, it has been going on for at least two generations even if it has evolved somewhat since then.

I, too, would have to concur that it was the rejections in my mid-late teens and early 20's that brought about the 'revelation', though of course, it was not something that could be publicly commented upon as it was too easy to have it attributed purely to personal shortcomings rather than being seen in the wider societal context in which it is embedded.

It is also perfectly true that the types of men women choose is oddly perverse. They do want security, shelter, reliability, stability and all those things but in the meantime, they are determined to have some fun, whatever the consequences (absent fathers, brutality and so on).

I actually made the conscious decision not to marry when I was 18 because of the punitive divorce laws which have become worse in my own lifetime. I was of course ridiculed and told that I would change my mind though at 42 and well past my 'prime', I think I have answered my critics.

It might very well be some kind of neo-Darwinian 'natural selection' against me, but to counter that claim, I would point up the dysgenic nature of mate selection that is currently practised in the Western world, propped up as it is by a welfare system that props up women's 'independence', for without this anti-Male tax, nature would be more likely to take it's course

Anonymous said…

The opening comment of this thread is brilliant. Up to now I have been saying the same thing in a more folksy way that I read on a men's rights forum some time ago:

"If the kitten didn't want me I don't want the cat."

Anonymous said…

Goto Myspace or Facebook and Browse women with photos in this order

1st) 18-30

2nd) 30-40

Look into their eyes, look at the difference, you can almost feel the darkness bitterness and disillusionment in Group 2.

And if you think you've seen that look before you have. its the hardness of the faces of the street hookers in your town or the girls dancing in windows in amsterdam.

Its the face of 1000 cocks.

Learn to spot it and avoid!