Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 40

Part 40

I'm now on the subchapter called "Submissive Wife"

Q. What about the biblical concept of the
submissive wife? How do you reconcile this
idea with modern marriage?

A. There are those wives who attempt biblical

submissiveness and allow the man to husband
his family. Unfortunately, this is simply a
feeble attempt to ignore the realities of
marriage. Regardless of how submissive she
is, her legal position is still far superior to his,
and if push should ever come to shove, she
has the hammer. The marriage finally succeeds
or fails on the whim of the wife. Thanks
to over seventy years of female emancipation,
she is in the catbird seat, period. The biblically
oriented male must eventually ask himself if
this inverted power structure is proper. Also,
is it proper for raising children?

The next subchapter I'm covering is called "Little Feet"

Q. I would honestly like to have children, but
feel I should be married first. What about it?

A. There is rarely a man who has children in
this society. He may father them, but he
doesn't have them. They aren't his in the possessive
sense. There are many married men
who think they have children, but whose children
are they, really, when the wife can
almost always take them from him at any

The next subchapter I'm on is called "Ouch"

Q. I am married, for the second time, and
my wife is pressuring me to get a vasectomy
reversal. She is close to thirty and feels the
"biological clock" ticking.

A. The phenomena of multiple marriages has
led to a demand for vasectomy reversals
among older men (some already grandfathers).
These martyrs illustrate the pathetic
lengths men will go to please a demanding
woman. You might pay a physician to say that
a reversal, for you, is impossible.