Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 11

Part 11

I'm now covering the sub chapter called "volcano"

Q. Are irrational acts a trait of the predatory

A. Yes. She is capable of sudden, illogical,
and self-destructive acts at any moment. She
is totally unpredictable.

Q. Why is this?

A. Examine a cervix. It is symbolic. With the
appearance of a miniature, upside down volcano,
it is the capstone of an area spawning
violent chemical and hormonal eruptions. It
seems incredulous that anyone subjected to
these biological explosions could escape an
unstable personality. It is no wonder that
predatory females are often at a loss to explain
their actions.

Q. Do these facts make it difficult for a
predatory female to function in society?

A. Not at all. First, we live in a matriarchal
society, totally hospitable to these vagaries,
and second, she is attractive, beguiling, and
adaptable. Also, legions of males—drones of
the matriarchy—festoon the countryside,
catering to her every whim.

The next sub chapter I'm covering is called "The Media"

Q. How does the media fit into a study of the
predatory female?

A. The mass media is an important propaganda
looking ten or more years in the future, the
viewing of which is shocking.

I'm now on the sub chapter called "The Blimp Syndrome"

Q. What is the blimp syndrome?

A. Another trait of the predatory female, it
describes her startling ability to gain or lose
weight rapidly. She may become unrecognizable
in short periods of time.

Q. What determines whether they gain or

A. A predatory female in the acquisitive
mode will usually be at her thinnest. They
take on a lean, hungry look. Once they've run
their prey to the ground, and/or become nonacquisitive,
they tend to gain weight, to lose
the fighting trim.