Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 56

Part 56

This subchapter is called "It Never Ends"

Q. Do predatory females sue men in their

A. Death is no protection from a predatory
female. They commonly sue a man's estate
and have even been known to knock the gold
fillings from their husbands' teeth before the
mortician arrives.

The next subchapter is called "plateaus"

Q. Are there discernible levels of recovery
from a divorce?

A. There are four noteworthy plateaus.
1. Indignation and Disbelief: This is the
shock stage. The male can't believe
how powerless and pathetic he is in the
face of the matriarchal court system.
His ego is severely damaged. His wife
sits there and smirks while he loses
everything including his home and
family. He sees evil amusement in her
eyes as the judge orders in the
"scrotum stretcher" and makes him
pay her attorney's fees. He realizes that
his entire married life was a con job.
For the first time he feels the impact of
the nationwide matrimonial sting operation.
He winces at the thought of how
eagerly he took the bait. Nobody likes
to admit they've been hustled.

2. Bitter Acceptance: He has no choice
but to accept humiliating defeat from a
predatory female and her protective
matriarchal system. He resigns himself
to his fate, but he is angry. Often he
begins searching frantically for another
woman in a pitiful attempt to rebuild
his self-esteem.

3. Grudging Cynicism: He is back on the
playing field again, recovering from injuries,
but is still resentful and has become
cynical about love and marriage.
He begins to suspect the existence of a
dark, predatory side of the female.

4. Humorous Cynicism: The active bitterness
has died and he jokes about traits
of the predatory female and the matriarchal
system. He knows the modus
operandi of predatory females. He enjoys
watching them work and appreciates
their efforts for what they are.

Some men, trying desperately to reestablish
themselves through another woman,
never reach the last two plateaus. These unfortunates
are usually condemned to repeat
their odyssey of marital self-sacrifice.

"Those who cannot remember the past are
condemned to repeat it."
—George Santayana