Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 54

Part 54

The Next subchapter I'm on is called "New Quarters"

Q. It really frosts me to see my ex-wife living
regally, sometimes with other men, in the
home I was evicted from, while I have to exist
in a sleazy apartment with rented furniture,
overlooking the freeway, next door to three
families of illegal aliens, and directly above a
noisy Dempsey dumpster.

A. Wait until your kids inform you that her
new boyfriend is overhauling his Harley
Davidson "fat bob" in the living room. Each
year the news media shows a few weeping and
wailing women standing in front of their
flooded or burned homes, after some natural
catastrophe. The governor flies over and declares
the neighborhood a disaster area, making
low cost loans available to them. The Red
Cross and civic groups respond. But also,
each year, thousands of divorcing men not
only lose their homes, but their children—
and much future income including their
retirements—through the matriarchal legal
process. And guess what? Nobody says a
thing. The news media isn't there with microphones,
and no one gives a tinker's damn.

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Public Property"

Q. Aren't these one sided divorces killing the
family system, or at least discouraging perceptive
men from marrying?

A. Yes, and that's why you see the matriarchal
system going to absurdities like palimony
suits. Most states claim a public policy
of preserving marriages and families on one
hand, while on the other, through the matriarchal
system, make it financially attractive
for predatory females to dump their husbands.
This is like handing a flame thrower
to a pyromaniac. The result is that we are up
to our armpits in divorces, and the divorce
industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar
enterprise. We're a nation of litigants with the
courts saying, in effect, "Ok Mr., go ahead
and marry, but if she exercises the most famous
of all women's prerogatives—changing
her mind—we'll help her clean your clock.
We'll give her your home, children, retirement,
and much of your pay check for years
to come. You'll even have to pay her
attorney." Remember, this message isn't for
the indigent or very rich, only the majority of
males. Although seldom done, the smart man
familiarizes himself with the ground rules
before binding himself to the terms of legal

"I'm like the Statue of Liberty. Nobody
wants to pay the cost to maintain me, but
everybody wants to say he's been there."
—Priscilla Davis

The next subchapter is called "Exceptions"

Q. Are there any exceptions to these divorce

A. Certainly. There are wives who choose not
to exercise their power and simply want out.
There are many women who don't need the
crutch of the matriarchal system to provide
for themselves. For whatever reason, some
men escape divorce devastation when the wife
lets them go, lets them off the hook. The little
field mouse, having been trapped, is set free in
the woods.