Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 9

Part 9

I'm now covering a sub chapter called "The Pack"

Q. Do predatory females run in packs?

A. Yes, most predatory creatures do. Sharks
and hyenas are good examples. Predatory females
are comfortable in packs. Have you
ever seen a woman excuse herself from a
group, to go to the bathroom, only to be followed
by the other women? This is packing.
They like to gossip and scheme out of earshot.
Predatory females rely heavily on the consensus
of the pack and thereby encounter difficulty
in making individual decisions. The
pack includes their mothers and girlfriends
and constitutes the sole governing body in the
life of a predatory female. The blessing or
cursing of the pack (a committee decision), is
largely determinate in the rise and fall of
lovers, husbands, and gynecologists.

"Man comes from the womb and spends the
rest of his life trying to get back there."
—George Bernard Shaw

I'm now covering the subchapter called "The Matriarchal System"

Q. What is the matriarchal system?

A. Like open range to a wolf, it is the operating
medium of the predatory female. It is the
unspoken mass thought process that supports
her activities. Through the incontestable voting
power of superior numbers of women, it
controls politics, the media, and the church.
Firmly entrenched, the matriarchal system is
apple pie, motherhood, and the marriagedivorce
industry. Nearly every citizen, like it
or not, nourishes it. With a supporting cast of
thousands including lawyers, doctors, clergy,
and politicians, its influence reaches all phases
of American life as it forever perpetuates the
power of the predatory female. But even with
the overwhelming voting power of females
and their subsequent control of governmental
functions, the matriarchal system could never
operate efficiently without the hordes of male
drones it has created. These men, preconditioned
by their mothers and suffering from a
self-imposed order of chivalry, consistently
front for the system and its predatory female

Q. An example?

A. The male dominated Supreme Court recently
refused to allow the conscription of
women into the armed services. The courts,
fronted by male drones, are overjoyed at the
prospect of helping a predatory female collect
her alimony. But when it comes to the dirty
work of protecting the very system fostering
this alimony, they turn to the vast reserve of
perpetual victims: the befuddled males.

Q. How could this system ever get started?

A. Prior to the turn of the century, the foundation
was already in place with the popular
pastime of glorifying and deifying the female.
But shortly after 1900, when women were
emancipated by a quaking and groveling male
population, the female block took a subtle
and permanent stranglehold on the legal
process. Historically, a strong matriarchal
system is always present in a morally declining
society. Moreover, the higher standard of living
a nation enjoys, the more likely it is to
have an entrenched matriarchal system.

Q. If that's true, why did the Equal Rights
Amendment fail?

A. We may have a case of overkill here, so
the female masters of the system have disagreed
on the issue. Two thirds of the state
legislatures haven't ratified it, creating a wave
of additional propaganda, but enough laws
are already on the books to insure equal