Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 10

Part 10

I'm now covering the sub chapter called "Bag Check"

Q. Is shoplifting a habit of the predatory

A. The stealing of items from stores, restaurants,
hotels, and places of employment is
considered acceptable behavior by predatory
females. This habit also extends to your home.
Indeed, the unmasked predatory female is
practically amoral and she doesn't improve
with age.

"Therefore a woman who is perfectly
truthful and not given to dissimulation is
perhaps an impossibility, and for this very
reason they are so quick at seeing through
dissimulation in others that it is not a wise
thing to attempt it with them. But this
fundamental defect which I have stated, with
all that it entails, gives rise to falsity, faithlessness,
treachery, ingratitude, and so on.
Perjury in a court of justice is more often
committed by women than by men. It may,
indeed, be generally questioned whether
women ought to be sworn at all. From time
to time one finds repeated cases everywhere
of ladies, who want for nothing, taking
things from shop-counters when no one is
looking, and making off with them."
—A rthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860

The next sub chapter is called "soaps"

Q. How are predatory females and soap
operas associated?

A. TV soap operas are particularly attractive
to predatory females. Their lifestyles reflect
an almost unconscious imitation of soap
opera scenarios. A predatory female enjoys
cultivating scandalous events and involving
herself in everyone's problems. A group of
predatory females will even talk like soap
opera players, whispering in conspiratorial
tones and using exaggerated voice inflections.
The alert observer can identify this predatory
sign in almost any gathering of females.

I'm now on the subchapter called "Ding"

Q. What is a ding?

A. Listening for dings is a good way to spot
predatory females because they are a universal
trait of the creature. Unfortunately, a man
usually listens to very little of what a woman
says. With other matters on his mind, like sex,
he doesn't carefully consider her words. This
is a mistake. On a date, though he is primarily
occupied by pulling money from his wallet, he
should train himself to listen carefully.
Eventually she will say something that doesn't
make any sense. This is a ding. He may have
to listen for several hours, but it's worth it.
Sooner or later, if she is a predatory female,
she'll make a statement that doesn't jibe. If
you happen to be the listener, mentally register
a DING. As your skill improves, and with
more exposure, you may be hearing dings
constantly. After you've heard a few, they
become easier to identify. A ding alerts you to
being in the presence of a predatory female.