Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Revenge of the Nice Guy Part 1

Back in November of 2006 before I had an identity I made a beautiful rant on the eternal bachelor blog. Duncan loved it so much that he made a blog entry for everyone to see. Here it is!

Women have the right to neglect and let nice hardworking men rot all alone while they are in their late teens and early 20's while they get to squander their prime years to the thugs and exciting bad boys.

In return once men get financially stable (mid 20's-early 30's) we've got every fucking right to rebuke these western skanks for the worthless piece of shit they are. If women are in their 30's crying that they can't have children or can't find a good man, that is their fucking problem not mine! They should thought about this when they were around 20 rather than in their mid 30's. When they are 20 they could pick whatever guy they want.

However, once we all hit 30, men like me will be the ones who will run the show not them! Since they threw away their prime years at bad boys and thugs, I for one will gladly let them feel the pain I went through in my late teens and early 20's and will gladly rebuke them and let them feel what it is like being alone without any one showing them any affection.

The Brazilian Bachelor went off on another rant based on this first rant!

That's what impress me. If they want "leeyberation", fine. What I find amusing is that they want to convince us to find that attractive (ouch).

They do what they want, no big deal. But then I, along with every male on earth, have every right to do whatever we want too. So, we do not want fat old ladies. We want new and fresh. AND we don't want to marry -- as one wise man said, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. I can't see ONE SINGLE BENEFIT for a men to marry these days. I am still waiting for the email I asked in another post about this.

They want casual irresponsible sex in their 20s and a wallet in their 30s. I don't give a flying fuck. What I know is that I DO NOT want that this way -- if a girl spends her youth chasing dick, I am out. And fuck off anyone who tries to shame me about this.

Everything has consequences. These cunts can't realize this.

In the end, the "machism" they talk about was for their own benefit. They got a stable home with a provider, a man to take care of her. But no, that was not enough. They got a tiny minority of men who are abusive and tried to put them as a portrait of the male "race". "We want to be free from these monsters!" -- fine for me. Go away.

They can fight everything -- intelectually -- but nature wins everything. And in this game, in the long run, we are the winners. Sorry ladies, that is a fact. If you can't secure a man while you can (read when you're young), you're dead meat, used and discard as WE please. That's the harsh truth. You have no power when you get old and you know this. Women, don't even try to say you changed or some shit like this -- you did not. You just realized that you are now on the loss and changed your game accordingly.

They wanted to be "free" and go kick in a dick in their youth -- and said we didn't let them. In fact we did. What bugs women is that when they do this we don't want them. Well, tough shit. Women don't want poor men too, we get over it just like you have to get over the fact that when you're old and with high dick mileage we want you as far from us as possible.

The "patriarchy" so evil and stuff was for your own benefit, bitches. We get better when we get old. Women do not. We were losing more than you were, but we still did it -- for kids, society, whatever. But you were so ungrateful that you managed to mess what was clearly to your advantage. And now something that was supposed to benefit women is clearly benefitting men. We get old and have more options, not less. We're going to get older, richer and more able to get as much women as we please, and not marry -- just because we can. That's feminism at work for the wise man.

That's not what they planned. Oh well... it doesn't help to say "We are sorry!" now. It was all fun, wasn't it? So much "empowerment"? So much "freedom"?

Reap what you have sown, bitches!

And men are not bitter!
...you are just mad that we know the rules of the game, cunt!