Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 59

Part 59

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Resolutions"

Q. How do I keep from repeating the same
suicidal blunders with another woman?

A. Know your adversary. Know that she IS
your adversary. Develop a working understanding
of predatory females. Accept what
you've learned about predatory females, both
emotionally and intellectually. Forget your
past presumptions and values concerning
females. They were sprinkled into your mind
by the matriarchal system. You have to break

The next subchapter I'm on is called "The Beginning"

Q. How do I re-program myself?

A. Condition yourself physically and mentally.
Most people look like gunnysacks full of
doorknobs. This is partially due to heavy
doses of dependency on predatory females.
Work out every day and get yourself into
good physical shape. Take up a sport and
start running. Do what predatory females
have done for thousands of years—concentrate
completely on yourself. Rid your mind
of the garbage dumped into it by the matriarchal
society. Occupy it instead with good
books, films, and a hobby that benefits you,
that you enjoy. If you get horny, don't play
the matriarchal society's hackneyed dating
game, RENT a woman. For two or three hundred
dollars you can rent a sexual partner
skilled enough to turn you into a boiled
chicken. Spare yourself the tedious sales pitch
that accompanies dating. There is no such
thing as a free lunch, period.

The next subchapter is called "sex"

Q. What about sex?

A. For the male, the worst is usually fantastic,
as the humor goes, but is it really that
great? Most often not. For starters, many
women are orgasmically dysfunctional, incapable
of orgasm, making them little more than
spectators. Why do you think Woody Allen
wrote lines about his jaw getting sore? Unfortunately,
finding a truly first class sex partner
is a tall order. You're dealing with an extremely
small percentage of the available
females. Anything else and you're going steerage,
strictly third rate. For the risks involved,
you'd definitely be better off with a high class
prostitute. After all, there are good reasons,
most of them very Darwinian, for prostitution
being the oldest profession. We're talking
survival here. Banned and hunted by the
matriarchal society because they threaten the
established marital scam, prostitutes are not
only legal in some jurisdictions, but may be
the wisest investment for your dating dollar.