Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revenge of the Nice Guy Part 2

Here are some good comments from the Revenge of the Nice Guy.

Anonymous said…


You reject us in your prime, we'll reject you in ours.

Anonymous said…

It gets better for men as we get older. Once a chick hits 30 it's all downhill from there. The expiration date kicks and the odometer has rolled over at least once. When gravity starts setting in so does the anger and bitterness. They used up the few good years that they had. Stay away from women over 30, stay away from all single mothers and above all stay single.

Anonymous said…


As a 20 year old guy, 21 in December, from the USA, I can tell you that this site has totally changed my priorities in life.

Get a good education, get a good paying job, save up my money, invest throughout my 20's, have lot's of fun, and avoid any and all serious relationships with western-woman till I'm at least pushing 30!

Then and only then, will I consider settling down. Highly doubtful it will be with a western-feminized woman...

NHY said…


This is so gosh damned true, not just in America but in Ireland, the UK and many other places too!

I'm a 20 year male, striving for an education and a good job at the end of it and whatnot. However, seeing women snobbing people like me in favor of thugs, bad boys and whatnot is infuriating! However, that being said, who is going to get the last laugh when your 30 and try and wheel me in?

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Anonymous said…

What about Russian women? The ideal used to be Mexican women, and I am there now, but do not marry one and take her to the States...

I have been reading that Forbes had an article which said 22% of young men are on strike against marriage. I encountered my first marriage striker in 1995, and it is growing. A woman can still get married. Just find the closest prison and wait for a really pale guy in a weird suit to come out, he will marry you. Hee, hee.

Women mistake sexual attention they receive from puberty on, for ability to find a husband. so, millions of young women announce they are going to have fun; travel; work on their career; then when they are maybe 28, get married. It is s tremendous shock when one day they say, "Hey, guys, I am ready to marry now. Um, guys? G - U - Y - S???????"

As nominal human beings, I have some sympathy for them, but it is of their own doing.

If you are retired, be aware the Philippine Islands does not have divorce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said…

"The weakness of making this men's movement a doctrine is that it precludes us from enjoying what is a natural experience. Had I clung so strongly to this doctrine when I met my last girlfriend, I would not have had some of the best experiences in my life."

Do you even read these blogs? These blogs exist because there are so few women that can be trusted anymore. Most guys would be happy to get together with a traditional woman in a setting where pop culture wouldn't give her "ideas" about sexual freedom and moral stupidity.

Even anti-feminists enjoy women now and then, but they will not allow themselves to be trapped or tricked by predatory, promiscuous skanks. You can have great experiences with traditional women. However, most women are not traditional and are only good for a quick hump - or to be