Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 60

Part 60

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Games"

Q. I'm tired of games and sometimes totally
indifferent to females, even on dates. This
seems to make them more aggressive. Increasingly,
I find myself curious only as to how she
will arrive at a foregone conclusion.

A. You already know that a predatory
female, when confronted with indifference,
usually finds it intolerable. Unfortunately,
game playing between the sexes is now so
vicious that, by the time people achieve proficiency,
they are often burned out and no longer

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Current Events"

Q. Is it just me, or are women getting meaner
and more bad tempered?

A. A lot of people, including women, are
beginning to say that. We live in a society of
tough, career oriented females who smoke
cigars, wear neckties, and seem determined
to prove something. After some critical age
they grow noticeably meaner or downright
unpleasant. They will go out of their way to
be rude, and they will nurture confrontations.
The phenomenon is particularly noticeable
with females working in service industries that
deal with the public.

Q. Why is it that people will invariably say,
"Well, you married her," or "you're just
bitter" when they learn the facts of your

A. It's a way of transferring the focus to you,
a subconscious, protective reflex that allows
them to avoid thinking it could happen to
them or, worse, that they might be part of the
unholy process. After all, things are getting
worse, not better, out there. Guys are disappearing,
mysteriously, from the country with
their retirement monies which they have
"stolen." One fellow recently ran a bulldozer
through his house that was supposedly being
awarded to the wife. Kids ask daddy why their
pictures are on the milk carton and, shortly
thereafter, daddy's on his way to prison. He
had "stolen" his own children.

The Next Subchapter I'm on is called "A New Perspective"

Q. Following your advice, my relationship
with females would be on an entirely new

A. True. As you slowly re-program yourself,
you notice the advantage of a new perspective.
The previously somewhat concealed servitude
of your fellow males, especially the
married ones, begins to glare obnoxiously.
You find it at once disgusting and alarming.
You suddenly realize that you've broken the
code of the predatory female; you've crossed
the line and can never go back. You are demanding
more performance. You see how
most acquisitive females run on a short loop.
The same old con game, played over and
over, becomes disappointing and boring. It
lets you down. You are angered to think that
you subjected yourself to such tedium only
to risk discovering a huge seed wart on the
end of your crank a week later. Your ability to
discern predatory females, especially the
"crazies," becomes increasingly acute, even
with the briefest encounters. The effects of
being slammed violently each month, from
one end of the PH scale to the other, begins to
show on the predatory females you encounter.
Their nervous preoccupation and darting eyes
become all too familiar to you. When seeing
the haughty conceit of a non-acquisitive
female, you rejoice at not being her victim.
You are thankful for the transparency of
predatory females to the trained eye. However,
accompanied by your new perspective is
the knowledge that some of the thrill of
"going into the lion's cage" is gone forever.
This is always a by-product of being perceptive
of the predatory female, of having taken
her measure. The inept or unskilled predatory
females are especially disheartening. They
stumble through their act, embarrassing everyone.
Unconvincingly, they suppress their own
needs in attempts to please you, resulting only
in your feeling sorry for them. Or, at the other
extreme, they may try to control you through
denial. Denial, used by religion for years,
works best with untrained, ignorant people.
The predatory female tries to make the victim
feel guilty and plays on his good manners or
stupidity not to rebuke her. Denial is usually
combined with some type of sexual teasing.
Angling for control, some weak minded predatory
females use the ploy of objecting to profanity
or ribaldry under the guise of being
"respected." These self-appointed moralists
like to make others feel inferior and may hold
the entire evening's good will as hostage to
their scoldings. Like other game players, such
individuals are in oversupply and are time
wasters. You will begin to find, with your new
perspective, that someone you can take seriously,
a truly captivating and beautiful
woman—a long ball hitter, is extremely rare.
Indeed, they are rare enough to demand
almost any price and get it.