Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 8

Part 8

I'm now covering the sub chapter called disguises

Q. Do predatory females physically disguise

A. Yes. The predatory female habitually employs
subterfuge. Each morning across America,
millions of females don disguises. They
use make-up, wigs, face paint, phony eyebrows,
false eye lashes, eye shadow, lipstick,
false fingernails, hair color, corsets, sprays,
and other camouflage. Women's clothing designers
often refer to the "illusion" they are
creating. Occasionally these females improve
their appearance, but the fact remains they
are hiding something. They are fooling somebody.
The practice is so commonplace that
few see it for what it is: deception.

"All women, whatever age, rank, profession
or degree, whether virgins, maids or widows,
that shall impose upon, seduce or betray into
matrimony any of His Majesty's subjects, by
scents, paints, cosmetics, washes, artificial
teeth, false hair, iron stave hoops, highheeled
shoes, bolstered hips, or padded
bosoms shall incur the penalty of the law
enforced against witchcraft and like misdemeanors
and, upon conviction, that marriage
shall stand null and void."
—Act of British Parliament—1770

Q. Besides outright deception, are there other
negative aspects to these disguises?

A. Not only are regiments of men condition
i to subsidize these female diversionary
tactics, but heavy users of the cosmetic disguises
are simply unclean. They leave streaks
of make-up and lipstick on clothes and bed
sheets, they often improperly mix the various
substances (creating a noxious odor), and
some individuals host a form of microscopic
mite in their eyelids. Amusingly, for all their
trouble, a large percentage of these females
succeed only in adding a Halloween aspect to
their appearance.

Q. Are there other forms of disguises?

A. Yes, in the sense that a predatory female is
adept at disguising her intentions. This is
more fully discussed later, but here's an example
that gives a good insight into the female
thinking process: Recently a TV crew interviewed
customers of a new co-ed health spa in
Dallas. The place was packed with nubile,
available ladies and gentlemen, all dancing,
stretching, pumping iron, and swimming to
the beat of rock music. In response to questions,
several young ladies said, "There's a lot
of cute guys here, and when we go out with
BEEN PICKED UP. It's not like a singles
bar. It's a more comfortable, easy way to
meet people." In other words, the ladies were
more comfortable when their amicabilities
weren't as obvious, when their intentions
toward the opposite sex were couched in a
deceiving framework or DISGUISED.