Sunday, April 4, 2010

Predatory Female Part 41

Part 41

The next subchapter is called "Alternatives"

Q. If I still want children, but realize the
dangers of this endeavor in the matriarchal
society, what do you suggest?

A. Try a surrogate mother. You travel overseas
and make a deal with a woman to have
your child for a fee. You pick a young, handsome
woman and move her to a third country
for the actual delivery. You pay her when the
child is born and bring it home immediately
afterwards. You never hear or see anything
of the woman again. You then become one of
the few men in this society that actually has
his child.

The next subchapter is called "Rejected"

Q. I've been married five years and have two
children. I am practically ignored around the
house with the remnants of wifely attention
and affection going to the children. I naturally
want her to love them, but I finally understand

why married men are call girls' best
customers. Is there a way out?

A. There was before you married her; now
you're in trouble. In varying degrees, all
married men with kids must learn to accept
what you're complaining of. Some kick
against the goads, others go quietly, but they
all acquiesce or face marital upheaval. As in
other problems with wives, she has the ultimate
"gotcha." You either accept what she
dishes out or you can expect to get your
scrotum stretched in a divorce court.

The next subchapter is called "The Fall From Grace"

Q. After the wedding, how does a husband
verify his decommissioning, his plummet
from the penthouse to the basement in the
mind of his bride?

A. The magic fades. She no longer has a
fervor in her eyes for him. Sex becomes a
chore. She doesn't respect him or his opinions
anymore. She is happy without him most of
the time except when she needs some menial
task performed or wants to make a major purchase.
She begins reaching out for other
amusements. Often, at this stage, the only
impetus prolonging the marriage is a succession
of diversions such as a new house, new
baby, new horse, etc. The husband soon takes
his place in line with the lovers (real or
imaginary) and the gynecologist. The tomb is